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Jesse Ventura Unleashes ‘We the People With Jesse Ventura’ Podcast On Adam Carolla Digital

Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura will be the latest addition to Carolla Digital, Adam Carolla’s podcast network, premieres today Thursday, July 31st, bringing a new episode of his podcast, “We the People with Jesse Ventura,” will be available for download on Carolla Digital and iTunes every Thursday.

On the weeks leading up to his podcast’s debut, Jesse Ventura asked his fans – who he calls his Vigilant Viewers – to vote on the name.

“I want you to name it. That’s right, I’m leaving it up to you my listeners to name my new podcast,” said Jesse Ventura in a voice recording on his blog.

The blog post gave fans the opportunity to actually vote in a poll and see the percentage of people who voted for each name. Fans were encouraged to submit their own ideas for a podcast name or pick between five options.

“We the People with Jesse Ventura” was announced the clear winner last week. The first guest of “We the People with Jesse Ventura” is the number one podcast host himself, Adam Carolla.

Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura

True to the name “We the People with Jesse Ventura,” the former Minnesota governor gave his Twitter and Facebook followers the opportunity to ask his guest a question. Ventura then dedicated a segment of his hour-long podcast to asking Adam Carolla those questions.

Since January 2014, Jesse Ventura has been broadcasting a Tuesday through Friday online show called “Off The Grid.” In less than six months, he has acquired over 53,000 subscribers on Youtube and over two-million viewers total between Youtube and the digital network, which also produces Emmy nominated “Larry King Now” and Larry King’s “PoliticKING“. is producing Ventura’s podcast, and the first episode will be available for download today here.

What can fans of Jesse Ventura’s online show “Off The Grid” expect from this new format? In a game called “If I Were President,” Adam Carolla tells Jesse Ventura what he would do if he were president…and who would be his VP.

“I can’t wait to find out my fans’ reactions to what America would be like if Adam were president,” Ventura said.

Other topics discussed in the premiere podcast episode include Jesse’s take on the Pope and on the birther issue, since a new poll shows that approximately 40 percent of Republicans still believe Obama is not an American citizen.

“My fans have requested a podcast for some time now,” stated Jesse Ventura. “I find it to be a new, interesting and innovative way to communicate with them.”

Jesse Ventura’s podcast debuts today on Adam Carolla’s network Carolla Digital. “The Adam Carolla Show” is the most downloaded daily podcast in the world.

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