Pick Of The Week: ‘The Gits’ – The Band, The Music, The Legacy

The rousing and heartbreaking story of Seattle band The Gits, whose promising start was cut short by the tragic murder of spirited lead singer Mia Zapata.

Rumored to have been descended from Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata, the incredibly magnetic frontwoman had a powerful, soulful voice that belied her inherent shyness and distinguished The Gits from other punk bands of that day.

This riveting documentary is part musical history and part murder mystery, brimming with rare performance footage dating from their Antioch College days through their subsequent move to Seattle just before the world’s ears suddenly tuned into the emerging northwest music scene. The Gits would become an integral and influential part of the milieu if largely unsung in comparison to fellow Seattle bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden. But just as they were about to make it big, the band was dealt a mighty blow with the sudden, violent loss of their friend and band member whose lyrics eerily foreshadowed events to come.

Mia’s murder became a rallying point for seattle music scene, as the investigation ripped through the community with devastating results, leaving many female musicians feeling momentarily disempowered before turning their insecurity into anger and into a statement that would resonate with women the world over. A celebration of Mia’s life as well as a comprehensive testament to the band’s greatness as a whole. The film’s interviews reflect the enormous respect and love Mia’s peers had for her, and also the sadness over her absence that still haunts them today.

This DVD features live footage of The Gits, Evil Stig with Joan Jett and 7 Year Bitch. Includes interviews with Joan Jett, Kathleen Hanna, Valerie Agnew, Selene Vigil, members of the DC Beggars, and The Gits. Bonus features include audio commentary, featurette, stills gallery, trailers, deleted scenes, and more.

To learn more about the The Gits visit www.thegits.com and check out the official site of the film at www.thegitsmovie.com.

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  1. Rudy Jenson says:


  2. Johnny Twig says:

    THE GITS is a great doc that doesn’t feature idiot rock stars and wannabees. Its a story about a band that only a few lucky people ever got to see live. These folks, artists and misfits were intense and powerful people who inhabited the Seattle underground while rock stars and dumbed down metal bands were getting so much attention on the international stage. The Gits were one of the real DIY, punk, indie bands that were largely ignored by mainstream press and mainstream pop music fans. Their music was urgent and passionate. Not unlike the urgency of Nirvana’s music, but from a female voice with a deeper and more subtle poetic sense. The story of the murder of an inspiring Seattle musician and artist is heartbreaking indeed. But the real gift of this film is the live footage. Shot on film and HI8 cameras, you get to experience a great American punk rock band at the peak of their powers. The band bleeds a message of hope, promise and overcoming the odds with sheer force of will. Anyone who considers themselves a student of American Pop Culture, popular music or social movements should be familiar with The Gits. They were one of the best.

  3. Jen says:

    Nice post Johnny! I unfortunately was introduced to The Gits after Mia’s death, but just hearing her voice left an impression on me and made me seek out some of their cds and this documentary. I’ve since given the doc out in the hopes it would inspire people to check out the band and expose them to something that anyone into music should hear.


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