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Darren Lynn Bousman’s ‘St. Agatha’ To Get U.S. Theatrical Release Via Uncork’d Entertainment

Darren Lynn Bousman’s ‘St. Agatha’ To Get U.S. Theatrical Release Via Uncork’d Entertainment

Darren Lynn Bousman

Uncork’d Entertainment has acquired all North American rights to St. Agatha, the latest film from celebrated filmmaker Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, III, IV,). The female-driven psychological horror film premiered at the Overlook Film Festival in April.

Written by Andy Demetrio, Shaun Fletcher, Sara Sometti Michaels, and Clint Sears, St. Agatha is set in 1950’s Georgia, and fixes on a pregnant con woman who is on the run and seeks refuge in a convent. What first starts out as the perfect place to have a child turns into a dark lair where silence is forced, ghastly secrets are masked, and every bit of will power Agatha has is tested as she learns the sick and twisted truth of the convent and the odd people that lurk inside its halls.

Sabrina Kern, Carolyn Hennesy, Courtney Halverson, Trin Miller and Seth Michaels star in the film, which Uncork’d will release theatrically and on digital first quarter 2019.

Uncork’d Entertainment President Keith Leopard negotiated the deal with Jack Campbell, President of Octane Entertainment.

“With brilliant direction from one of the new masters of horror and a unique and chilling script that features strong female characters, we’re certain audiences are going to really embrace St. Agatha” says Leopard. “Uncork’d is honored to be releasing such an incredible film”.

“We are extremely excited to be teaming up with Uncork’d on the North American release for St. Agatha,” adds Campbell. “The capable hands of Keith and his team give us the confidence that this film will have a very successful release.”

Sara Sometti Michaels produced alongside with Tara Ansley and Seth Michaels.

“After many offers we have found the perfect home for St. Agatha at Uncork’d Entertainment and we are very excited to be working together,” agreed Sara Sometti Michaels.

Phil Bedrin and Rick Le from Dragonblood Holdings executive produced the film, which early reviews claim revives the “nunsploitiation” genre.

About Uncork’d Entertainment
Uncork’d Entertainment was founded in July, 2012 by Keith Leopard, a Home Entertainment industry veteran. The Company focuses on distribution in six areas: Digital Media, Physical Home Entertainment, Aggregation, Theatrical and Television, Foreign Sales, and has secured relationships across all platforms to ensure your film reaches the widest audience possible. Uncork’d’s most recent releases include The Lullaby, The Jurassic Games, Gehenna: Where Death Lives, and the upcoming release of The Basement, Five Fingers for Marseilles and Blue My Mind.

About Octane Entertainment
Octane Entertainment is a leading full-service sales and production company specializing in the licensing, marketing, and distribution of commercial feature films and television content to the global market.  Through established relationships with buyers around the world, Octane continues to represent their partners, producers, and films to the highest industry standard.  Octane’s most recent slate includes the new supernatural thriller Silencio, He’s Out There, starring Emmy®-nominated actress Yvonne Strahovski (“The Handmaid’s Tale”), fantasy-drama Look Away, starring Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), Golden Globe-winner Chloë Sevigny (“Big Love,” “American Horror Story”), and Aiden Turner (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, “Poldark”), and St. Agatha, directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, III, IV). www.octaneent.com

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Blu-ray Review: “Tales of Halloween” Brings Mixed Bag of Halloween Tricks and Treats

Blu-ray Review: “Tales of Halloween” Brings Mixed Bag of Halloween Tricks and Treats


Anthology films have been around since the early thirties. The anthology film has always been something that has peaked my interest, especially in the horror genre. Blame it on a short attention span, but I love the idea of a director telling a complete story in short form. I always feel like you’re getting more bang for your buck when it comes to anthologies. There have been great anthologies (e.g. “Creepshow”) and not so fantastic anthologies (e.g. “The ABCs of Death”). That being said, even the “worst” of the bunch usually have a strong segment or two. In an anthology film you can always find something to enjoy. Now, being a fan of horror and anthology films, you can imagine my excitement when a new Halloween anthology was being put together 2 years ago. “Tales of Halloween” hit VOD last October and was released in an excellent bluray set by Epic Pictures a couple of weeks ago. Let’s take a look at that set and the film, going segment by segment.

'Tales of Halloween;

‘Tales of Halloween’

Naturally, being a Halloween anthology film I believe there is a natural comparison to the mecca of Halloween anthology films, “Trick R Treat.” Few films have captured the essence and feeling they were going for quite like “Trick R Treat.” The Michael Dougherty film truly brought the Halloween spirit to life and introduced a new horror icon in Sam the trick or treater. I will honestly tell you that while “Tales of Halloween” may not become the classic that Trick R Treat has become there is an immense amount of fun to be had. The spirit is alive in “Tales” and it kicks in right at the opening credits.

When the credits kick in we get a familiar voice over a radio station. Oh Adrienne Barbeau, you are mah woman……sorry….where were we? So there’s a very neat opening credits sequence runs through the creators of each segment and then we’re pushed right into the first story, “Sweet Tooth,” directed by Dave Parker.
“Sweet Tooth” is a tale of Halloween legend. A young boy was forbidden to eat his candy after trick or treating. Once he discovered his parents sat up all night eating his candy he introduced them to a grisly demise. Now, every Halloween Sweet Tooth comes back to get the candy that is owed to him. This was a fun story and a great way to introduce the town of the film we were about to watch. We also got our first taste of the fun eclectic cast we were going to have moving forward as we see appearances by Caroline Williams, Robert Rusler, and Greg Grunberg. Not much more to say about this segment other than it set up the tone for the rest of the flick.

“Sweet Tooth” from 'Tales of Halloween'

“Sweet Tooth” from ‘Tales of Halloween’

Our next segment is titled “The Night Billy Raised Hell” and it’s directed by “Saw 2” writer and director, Darren Lynn Bousman. I’m a huge fan of “Repo! The Genetic Opera” so I was curious as to what Bousman had instore for his segment. The short begins with a little boy, played by Marcus Eckert, being pressured into egging his next store neighbor’s house. Well the door opens up and it just so happens that Barry Bostwick is his next store neighbor. Bostwick plays the Satan-like character Mr. Abbadon. What follows is a night of fun and entertainment for the young boy and his new “mentor”. This segment, like the first, was a lot of fun. Of course there were a few unusual cameos by Adam Pascal and Adrianne Curry but that was a reoccurring theme throughout the movie. The team of Bostwick and Bousman did not disappoint.

Adam Gierasch's "Trick" from 'Tales of Halloween'

Adam Gierasch’s “Trick” from ‘Tales of Halloween’

So far, two for two, how much longer could this 10 segment anthology hold up? Well I’m happy to say that they kept the weird but fun trend going in segment three “Trick”, directed by Adam Gierasch. We begin with a group of immature adults sitting around a tv watching “Night of a Living Dead” and chatting it up. When the doorbell rings we are expecting normal trick or treaters but what follows is anything but. I immediately smiled as it was the first time I had seen Trent Haaga on screen without Killjoy makeup in a long time. Don’t get me wrong, it was also nice to see Miss Tiffany Shepis and a cameo by Killer POV’s own Rebekah McKendry. While I enjoyed the segment as a whole, I felt like the twist at the end could’ve held a bit more weight with even the slightest of explanation. Don’t get me wrong, it was neat, but I was left with wanting more…….which, in turn, could always be a good thing.

