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Eminem Reveals That There Will Be No ‘Relapse 2’

eminem-headshot-greyEminem excited his followers on Twitter last month when he tweeted “Some big news is coming. Soon.” Most fans took that as a sign that he would be revealing new information on the fate of Relapse 2, which was due in late 2009, but was pushed back.

As promised, the rapper returned with a bombshell which he tweeted late Tuesday evening. However, instead of giving update on the status of the album, the legendary rapper threw fans for a loop when he tweeted “There is no Relapse 2.”

This latest development fuels online speculation that Eminem could be working on a new album that is not aimed to follow up his 2009 effort “Relapse”. Be sure to follow Eminem on Twitter should he release more updates in regards to the album. There has been no official statement from Eminem’s camp or the label at this time.

Eminem’s Relapse album, released May 15, 2009 on Interscope Records, has sold at 2 million copies as well as multiple Grammy Awards.

5 Responses to “Eminem Reveals That There Will Be No ‘Relapse 2’”

  1. Alex says:

    fuck this shit eminem shouldn`t cancel it he`s fucking retarded he sould tell us if he`s changing the title

  2. Jason Price says:

    Yeah never know with Eminem. His statement doesn’t say a whole lot either way… at least we know something is going on… and hopefully it will hit way sooner than Dr. Dre’s ‘Detox’.

  3. asd says:

    He might have something else up his sleeve. Never trust Eminem.

  4. ASID says:


    GOT ME EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

  5. CliffH says:

    He’s just changing the title. Relax people. The new album is coming soon.


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