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SHE DEMONS: All Girl Rock Outfit To Open For Misfits This June


Sprung from the fantastic brain of Misfits leader Jerry Only and the fiery pool of talent in Los Angeles, She Demons is the all-girl band for this generation. Combining old school ‘60s doo-wop and ‘70s power chord rock with classic punk and metal, the band is creating a sound that will attract loud music lovers of all kinds.

As the band’s creator and collaborator, Only has a big picture plan for She Demons. “Women are a strong presence in music. When I was a kid I saw Susie Quatro and The Runaways, and the guys loved them but the girls also admired them. Today, young girls will want to be She Demons. I see these very talented girls as the kind kids can look up to. They are so talented and focused.”

One of the group’s original songs, “B-Movie,” cleverly incorporates retro references to monster flicks while showing off She Demons’ writing and performing strengths. In addition to other scorching covers of classic Motown songs, She Demons deliver a memorable version of “He’s a Rebel,” showcasing both great guitar work and sweet vocal harmony.

She Demons is making its live debut opening for Misfits in June:


She Demons are:

Priya Panda (vocals) : Canadian-born banshee with Bombay blood in her roots. Founded Diemonds, an 80’s-tinged hard rock band that has toured North America (including opening for Slash and Sebastian Bach) to India, and have three critically-acclaimed records.

Constance Day (guitar) : Strapped on a guitar at age 12, has played in ten bands since age 13. Fluent on five other instruments and sings. Backed Adam Lambert on “Glee,” has appeared in numerous other TV shows and music videos.

Alicia Vigil (bass) : Triple threat – actress, model and musician. Working since age 7. Starred in the concept album film “Legion of the Black” for Black Veil Brides. Plays three other instruments, writes original music, and has performed with Gene Simmons and Bruce Kulick.

Jessica Goodwin (drums) : Las Vegas native now with LA band cred (Diamonds Under Fire, Omniflux). Toured with Big Black Delta. Jessica is known for her hard hitting, hair flipping drumming, and is often times referred to as “Animal.”

Kiki Wongo (guitar) : Started classical piano training at age 6, guitar at 13, self-taught on the electric. Lead guitarist/vocalist with all Asian-American girl band Nylon Pink. Played with Taylor Swift at the 2014 VMAs and Usher at CBS’s Fashion Rocks Fall 2014. Guitarist of Bret Michael’s band in Nissan ad.

She Demon’s debut record will be available in Fall 2015 as they support Misfits on their 40thanniversary tour.

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2 Responses to “SHE DEMONS: All Girl Rock Outfit To Open For Misfits This June”

  1. Alex says:

    This is why women in rock don’t get respect, this kind of thing makes them all look bad. What a joke! This is clearly a “put together” completely inorganic GIMMICK and after checking out on social media they totally can’t play. The guitar player is especially horrendous and looks like she’s obsessed with herself more than she’s playing. This is BS, pull the plug Jerry. They are just going to be MISFITS mascots with tits.

  2. Dan says:

    I think these gals worked hard and are totally rockin’. Oh yeah, what was the name of your band Alex? The dipshits? I think you girls are getting it done. One more hater out of the way. Alex, go fuck yourself. Girls, keep rockin, and I’ll keep rockin’ right along with you. Go Jess!


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