Next up we have “The Weak and the Wicked” directed by Paul Solet. Honestly, I found this segment to be the weakest of the bunch, no pun intended. The whole scenario of a young man coming back to town to take revenge on a trio who killed his parents when they were children sounds like a recipe for awesome action and satisfaction. Sadly, this story did not fit well in the anthology timeframe it was given. It seemed like it was all set up just to show a cool bike chase. I’d honestly like to see what Solet could do with this story in a full length setting. The “evil” trio just seemed like assholes who did bad things for the sake of being shitty people. I’d love to see where Solet could go with this in full length form but, for me, it didn’t work here.

“Grim Grinning Ghost” is our next segment and it sadly doesn’t pick up after the last weak segment. There are a couple of notable faces here in Lin Shaye, Barbara Crampton, and actually many others gathered around a living room telling ghost stories. Honestly, the rest of the segment is a set up for one predictable jump scare. There’s nothing else to say. Nothing else happened. It came across more as a Facebook video rather than an actual movie segment.


Lucky McKee’s “Ding Dong” from ‘Tales of Halloween’

Rounding out our “why?” segments is Lucky McKee’s “Ding Dong”. This segment stars Pollyanna McIntosh as a woman who’s unable to reproduce and becomes overtaken by a witch when she becomes upset or angry. This segment, while overall goofy as hell, suffers from the same problem as “The Weak and the Wicked” there’s not enough time for proper exposition. To explain my full reasoning would give away a lot of the story but in my opinion it didn’t make much sense. McIntosh also made me cringe with some of her over the topness while Marc Senter, from “Starry Eyes” and “Cabin Fever 2”, was oddly charming. Hopefully, one day McKee can put out a director’s cut of this segment as I feel like we lost a lot on the cutting room floor.

The following segment is probably my favorite of the bunch. It truly encapsulates the Halloween spirit. “This Means War” directed by Andrew Kasch and John Skipp sets up a war between old school and new. This segment stars Dana Gould and James Duval as competing Halloween decorators. One is into the old school macabre while the other is into the blood and gore. Which one will come out on top? You need to watch and find out. Kasch and Skipp do a great job with their take on the argument of what type of horror is best. In the end, if we’re arguing about it then we both lose. The best way to go about it is to enjoy what you like and let others celebrate and love what they love. This segment was, no doubt, my favorite of the bunch.

Here we are, the final three segments of the bunch. This one is a unique take on the slasher genre. Mike Mendez’s “Friday the 31st” is a reverse take on the old summer camp killer tale. Our final girl is on the run from her hunter but things take an unexpected turn when an unidentified object comes into play. This segment was probably the most charming of the bunch and it includes one of the cutest little claymation creations I’ve ever seen. This is one that I don’t want to say much about as I want you guys to see this segment fresh. It’s definitely a good time.

The second to last segment is directed by Ryan Schifrin and is entitled “The Ransom of Rusty Rex”. Two criminals are hoping to make a big score when they kidnap the “son” of a rich family. When they call the father he seems strangely excited that he no longer has to be responsible for the “child”. We find out why shortly after. Jose Cantillo and Sam Witwer are great as the two idiots looking to make a quick buck, and we even get a cameo by director John Landis. Sadly this was Ben Woolf’s final performance before his death in February of 2015. He went out with a bang, I will tell you that much. This segment is fun, creepy, and goofy. What more could you want?!

“Bad Seed” from 'Tales of Halloween'

“Bad Seed” from ‘Tales of Halloween’

And finally, we have reached the final segment of “Tales of Halloween”. “Bad Seed”, directed by Neil Marshall, is about man eating pumpkin causing chaos throughout the town. The detective on the case is played by the gorgeous Kristina Klebe and we get appearances by Pat Healy, Cerina Vincent, and Greg McLean. It’s the perfect segment for a bookend with “Sweet Tooth”. It carries the same holiday spirit and lore as the first segment, and ends on a high note.

Whew, that was a lot to get through. Like most anthologies, this movie has stronger segments and weaker ones. Thankfully, the strong outweigh the week and even the worst segments have quality to them. Will this become the classic that “Trick R Treat” has become? Not exactly, but you can tell that every person involved loves the genre and the holiday. It certainly has its charm and is non-stop fun. Now that we’ve discussed the film, let’s look at the Epic Pictures release itself.


With four discs this release includes the film on bluray and dvd, a bonus features disc, and the soundtrack on CD. There’s a feature length commentary by most of the creators and segment by segment commentaries for “Ding Dong,” “Sweet Tooth,” “This Means War” and “Trick”. The meat of the special features lies in the Bonus Short Films included. Almost each director has a bonus short film included on the disc. These short films range from early works to commercials. It’s almost as if it’s a bonus movie in itself. Stand out bonus short is definitely Kasch and Skipp’s “Thirsty” starring writer and director Joe Lynch. Also included are deleted scenes for “Grim Grinning Ghosts”, behind the scenes for “Friday the 31st”, a feature length “FUN FACTS” reel, a photo gallery, storyboards, and diaries from the sets. As you can see this set is jam packed with content! It honestly reminds me of Epic Pictures release of “Turbo Kid” from last year, a release that was also overflowing with special feature content. This is a great pick up for all fans of Halloween and horror. Although it’s a bit expensive at $40, you definitely are getting your money’s worth when you pick this up. If you enjoy fun Halloween flicks that are easily digestible, check this out whenever possible!

Visit the official website of the film at www.talesofhalloweenmovie.com

About The Writer: 
Dylan Lyles – Staff Writer
The Phenomenal Dylan Lyles is an obsessive fan of cinema, pro wrestling, horror, vinyl, and comic books. Bursting from the womb in 1992, Dylan’s surrounded himself with all things geek culture. Earliest memories include Wrestlemania 11, ‘The Death of Superman,’ and Jason popping out of the water. You may see him sharing his opinion on just about everything on the internet or maybe even working the MonsterMania Con on the east coast. You love him and he loves you!
Twitter: @thedylanlyles

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Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival: 2016 Lineup Highlights Revealed!

Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival: 2016 Lineup Highlights Revealed!

Living Legend Bruce Campbell

Living Legend Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival, presented by Starz and their hit original series Ash vs. Evil Dead, returns for its third annual festivities on August 18-21, in conjunction with Wizard World Chicago. Today, the Festival announced highlights of the groovy lineup, sponsored by Shudder and Bloody-Disgusting.com, featuring the critically acclaimed opening night nail-biter Don’t Breathe, directed by Fede Alvarez; a salute to genre hero Fred Dekker; an epic event featuring comedian Doug Benson; and a 25th anniversary celebration of the most excellent sequel, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (originally titled Bill & Ted Go To Hell).

“I’m thrilled to bring our annual horror festival back to the Windy City for the third year,” said Campbell. “There were some wicked cool flicks this year and we went after the cream of the crop. If you love all things horror, check out our lineup!” 

The festivities will kick off on Thursday, August 18, with the opening night film Don’t Breathe, the highly anticipated shocker from director-producer-writer Fede Alvarez (Evil Dead ) and produced by Sam

Raimi & Rob Tapert. Alvarez will be in attendance. This will reunite Campbell with Alvarez, who directed the successful 2013 remake of Evil Dead . Sony Pictures is set to release Don’t Breathe on August 26, 2016.

The inaugural “Groovy as Hell” award will be presented to writer/director Fred Dekker (Fox’s upcoming The Predator). The awards ceremony will consist of a 30th anniversary screening of the cult classic Night of The Creeps and a very special screening of The Monster Squad with actors Andre Gower (Sean) & Ryan Lambert (Rudy) also in attendance.

