Pick Of The Week: ‘The Wrestler’

 The Academy Award Nominated Film, ‘The Wrestler’, has finally come home to DVD and Blu-Ray.

'The Wrestler'

'The Wrestler'

The mystery of Mickey Rourke‘s career comes to a grungy apotheosis in The Wrestler the much-battered actor’s triumphant return to the top rope. He plays Randy “The Ram” Robinson, a heavily scarred and medicated battler who’s twenty years past his best moment in the ring. But he still schleps to every second-rate fight card he can get to, stringing out the paychecks (more likely a fistful of cash) and nursing what’s left of his pride. His attempts to adjust to a more normal kind of life form the most absorbing sections in the movie, whether it’s flirting with a stripper (Marisa Tomei is in good form, in every sense), establishing a bond with his understandably angry daughter (Evan Rachel Wood), or working behind the deli counter at a nondescript megastore.

Rourke is commanding in the role; he obviously spent hours in the gym and the tanning salon, and his ease with the semi-documentary style adopted by director Darren Aronofsky allows him to naturalistically interact with the colorful real-life wrestlers who crowd the movie’s ultra-believable locations. All of which helps distract from the film’s overall adherence to ancient formula. You might find yourself waiting for the scene where the risk-taking Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream) pulls the switch and reveals his true motives for pursuing this otherwise sentimental story, but there’s no switch. The Wrestler is an old-fashioned hoke machine, given grit by an actor who doesn’t seem to be so much performing the role of ravaged survivor as embodying it. – Robert Horton

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3 Responses to “Pick Of The Week: ‘The Wrestler’”

  1. BrendaL says:

    I just rented the DVD. It’s a great movie! Seems tailor-made for Rourke. He was fantastic in it. And Marisa Tomei is absolutely great! I liked them together.

  2. Jason Price says:

    Great movie and I definitely hope Mickey stays in front of the camera for years to come!

  3. Jason Price says:

    Also, if you enjoyed Rourke in The Wrestler… be on the lookout for him in KILLSHOT as well. I really thought he was great as “Blackbird”


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