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Bon Jovi To Release New Album On November 10th

bon-jovi-imageLegendary rockers Bon Jovi have set November 10th as the release date for their new album. Originally it was thought that Bon Jovi producer John Shanks’ tweets revealed the title of the album as ‘We Weren’t Born To Follow’.

Apparently, the tweets weren’t as clear as the originally seemed and were picked up by multiple news outlets as the new album’s title.

A few concerned fans have written in to clarify the news of the new Bon Jovi album title. The first single off the album is titled “We Weren’t Born To Follow”. This new single is slated to hit radio on August 31st and tour plans in support of the album will be announced in October.

The album title has yet to be released for Bon Jovi’s eleventh studio album.

UPDATE: Bon Jovi have confirmed the title of their new album! Click here to find out the name and stream the first single “We Weren’t Born To Follow”!

3 Responses to “Bon Jovi To Release New Album On November 10th”

  1. Jesse says:

    I have been following John Shanks
    He said the single is called “we weren’t meant to follow”… he did not give an album name!!! Please check the quotes and the news carefully

    First he said this: yes, there is a new bonjovi record coming…the single is in aug

    Than he said: yes. we werent born to follow, thats the name of the bonjovi..smash!!!!


  2. Brenda says:

    The tweets were definitely hard to follow… either way the new album is making quite a buzz.

    Looking forward to the single.

  3. Rod R. says:

    Totally agree. Tweets can get people excited but sometimes they just don’t give you enough. Can’t wait to see some more Jovi news!


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