Festival favorite Doug Benson (Doug Loves Movies, Chromic-Con, Super High Me) will be in town for a very special ‘Doug Benson Movie Interruption’ of Army of Darkness, with guest interrupter Bruce Campbell ! The two will sit in the front row together with a selection of mystery comedy guests, and say whatever hilarious stuff that pops into their head. A limited amount of single tickets for this event are on sale now! 

BCHFF is thrilled to present a 25th anniversary celebration of everyone’s favorite time-traveling metalhead slackers, a screening of Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey with director Peter Hewitt in attendance! Additional guests for this screening will be announced at a later date. 

The festival will also mark the World Premieres of Found Footage 3D, the long-awaited satirical horror film produced by Kim Henkel (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ) and directed by Steven DeGennaro, and Show Yourself, a haunting & remarkable genre-bending feature debut from Billy Ray Brewton (subject of the wonderful award-winning 2014 documentary Skanks, and programmer for Slamdance Film Festival).

 Fans in the region will also experience the Chicago premieres of:

?      The Greasy Strangler – The most hilariously disturbing film of the year. From Elijah Wood’s Spectrevision, Drafthouse Films, & Ant Timpson. 

?      Here Alone  – Winner of the 2016 Tribeca Audience Award.

?      Abattoir – From Darren Bousman, the director of Saw 2, 3, 4, Repo: The Genetic Opera, Mother’s Day, and The Devil’s Carnival. Darren will be in attendance to present the film.

?      Pet – The SXSW hit starring Dominic Monaghan (Lord of The Rings Trilogy).

?      I am Not a Serial Killer – Starring Christopher Lloyd in yet another career defining performance.

?      Beyond The Gates – Winner of the midnight audience award at Los Angeles Film Festival.

The Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival jury this year includes a few dignitaries well-known to horror fans: Tom Holland (writer/director, Fright Night, Child’s Play); Barry Bostwick (Rocky Horror Picture Show ); Cerina Vincent ( Cabin Fever); and Zach Hagen (producer, He Never Died).

“It’s been another astonishing year for horror cinema”, said festival director, Josh Goldbloom. “I’m overwhelmed by the amount of talent & creativity working in this field. Their contributions are innovative, visionary, beautifully unnerving, defiantly weird, and of course, bloody as all hell. This year’s festival is a showcase of all the many reasons why genre film & its fans are the best in the world.

Many additional titles, surprises and guest announcements will be announced over the coming month, along with a very special closing night feature, presented by Bloody-Disgusting.com.

Festival badges are $100, and are on sale now at www.bchff.com! Limited single tickets sales for screenings will go on sale Wednesday, July 6th.

The festival and all screenings will be held at the Carmike Muvico Rosemont 18.

First Wave

Opening Night:


A trio of friends break into the house of a wealthy blind man, thinking they’ll get away with the perfect heist. They’re wrong

Cast: Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovato, Stephen Lang

Dir: Fede Alvarez

Distributor: Sony Pictures

U.S. Release Date: August 26


How do you build a haunted house? Ask the enigmatic Jebediah Crone, the main suspect in a case of stolen rooms where horrific tragedies have occurred.

Cast: Jessica Lowndes, Joe Anderson, Lin Shaye, Dayton Callie, Bryan Batt,, J. Larose

Dir: Darren Lynn Bousman


Seven months after their father’s disappearance, two brothers reunite to liquidate the family video store. Unfortunately, things go from bad to worse when they find an old VHS boardgame with evil powers, and all hell breaks loose.

Cast: Chase Williamson, Graham Skipper, Brea Grant, Barbara Crampton, Matt Mercer, Jesse Merlin

Dir: Jackson Stewart


A group of low-budget filmmakers sets out to make “the first 3D found footage horror film,” but find themselves *in* the first 3D found footage horror film when the evil entity from their movie escapes into their behind-the-scenes footage.

Cast: Carter Roy, Alena von Stroheim, Chris O’Brien, Tom Saporito, Scott Allen Perry, Jessica Perrin, Scott Weinberg

Dir: Steven DeGennaro


Pure. Fucking. Chaos.

Cast: Michael St. Michaels, Sky Elobar, Elizabeth De Razzo

Dir: Jim Hosking


A young woman struggles to survive on her own in the wake of a mysterious epidemic that has decimated society and forced her deep into the unforgiving wilderness.

Cast: Lucy Walters, Adam David Thompson, Gina Piersanti, Shane West

Dir: Rod Blackhurst


In a small Midwestern town, a troubled teen with homicidal tendencies must hunt down and destroy a supernatural killer whilst keeping his own inner demons at bay.

Cast: Christopher Lloyd, Laura Fraser, Max Records

Dir: Billy O’Brien


Seth works at an animal shelter, and for years has been secretly in love with a waitress named Holly . When he repeatedly fails in his attempts to woo her, he naturally decides to lock her in a cage at the shelter where he works. And that’s just the beginning…

Cast: Dominic Monaghan, Ksenia Solo, Jenette McCurdy, Nathan Parsons

Dir: Carles Torrens


When his friend dies unexpectedly, Travis heads into the woods with his ashes to say goodbye. But as he deals with his grief, and the way it has affected the relationships in his life, he starts to realize that he actually might not be alone. 

Cast: Ben Hethcoat, Corsica Wilson, Barak Hardley, Stephen Cone, David McElwee, Robert Longsteet.

Dir: Billy Ray Brewton

 Fans can visit www.BCHFF.com for full details and additions to the slate as they happen and dates and times for each screening. Follow the festival on Twitter: @groovyfest

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ALLELUIA! THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL Musical Film Tour To Kick Off 40 City Run On August 26th

ALLELUIA! THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL Musical Film Tour To Kick Off 40 City Run On August 26th


Hell ain’t got a prayer that could stop this tour: Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival, the sequel to cult-sensation film The Devil’s Carnival, will be featured nightly on its special musical road show tour, stopping in 40 North American cities this summer and fall!

But before we discuss the tour, a bit about the film: Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival features a thrilling cast full of top horror and classic mainstream film stars, in addition to some of today’s top musical talent in acting roles! Fantasized by the team of celebrated film director Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, III, and IV) and writer-actor Terrance Zdunich – who also collaborated on musical cult films Repo! The Genetic Opera (which The Hollywood Reporter embraces as “this generation’s Rocky Horror Picture Show”) and the original The Devil’s Carnival – Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival stars Zdunich, in addition to actors Paul Sorvino (Goodfellas), David Hasselhoff (Baywatch, Knightrider, Dodgeball), Adam Pascal (RENT), Dayton Callie (Sons of Anarchy, Deadwood), Briana Evigan (Step Up Film Franchise), Barry Bostwick (Rocky Horror Picture Show) and many more. Additionally, chart topping musicians Emilie Autumn, Tech N9ne, Danny Worsnop (We Are Harlot, Ex-Asking Alexandria), Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey (Butcher Babies), Ogre (Skinny Puppy), and Jimmy Urine (Mindless Self Indulgence) and more grace the screen in this macabre masterpiece.


In Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival, Lucifer (Zdunich) incites Heaven’s wrath by dispatching train cars full of condemned souls a-crashin’ through the pearly gates. God (Sorvino), in response, readies his top negotiator, The Agent (Pascal), for a trip down to The Carnival to put an end to the rebellious deeds. Take an insider’s look at the first scene from the film and the opening music sequence “Shovel and Bone”, in addition to three film teasers featuring Tech N9ne, Danny Worsnop, and Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey here via Loudwirehttp://loudwire.com/alleluia-the-devils-carnival-shovel-and-bone-exclusive-video-premiere/

Now about that tour… Each evening of the Alleluia! Tour will begin with a live, local and little opening act (although these pre-show routines may include dwarves, the word little refers to their running times—think of movie previews with a pulse), followed by an introduction to the evening and film by director Darren Lynn Bousman and writer-actor Terrance Zdunich. A screening of Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival will follow, which will be concluded by a live audience Q&A session with the above filmmakers, where they will discuss their films and reveal sneak peeks of upcoming projects.

Exclusive Alleluia! merchandise, as well as intimate meet ’n’ greet opportunities with Bousman and Zdunich, are available for purchase at every stop, but tickets and VIP experiences are limited, so pre-orders are recommended. Note: personalized autographs and photo opportunities with the above filmmakers will only be available with VIP ticket packages.

Step right up and get your tickets and VIP packs here! www.TheDevilsCarnival.com   

Now is your chance to witness the unruliness of Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival in your own town – visit this theatrical, musical road show as it traverses North America! Proceed with caution – this film and the coinciding daily activities at each tour stop may contain adult language, subject matter, and perhaps some tasteful violence…

The tour began with a bang in Hollywood, CA at the Egyptian Theatre on August 11th, featuring the official premiere screening and a star-studded red carpet. The first tour date lands in Tucson, AZ on August 26th and runs through mid-August, making its way back to Los Angeles on October 18th. Fans across the pond – don’t fret just yet!  Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival also has an evil eye aimed at Europe for next year…


8/26 – Tucson, AZ @ The Loft Cinema

8/27 – Albuquerque, NM @ National Hispanic Cultural Center

8/29 – Dallas, TX @ Gilley’s South Side Music Hall

8/30 – New Orleans, LA @ The Prytania

9/1 – Jacksonville, FL @ Sun-Ray Cinema

9/2 – Atlanta, GA @ Lefront Theater

9/3 – Nashville, TN @ Mercy Lounge

9/4 – Winston-Salem, NC @ Hanesbrands Theatre

9/5 – Philadelphia, PA @ Ritz East

9/6 – Baltimore, MD @ Harbour East

9/7 – New York, NY @ The Beekman Theatre

9/8 – Toronto, ON @ Revue Cinema

9/9 – Brookline, MA @ Collridge Corner Theater

9/10 – Indianapolis, IN @ The Irving Theatre

9/11 – Chicago, IL @ Patio Theatre

9/13 – Minneapolis, MN @ Riverview Theater

9/14 – Kansas City, MO @ Screenland Armour Theatre

9/16 – Denver, CO @ Mayan Theater

9/17 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Fort Douglas Post Theatre

9/18 – Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory

9/19 – Portland, OR @ Joy Cinema

9/21 – Sacramento, CA @ Colonial Theatre

9/22 – Las Vegas, NV @ Giordano Theatre

9/24 – Santa Ana, CA @ The Frida Cinema

9/25 – San Diego, CA @ Landmark Hillcrest Cinemas

9/26 – Los Angeles, CA @ Regent Theatre

9/29 – Austin, TX @ Southwest Theaters

9/30 – Shreveport, LA @ Shreveport Little Theatre

10/1 – Baton Rouge, LA @ Grand Cinema

10/2 – Birmingham, AL @ The High Note Lounge

10/4 – Tampa, FL @ Tampa Pitcher Show

10/6 – Winter Garden, FL @ Garden Theatre

10/7 – Columbia, SC @ 701 Whaley

10/9 – Louisville, KY @ Baxter Filmworks

10/10 – Columbus, SC @ Studio 35 Cinema & Drafthouse

10/11 – Cleveland, OH @ Capitol Theatre

10/12 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Regent Square Theatre

10/13 – Detroit, MI @ Cinema Detroit

10/15 – Montreal, QC @ Rialto Theatre

10/18 – Los Angeles, CA @ Downtown Independent

Those who have attended Repo! The Genetic Opera or The Devil’s Carnival tours in the past can attest to the fact that these events are not traditional movie screenings: audience members are encouraged to dress-up, sing-along and participate. The Alleluia! tour will be no different, so attendees are encouraged to dust off their halos and red noses and come prepared! We’ll see you there – at The Devil’s Carnival!


Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival is imagined by the team of celebrated film director Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, III, and IV) and writer-actor Terrance Zdunich – who also collaborated on musical cult films Repo! The Genetic Operaand the original The Devil’s CarnivalAlleluia! The Devil’s Carnival is produced by Sean E DeMott for Execution Style Productions, Chris Bonifay for Limb from Limb and Chang Tseng, and executive producer Brian Perera for Cleopatra Records. The music and lyrics for the film were composed by Saar Hendelman and Terrance Zdunich.





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ICON VS. ICON PRESENTS: Acid Pop Cult Podcast – Episode 154:  Wet Hot American Fanny Pack

ICON VS. ICON PRESENTS: Acid Pop Cult Podcast – Episode 154: Wet Hot American Fanny Pack


This week on the Acid Pop Cult Podcast, Jeremy and Jason are shot out of a cannon. Jason led the charge with a rundown of the recent films he has finally pulled the trigger on watching. His viewing of ‘Lone Survivor’ triggers a trip down the rabbit hole where the duo explore the magic of Mark Wahlberg, ‘Girl Meets World’ and journeyman actor Ryan Phillippe. Amongst other hot topics, they explore the addition of Bill Murray to the cast of the upcoming ‘Ghostbusters’ flick, the rise against cargo shorts, the return of fanny packs and more! Jeremy slow gives us an update on his habit kicking behavior and new addiction to milk chocolate before exploring the revival of ‘Wet Hot American Summer.’ We also take a look inside the world of directors Darren Lynn Bousman and Eli Roth as they tour the land and meet the fans with their current films, ‘The Devil’s Carnival’ and ‘The Green Inferno.’ It’s an intense ride that will leave you thirsting for more! Download, listen and spread the word!

Download the latest episode of Acid Pop Cult on iTunes!

Rate and review the show on iTunes!  Send us some feedback on Facebook or Twitter.

Acid Pop Cult on iTunes – Click here!
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Jeremy on Twitter – @almostgothim
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IN BLOOM: Emilie Autumn Offers An In-Depth Look At Her Fascinating World!

IN BLOOM: Emilie Autumn Offers An In-Depth Look At Her Fascinating World!


Emilie Autumn is the ultimate femme fatale. She is a multi-faceted artist that is equal parts Broadway, burlesque, rock show and history lesson. Simply put, she is a one of a kind creation who has her sights set on total world domination! She is seductive, bizarre and brazen leader of an army of frenzied fans who are addicted to her unique style and captivating, out of the box live performances. The amazing shows are not be confused with a standard rock show, but rather regarded as a piece of theatrical history with a real story to tell. Beyond her dramatic vocal performance which masterfully fluctuates from operatic to filthy industrial and back again (she’s notorious for performing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody as a nightly encore), plus her violin virtuosity, she elegantly strikes that effervescent balance between sex, violence, and English literature. In addition to her many other talents, Emilie is a gifted author. In 2009, Emilie Autumn unveiled her long-awaited novel, ‘The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls’ to raves reviews. The book is an autobiographical, reality-bending, historical thriller that jumps from the page and entangles the reader. The fully illustrated book chronicles Emilie’s experiences in a mental ward and a young girl in Victorian England who is admitted into an insane asylum. The elaborate, nearly five-pound book is chock-full of full-color glossy pages delicately highlighting Emilie’s sketches, paintings, photographs and erratic scribbles. (Check out this amazing book here!) ‘The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls’ is a direct companion to her most recently released album, the empowering ‘Fight Like A Girl.’ All stunningly beautiful in their on right, each one of these pieces of art are just pieces of a much larger picture created by  Emilie Autumn. Jason Price of Icon Vs. Icon recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Emilie Autumn to discuss her creative vision. In the interview the two discuss her earliest musical memories, her evolution as an artist, her collaborative efforts with director Darren Lynn Bousman, what fans can expect from the Broadway musical version of  ‘The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls’ and much more!

Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn

I wanted to go back to your early years and hear a little about your first memories of music in your life.

My first musical memory is of standing up in my crib, this is for real, at the age of two and singing the theme from ‘Star Wars.’ I know it is a real memory because my parents recorded it! They kept this tiny tape from a handheld tape recorder and played it for me when I was seven. It was spot fuckin’ on! [laughs] That was the first song I ever sang! That was a first! I have loads of memories of classical violin recitals, of course. I also have the memory of being four and being taken to see Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Evita.’ I remember getting in trouble! You see, my mother had been really into costume, theater, musical theater and all of that stuff. She played that soundtrack a lot at home, so I knew all of the songs. I remember singing them out loud, really loudly! Other people started turning around and were very upset about that for obvious reasons! I didn’t realize they were upset. I was thinking, “Why are you guys not singing?” Looking back, I just had a realization that I have never had before this moment, so thank you for that! As you probably know, I am turning my book into a musical. I was just thinking, “What would I do if a four year old started singing the songs when I was on stage?” I am thinking that is exactly what I would want them to do! Maybe that was all about coming full circle! I haven’t thought about that memory in twenty-five years but I think it is relevant!

Who were some of the influences that had an impact on you in your early years as a musician and a performer?

As a musician, I will start with doing away with all of the things I would like to be inspired by before or that other people might have been, simple because I was so isolated. I wasn’t really allowed to listen that wasn’t classical, jazz or musicals. I was very isolated. To be completely honest and not to sound all fancy-pants or anything, my influences were old classical violinists. Nigel was my very favorite because he was different and because he got shit for it. I thought if I was ever going to have the guts to be myself, I am going to get shit for it. I wanted to learn how he did it, was able to deal with it, is the best violinist of all of them, wins the Grammys and is the most respected. He never said “I’m the punk rock violinist.” He was just doing his thing and there was no marketing behind it. He was getting crap for it but he was the best, so there was nothing anyone could do about it. He really inspired me because he was a brilliant electric violinist. He wasn’t an electric violinist in the way, to be brutal, most electric violinists are. You play electric violin almost kind of like you play viola because you weren’t really that good at real violin. It’s a lot easier. Once you put distortion or amplify something, it does matter if you have brilliant tone or bow technique because you can get away with it due to it being loud or scratchy. However, this guy was an absolute Hendrix at it! Hendrix was his inspiration, so because of that Jimi Hendrix became my inspiration. Massively! As I got older, in my early teens, I was able to sneak away and listen to Queen and David Bowie. Later I got into New Wave but not until a lot later and these scenes were already over, these people were already dead or broken up. I never got to enjoy these things in their time. Now, I am like “Fuck! That would have been kind of cool to sixteen and discovering New Order!” [laughs] Then again, I have found it now and it is the soundtrack to many of my days! Then, of course, my inspiration for creating things was generally not musical. There were literary or artistic. I was always very bookish. I was very into history, language and literature. I got absolutely obsessed with Shakespeare and everything involving him by the time I was thirteen. I had an absolute obsession! I read every play. I would study that shit! I got into taking a few theaters classes simply so I could understand how these plays would be performed. It became a totally obsession and is what influenced my writing and understanding words more than anything else. I think it trains you to think clearly, beautifully and poetically, so you have that chance you mind knows how to put a thought together in a beautiful, poetic way. I think that is what is completely responsible!

Your music is very powerful, full of emotion and allows you to really put yourself out there. Early on, did you have any reservations about doing so? It seems like a pretty big step to make!

Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn

It was a massive step! In no way was that a part of the plan! That is kind of what is fantastic about it! None of what I am doing now, other than the theatrical nature of it, is at all what was planned, for me or by me! I had every intention of being a word-class violin soloist only. I didn’t want to sing. I didn’t want to use my voice. I didn’t even talk that much. My instrument and my voice was this piece of wood wedged under my chin for upwards of eight hours a day, every day. There were no days off. It is similar to being an Olympic gymnast training in Russia. You don’t go home for Christmas! That is what this was like. Part of that though is that it is incredibly conservative. Everyone knows that about classical, which it sells the least amount of records. It sells even fewer records than jazz. It is crazy! With that said, country music sells the most albums, so what does that tell you! [laughs] It is obviously killing itself because of its very conservative nature and the fact that there is no allowance for one’s own personality. This started to become a problem for me around the time I was thirteen or fourteen. I was not trying to rebel or be different. I was just trying to have some bit of myself in the music because there was more magic in me than I was allowed to show. It isn’t even about what you wear. It is about how you walk into a room and everything else. That became a problem! I began to be criticized by people who had always been like “You are our child prodigy. You are going to be this next person.” Then all of these things about me started to become threatening to that. It sounds preposterous even to me when I say it like that because it doesn’t make sense. I wasn’t doing anything strange. I didn’t look the way I do now. I didn’t draw hearts on my face every day. I had long hair which I wore in a ponytail. I looked cute and I dressed nicely but there was something that was too flamboyant even from a shy little girl. There was nothing I could do about it. I was at Indiana University, which is where I went for college from about the age of fourteen to sixteen and I was supposed to stay longer. There was a point where my primary professor called up my mother and she said “We need to discuss Emilie’s behavior.” My mother asked her what she was talking about. The professor said “She is distracting. The way she looks is distracting. Her personality is distracting. It is distracting from the music.” They said “She will not do well in this industry if she cannot tone it down.” I remember my mother saying “How is her playing though? How is her music?” They said “That is perfect. We have nothing to say about that.” I heard that and I left. I said “Fuck this! I am going back to Hollywood. If you have nothing to say about my musical work and you have something to say about the dress I wore, we have a problem.” At least have something to say about the reason why I am there! I just thought those people were fucking idiots and doing a huge disservice to their audience thinking they are so fucking stupid they couldn’t possibly focus on two things at once! They couldn’t possible listen to something and watch someone doing it at the same time! That would just be impossible! I thought that was just an embarrassment and very clearly my exit signal. From that moment, I said “I will keep playing this music. I will record this music. I will put together my own orchestra where I can solo and conduct. I will compose and use everything I have learned during this grueling upbringing and I don’t care what it is called.” I am so glad that I did! I don’t care if somebody calls it classical or anything else. I have made classical records and put them out. People buy them because they like it! To me, that is the ultimate success! From there, I keep doing that and keep building that part of my catalog but that was the end of that. Up until then, I don’t think I had the “Fuck you!” attitude I think you need in order to be any kind of rock performer. That is when I became anything at all visible as what I now am. I underwent a massive transformation out of complete necessity and finally getting angry enough to make a change in something. Then you think “Well, I can make a change. I could do that by getting up on a soapbox and ranting about inequality of gender in the world or I could make it into a show where it can be funny, sexy, beautiful, exciting and all of these things.” That way it absorbs into people more than if I just went out and started bitching about the things in the world I don’t like! That is where I think an onstage performer or writer can get a lot more done than a politician can any day because people will actually listen!

