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Reality Star Angel Jones Announces Fight At Ellismania 6

Jason Ellis

Reality TV star Angel Jones, has announced she will step into the boxing ring at Ellismania 6 to fight against Sirius XM Radio’s Rawdog, co-host of the Jason Ellis show. Ellismania 6 is scheduled to take place November 6th at The Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood, CA. Check out a video teaser for Ellismania 6 below!

Angel Jones is the latest addition to an insane Ellismania 6 line-up that features some of the best and most hilarious fights in history. The evening will also feature a 4 Man Dog Collar fight, as well as a hot chick fight, and pop-punk group We Outspoken verses Jason Ellis.

Previously at Ellismania 5, a sold-out crowd watched Good Charlotte/Taintstick bassist BENJI MADDEN knock out ex- Headbangers Ball/VH1’s Daisy of Love host RIKI RACHTMAN in the main event.

For all the latest information on Ellismania 6, visit the official website at

2 Responses to “Reality Star Angel Jones Announces Fight At Ellismania 6”

  1. Irish Dan says:

    Does anyone know if they will be doing a PPV for Ellismania 6 or streaming it somewhere? Thanks in advance for any info.

  2. Nipsy Lesnar says:

    Haven’t heard yet but I have been slacking on listening to the show lately. The website has video but doesn’t mention if you can order the program from anywhere. It would be a sweet thing to watch but I imagine it would be a pain in the ass for them to film it.


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