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Jesse Ventura Goes ‘Off The Grid’ With The Launch of Internet Show

Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura

What happens when the mainstream media is owned by the corporations and isn’t diligently investigating or reporting the news? Tune in online on January 27th, 2014 to find out. Jesse Ventura and Ora.TV are presenting Off The Grid – a daily political news show available online.

“News should be free – free meaning cost – and free of bias,” stated Jesse Ventura, the 38th governor of Minnesota. “I will present stories you need to hear, the news that affects us all – globally, nationally, and locally – that you won’t hear anywhere else.”

The newest edition to Ora.TVJesse Ventura will be hosting Off The Grid from an undisclosed location in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, and broadcasting into what he considers “Occupied America.”

“The news is dumbed down, based solely on ratings, and often isn’t even factual because American news networks are occupied by the interests of major corporations,” Ventura explains. “My show will be off the grid in the sense that I will be off of the corporate payroll; I won’t answer to some guy upstairs, giving me orders on what to report or how to report.”

Off The Grid will offer Jesse Ventura’s electrifying insight into the nation’s most pressing problems as well as unleash the former governor’s takes on topics ranging from government hypocrisy, to corporate deception, to current events. It will also feature Ventura in conversation with the world’s leading political and cultural minds as well as fellow conspiracy savants. Facebook and Twitter fans can also chime in by asking Jesse Ventura’s opinion on important issues or providing questions for him to ask upcoming guests.

The show’s tagline is certainly apropos: “No suits, no censors, no red tape. Just Jesse Ventura as we like him: bold, brazen, and bare knuckled.”

Ora.TV also produces Larry King’s Larry King Now and Larry King’s Politicking; the site’s major investor is América Móvil, the Latin American wireless service provider majority owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.

To subscribe, go to
Twitter: @GovJVentura

4 Responses to “Jesse Ventura Goes ‘Off The Grid’ With The Launch of Internet Show”

  1. joe says:

    finally some news worth getting thanks Jesse for all you do and have done.i do have questions i would like you to address if you can when the show starts.

  2. Scott says:

    Looking forward to seeing some real news.
    Thanks Jesse

  3. Sue Stack says:

    Jan 27th is my birthday and what a great present. Anything Jesse does is raw, real and informative. Thank you Jesse for a great B-day gift.

  4. Floyd says:

    Hello Governor Jesse , I have to say Jesse ,I do Thank You for stepping out at every turn, when the rest stand for the continued regurgitated things that people have heard for years. I know that you see it first hand, being as close as you get when you expose the truth. I do not envy your job trying to correct so many years of bull that has been fed to the people. I think in many ways we are to blame, I’m pretty close to your age. I think in many ways we have allowed this to happen to our country.We have exchanged roles they were mente to work for us and now they feel we work for them. For many years we have seen these things come about. I remember when my children saw the first clips of Kennedy being shot. As they saw the people crying they could not understand why. I realized they did not live in a era ,when people trusted and loved there country as we did.Often when the lights go out on a chandelier with 100 bulbs in a busy place,go out one at a time its not noticed until many have gone out. Little by little we have surrended our citizenship and with it are control over to those that are supposed to work for us.I saw this coming as you did.But I think as long as people have enough to do as they want vacation eat out and so on, they pay no attention. I wish that wasn’t true,but what other reason can their be.If we operated a business like this we would be fools and out of business to say the least we have allowed them to decide what they want to do with debt ,when they will work, spending money on things that we are not in agreement with, travel on are Dime, voting themselves a raise ,what business allows that,these are just a few examples.One of the big ones coming very quickly is are currency collapse. I know are country is no where ready for that.We have some tough days ahead of us,I know that. It will take a lot of time and trust from the people to rebuild this country, that you and I remember and love.I have 5 grandchildren the oldest start college in spring to the youngest be only 10 months old. I thought life would get better in are country as time went on but I must say this we did live in the good old days. When I was a kid we all wonder who was going to push The {BUTTON}. The other thing was when automation came about and we talked about losing jobs to machines that was the topics of the day and of course Vietnam War. We have some tough times ahead I believe.It looks overwelming when you stand back and look at the big picture. You know it doesn’t seem like the population for the most part, doesn’t care or knows what is going on. I have had conversations with folks about some of these,I think they see me going out the door in a straight jacket soon. I think most are under a normalcy-bias and it just will never happen. Governor Jesse I hope they are right,but I just don’t think so.


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