You have come a long way since those early years and that is fantastic! I wanted to talk a little about you latest album, ‘Fight Like A Girl’ and how it serves as a big evolution for a much larger picture. How has your writing process changed and where does the ‘F.L.A.G’ album fit in with your vision?

Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn

The process has changed quite a bit. I was talking earlier about being obsessed with language when I was younger. I wrote from a very wordy place. Writing was very much about getting the lines right, getting the words out and making it something worthy of being read by someone. When I began performing it changed, prior to ‘Opheliac,’ when I began singing a bit. The whole singing bit was not in my training! That had nothing to do with my musical training at all. It just happened! When I began doing that, I was still writing from the wordy place but I am also writing it as a showgirl; thinking about what I will be doing and the basic scenery. What has transformed again and is amazing is that I am at is I am no longer writing as a writer, singer or performer. I am now writing as a storyteller! That means when I am writing something now I am thinking about the gesture I or the character will be doing on this Broadway stage. I am thinking about what the lighting is doing. I am thinking about the person in the audience and them when I say a certain word or when I pause between two words. I am imagining the audible gasp of that person in the front row. That is the transformation — realizing there is something more important than me expressing myself. It is me telling this story. I am in the story and am a part of every aspect of this story but it is also so much more. I am just one ingredient in the story. Everything that I use from every musical skill, every sound idea and ever gesture are all ingredients. They are just the extra crayons in the box! It is like you started with twelve and suddenly get the twenty-four pack with the gold, silver and copper, which are the ones everyone wants to use! That is what it is like now. It is such a completely different experience creating because you are not only creating a song or an album but an entire world. With the ‘F.L.A.G.’ album, it was extremely different from everything I had done previously because it was written as a soundtrack to a show. It was written and recorded and then a show happens to support the sales of that album; which is normal. It was written to be a soundtrack. It is almost like I am merchandising for a movie that isn’t even out yet. The ‘F.L.A.G.’ album is literally one-third of the musical, done by one girl playing all of these different parts.

What the ‘F.L.A.G.’ show now is that album, being one-third of the musical, performed by three girls. The real thing, in a short while, will be performed by a cast of forty people — men, women and rats! Everything for the past couple of years, which I have known long before I made the massive announcement on a London stage, was going in the direction of turning the entire book into this musical. Ever show has been a rehearsal for that! That album was manifesting it and bringing it into reality. I felt by putting out the album, I started the soundtrack, so now we have to finish it. We have to do this show because we are already selling the soundtrack. That is what makes sense and what was done. The last step between rock show and full theatrical experience is bringing in the music from this musical and doing it in the rock setting with a small cast and small amount of resources. If I can do that and have it exist in the minds of people, then when there is a full stage, set and cast of forty people, I can do anything. That was the real plan and why it all developed in that fashion.

One of the first interviews we did when launching Icon Vs. Icon was with director Darren Lynn Bousman, back when he was first tour with ‘Repo: The Genetic Opera.’ We are big fans of his work and you two have done some really awesome work together. How did you initially cross paths with him?

It is very sweet because now he is one of my best and closest friends. He is more important to me as a beautiful friend as much as anything else. It is almost a benefit that we get to do some awesome shit together! For example, ‘The Devil’s Carnival 2,’ we are very close to starting the shooting of that! That is basically centered around the back-story of my character, The Painted Doll. I have a whole lot of work ahead of me for that and I am very excited about it! It started pretty simply. I guess he had come across something about me on an online ad from a promoter from a Los Angeles show. He apparently liked what he saw and clicked on the link, which is what you are supposed to do! [laughs] He started checking out the stuff, seeing the hours and hours of YouTube stuff and got really, really into it. He learned all of the music and all about the Asylum world. We are both trying to create these alternate realities that become actual environments for people to live in. That is what I am doing and that is what he has done with his projects as well. He looked, listened and did all of that good stuff and then contacted my manager, the awesome Melissa, and said “I need this person to play this Painted Doll character for this thing I am creating.” I didn’t know it at the time but it turns out that I was the first person that they cast in ‘The Devil’s Carnival.’ It was kind of funny because had I known they hadn’t cast anyone else yet, I probably would have been much more skeptical about doing it.

Emilie Autumn on stage.

Emilie Autumn on stage.

It is like the old saying “Nothing succeeds like success.” You don’t want to be the first to sign on to a project unless it is something massive that you would absolutely be a nut ball not to! I actually didn’t know who Darren was, about ‘Repo’ or anything else. He had contacted Melissa. He tells the story a bit differently. His version, which he has told in every interview and Q&A after live showings, is him saying “I found Emilie on this website. I learned everything about her and got completely obsessed. I contacted her manager while she was on the road. I kept pestering her manager to the point her manager told me I had to calm down because I was freaking them out!” Keep in mind this is all coming from Darren. He said “No, no, no! I am a director! Really!” [laughs] I doubt that it was a bit as fan-ish as that. He basically says “I was stalking Emilie.” I don’t know if that is necessarily true but he wanted to get in touch and we finally did. Again, I just didn’t know his work because I am a bit out of things. What was cool was that he sent me a link and said “Have Emilie go to YouTube and see this video. Then have her get in touch with me if she wants to.” I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it was going to be a film or a preview or something. To be honest, there are a lot of things that come in, so you never really know that this is something you could have time for or need to take seriously. I clicked on the link and it didn’t take me to a film. It took me to a behind the scenes look at the ‘Repo’ fans and the Repo Army where doing. He basically sent me to a fan video that was all of them showing what had become of this thing, that when it came out, everyone had panned. I knew that everyone had hated and panned “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” when it came out. It was seven years after its release that anyone started paying attention to it and thinking it was cool in any way. I thought it was so interesting because that is exactly what had happened in this situation in a smaller amount of time. Seeing the fan reaction to it was something similar to what I had seen with the community people have created around the “Asylum” world I am a part of. I thought “Alright! There is a reason we should be friends. Now let’s look at your thing!”

I put on ‘Repo’ with the girls and we all snuggled up in a hotel bedroom. The first thing I saw when the credits were coming up and I saw them say “Sarah Brightman.” I knew whatever this thing was, if he was good enough for Sarah Brightman to work with then who am I to say no! I met with him and did that twelve minute trailer for episode one that came out months before we made it. After we made the first episode, we worked on my ‘F.L.A.G’ video, which is one of the most incredibly important things to me, along with being one of the best experiences of my life. Darren is just so good. Anything I can ask for and imagine he will find a way to do. If I say I want rats crawling around on the sink, he will have them there by that afternoon! He won’t say something isn’t possible or he has a problem with it and will find a way to get it done. He is the only person, thus far, who I have been able to trust with my vision, to the point where he could make decisions without me having to sign off on them. Half of the video I didn’t even know happened until I saw it. I was like “I don’t know when you did that! I don’t know when you did that! I don’t know when you went on stage and decided to have people throwing cabbages at the guy in the wheelchair!” I had nothing to do with that. I watched the video of the pre-edit of that and said “When the fuck did that happen? I didn’t write cabbages into the treatment! Yet they are there and they are perfect!” I didn’t even know that half of my male crew would be dressed up in makeup, put into Victorian dresses and be dancing around. I didn’t know they signed off on that! It was kind of brilliant. That is when I said to him, “Would you direct the musical when it happens?” He said “Don’t even insult me by asking! Of course I am!” I said “Alright! I guess we are doing this!” [laughs]


Do you feel there are any major misconceptions about yourself at this point in your career?

To be a million percent honest, I am not sure. The reason I am not sure is that I don’t pay attention to anything. I don’t read any press about myself or any reviews. I definitely don’t Google myself, go on fan forums or anything like that, so I am not really sure. I really make a point to not know because I don’t think it would serve me in any way. I am sure that there are. There are misconceptions about everybody whether they are known or not. Actually, I am positive that there are because I have a relationship with Wikipedia that is brilliant. They call it the place journalists go to die! [laughs] It is too easy, it’s cheating and it’s totally inaccurate. Wikipedia has the great idea of letting users input information. Ok, how about that is a dumb idea because nobody is going to be right! [laughs] Why would they be right, I mean, what the fuck would they know about me! You can say what day a record came out but after that you have nothing to say. I went onto Wikipedia, years ago when I first realized I had a page. I thought “What the hell! That has to be a mistake! Why would I have that?” Then I realized pretty much everyone has a Wikipedia page! [laughs] I looked at it and it was a huge mistake because pretty much everything was wrong. The timelines of things that had happened in my life were wrong, relationships I had been in or not been in were wrong and there were quotes that were completely wrong. I thought “Oh no! Misinformation about me is out on the internet! I must fix this!” [laughs] I was much younger! [laughs] I made an account and went in righted the informational wrongs. I corrected the stuff and within five minutes of correcting all of this misinformation, somebody was on there that changed it back, added other stuff and left a comment saying “The last person who made changes obviously doesn’t have a clue who this person is and doesn’t know anything about them!” That is when I closed the computer for the last time and said “I’m out!” Clearly it doesn’t matter! I don’t matter, my opinion doesn’t matter, reality doesn’t matter, so you guys make your own thing and I am better off if I just stay out of your way! I think in the past I have been aware of misconceptions.

Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn

I think I was more difficult to understand before the book came out. I think it has taken a bit of time for people to disassociate me with the purely gothic genre, which I never truly was and I am not exclusively. However, I do have a large gothic following of which I am immensely grateful. The gothic/industrial crowd was the first to find me interesting in Germany. That is how all of this started. I think me being put in that category exclusively has broaden where I am not defined by one category. I think I had a rough time earlier on with people criticizing what could be considered by some super conservatives as the sexualizing of myself as being an anti-feminist something or other. Of course, I loved that because it gave me the opportunity to go out and do a bunch of speeches and interviews about how fucked up that was! If I wear a burqa and be super ashamed of my body but then would I be a strong female? I am probably one of the few women on Earth that is actually comfortable with themselves and who doesn’t look in the mirror and find themselves hideous because society tells them something is wrong with them. I just don’t care anymore. I am actually very healthy and very much wanting to just be my complete self and be as proud of myself as I can be. I can wear whatever the hell I want to wear and not get into that vicious cycle of thinking where if a woman actually looks good, she must be doing that to please somebody, she is being told to or she is being forced into some sexualized position. I mean, look at a beautiful painting. Let’s just critique Rembrandt for painting something beautiful or painting a beautiful woman! We don’t say “Oh that is horrible! They should all be fat and hideous; otherwise you are not a feminist!” I think that was embarrassing on the part of the people who were so stuck on the notion that if you are a girl and look pretty on stage and yet you claim to have these strong opinion about gender equality, then you are somehow backwards. I thought that was a point well missed because beauty is power and sexuality is power. I am very fond of being a powerful human being and I would like us all to be beautiful in our own individual ways. I think we call can be! I think beauty comes with health, happiness and being as uniquely you as you possibly can be! That is one of the most fun misconceptions; that if I do a photo shoot in something skimpy or a tight corset or something, I am taking women backwards. I thought that was fantastic! [laughs] I say that because this whole thing is about empowering everyone, particularly women! We are the most oppressed, so it just makes sense that the stronger we become, the stronger everybody becomes.

It has been interesting to hear how you music has evolved and continues to flourish into this musical and the reality it springs from. How far ahead are you looking into the future and what do you have in store for us in the years to come?

Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn

What a beautiful question. I think the musical is the most concentrated focus because it is going to take light years of work to do. Initially, it was “a Broadway musical” and now it is “a Broadway musical with half of it made up of holograms!” That is the first time I have mentioned that, so it is kind of secret but you can have that information. Basically, it is getting out of control, what is being created here! There is simply nothing that has ever been done like this in a full show. People have brought back singers to life on stage at Coachella and it’s fucking amazing but now we are creating an entire world. We want to have it come alive, have versions of me on stage at once and have it done so well you can’t tell which is which. This is what is happening. This is going to be the most intense process, other than writing that book. Nothing in my life has ever turned out the way I have foreseen it and is typically much more adventurous, to say the least! I think that is a beautiful thing! It humbles one and says “Plan to the last moment and then have your eraser by your side because you are going to need it!” Nothing is ever going to go the way you thought. I think what I want at this moment is to be the lead in this musical for quite a long time before it gets sent off and other people are allowed to take on the role of my character in my dual role. Where my heart is really at is having my future unfold as being able to, in the next couple of years, get this musical to be on London’s West End, bring it to Broadway and then bring it everywhere! I hope to see it have residencies in cities around the world and be there for maybe three months at a time. Then, after a couple of years, I hope to see how we could develop it for other countries with other casts in other languages if need be. I just want to see this project have a chance to become the phenomenon that I really want it to be. It is not because I consider myself, Emilie Autumn, worthy of that but because I do consider this adventure and story worthy of that. It is not just about me, If it were just about me I can’t talk like this but if it is about this story, I can! I am just a small part of this world and that makes it ok to me to really get behind it and say I want this to be a good message and a beautiful thing for a lot of people. I know it is not what you asked but I just had a thought of these past few years. My audience began to grow and I began to get more attention. All of this came without ever being on the radio, TV, being on a late night talk show and without any press for the most part, as far as a campaign because there is no money and it is all me. Things started to grow because that is what happens if you do something that connect with other people for whatever reason. I have found you don’t need to have a ton of money. If you are really sincere about something, it will come across. If you are really passionate about something and it means a great deal to you, chances are it can mean a great deal to someone else as well. The idea of creating The Sanctuary really hit with people because we all really want that and don’t want to be alone. It started to grow and I had that reaction of seeing how this could get really big. I thought I could get really big at the same time. How would I feel about that? The sad fact is everything I have seen of fame is pretty disgusting and very unattractive to me. There has not been any aspect of seen very famous people and what fame can do to their lives that looks attractive to me at all. I thought maybe I just wanted to keep this small, underground, intimate and special. Maybe I don’t want to be that.

Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn

More recently I have had this realization, in the past few months as things are starting to grow again, where I said “Fuck that!” No matter why you do it or what you feel about fame, if you have a message that matters to you, it should matter enough to you to get it out to as many people as you possibly can. Otherwise, you are not that committed to your message. That was me calling myself out and saying “Fuck this! Stop being a baby about it and deal with whatever happens. Prove how important this is to you. Don’t be shy about trying to get to everybody.” So that was my schooling. Now, I am all about making this massive, world domination in the most beautiful way and spreading this message. I think that has made me even more ambitious to be even louder to know that I don’t have to be like every other famous person. I don’t have to go down some dark hole and start doing a bunch of drugs that I have never even done. I don’t have to become that and lose the close connection with the audience, you and all of these things. The concept of world domination by beauty and art is necessary.

To get back to your original question, it is two-thirds about establishing the musical, me in this role all over the world and then carrying it out to have other casts in other countries do this own their own. I hope to franchise this thing and, obviously, make the movie.

What is the best lesson that people looking to you as an inspiration can take away from your life and times, so far?

Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn

Wow! That is beautiful! I like how you said my life and times because it really makes me want to do a video chat in front of the fireplace I am looking at right now. It would be “A Fireside Chat with Emilie Autumn: Her Life and Times! [laughs] I am actually going to do that! That is a beautiful question. I can tell you something that has been my lesson and something I would love to share with them. I would love to share the concept of transformation. Transformation is magic in every way, My example is my turning my very dark real-life experiences into very beautiful things that are full of light and have them illuminate the dark corners they once resided in and were born out of. Turning absolute ugliness into breathtaking beauty is what I feel I have started to do in my life. That is the point of my story — taking your prison and making it a sanctuary. If we are going to be stuck here, let’s make it a place we never want to leave. Let’s be here by choice! Let’s take it back by transforming all of these things and making them usual. The concept is “Never a day is wasted.” Your worst day could become a Broadway musical tomorrow! [laughs] It could be the thing that lets you help other people or helps you save somebody’s life. One of most gruesome examples of it is when I wrote the book, it has actual photographs and descriptive, in the moment text about me slicing myself because that is part of what I did. You have close-up pictures of my thighs being slit to shreds. The result of that, which was intended but I didn’t know was going to happen, is people come to the shows and show me their cuts. They say “I don’t do this anymore because you wrote about that.” That is a very morbid, gruesome example of that lesson. My doing that can help you to not do that. Think of what they can now do with that to help someone else. It is your duty to do that once you transform to show someone else how to do that. I think if you recognize that you have the ability to change something into something else, and then nothing in your life is ever wasted. No day is ever wasted, no matter how dark it is. There is not wasted time and it is ultimately empowering because nothing is ever over! The whole lesson is that is not over until it is over and it’s never over!

My personal lesson has been gratitude. I mean that in the least clichéd way possible. I realize I have been given the privilege of being allowed to share my transformation with other. Just because you can transform doesn’t mean you are going to get that platform. I know I can say I have worked for it and I have earned it. A lot of people have worked for and earned things they have never gotten. One can question why or one can just say “Thank You.”

All I can say is… Wow! You are such an inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself with us, Emilie.

Thank you, Jason. I have had such a pleasure talking to you. I am very grateful. I really appreciate the time and care you have taken. I really appreciate and I hope to see you soon! Let’s have some tea together!

Amazing! Take care, Emilie. All the best!

For all the latest news, updates and tour dates for Emilie Autumn, visit her official website at www.emilieautumn.com. Connect with her on Twitter at twitter.com/emilieautumn.

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Official Trailer For ‘SAW 3D’ Official Trailer Unleashed!

Official Trailer For ‘SAW 3D’ Official Trailer Unleashed!

This October, one of the biggest, most successful horror franchises in movie history arrives in theaters in vivid, chilling 3-D with the release of Lionsgate’s SAW 3D.

As a deadly battle rages over Jigsaw’s brutal legacy, a group of Jigsaw survivors gathers to seek the support of self-help guru and fellow survivor Bobby Dagen, a man whose own dark secrets unleash a new wave of terror…

The first theatrical feature to be shot exclusively on the cutting-edge SI-3D digital camera system, SAW 3D brings the horrifying games of Jigsaw to life like never before. The film stars Tobin Bell, Cary Elwes, Costas Mandylor, Betsy Russell and Sean Patrick Flannery.

SAW 3D is directed by Kevin Greutert, produced by Oren Koules, Mark Burg and Gregg Hoffman. SAW 3D is a Lionsgate Release. Twisted Pictures Presents a Burg/Koules/Hoffman Production.

Check out the official website for the film at www.saw3dmovie.com and remember that the film hits theaters in October 29, 2010!

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Mind-Shattering New Motion Poster For ‘Saw 3D’

Mind-Shattering New Motion Poster For ‘Saw 3D’

The good folks over at Lionsgate have revealed another new cool motion poster for Saw 3D which is the seventh and reportedly final chapter in the series. The film reunites ‘Saw VI’ director Kevin Greutert and writers Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton.

The film stars Tobin Bell, Cary Elwes, Costas Mandylor, Betsy Russell, and Sean Patrick Flanery. Check out the poster below courtesy of MTV.

Synopsis: As a deadly battle rages over Jigsaw’s brutal legacy, a group of Jigsaw survivors gathers to seek the support of self-help guru and fellow survivor Bobby Dagen, a man whose own dark secrets unleash a new wave of terror…

The first theatrical feature to be shot exclusively on the cutting-edge SI-3D digital camera system, Saw 3D brings the horrifying games of Jigsaw to life like never before.

Saw 3D in theatres nationwide this October 29th.

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Director Tom Six Talks ‘The Human Centipede: First Sequence’ and More!

Director Tom Six Talks ‘The Human Centipede: First Sequence’ and More!

If you can, imagine someone taking a group of human beings against their will and connecting them together by their digestive systems. Sound disturbing to you? It should. Now, can you believe that is the premise of a film that is hitting a movie screen near you? Well it is. You better get yourself prepared. So now you’re probably sitting there in front of your computer asking yourself, “Who’s twisted mind did this originate from?” Well that mind belongs to none other than writer, director, and producer Tom Six. Already successful overseas, this young director is looking to make a big splash and establish himself with American audiences. With controversial and disturbing ideas like ‘The Human Centipede’, he will undoubtely become a mainstay of the horror genre for years to come. Remember the name Tom Six, we have a feeling he is destined for big things. Steve Johnson of Icon vs. Icon recently caught up with Six to talk about his influences, his thoughts on horror remakes, and of course his controversial film ‘The Human Centipede’ and its recently announced sequel.

Director Tom Six

Where did you grow up?

Yeah sure. I grew up in a little village very near Amsterdam. I had a very happy childhood with my sister with who I am producing films now. So absolutely nothing special.

When did you realize you wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment industry?

I always say I think I have some sort of film making gene because when I was a very little boy I was already working with a camera and shooting stuff. While my parents have nothing to do with film making, it’s just something I have inside me. Of course I watched a lot of movies. As many as I could watch. Then I started my career in television and then together with my sister, I started a production company and we started making films.

Do you have any influences, be it other directors or otherwise?

Yeah! Yeah! Sure. A real influence was the work, especially the early work, of David Cronenberg. I think he made some really atmospheric, cool films. ‘Shivers’ and ‘The Brood’, and ‘The Fly’, and ‘Crash’. He’s definitely an influence.

You are a director, writer, editor, and producer. Is there one aspect of film making that you prefer over the others?

I really love the writing part because I really love creating something. You have so much fun when you write and you know it will end up on the screen. That’s so incredibly fun. Then I really love the casting process and making the film itself, which is very tiring. I absolutely love the editing part also. It’s great putting the stuff together. So I think the whole discipline is very cool.

You mentioned you liked the writing aspect. What is the typical screenwriting process like for you?

The idea is just there. Suddenly I get a great idea and then I think, “OK. This is the basis.” If the idea is really working, the writing comes itself. Somehow the script has to be born from my head. If I have a story which is not working somehow, I instantly know it will be nothing and I throw it away. So it seems like some scripts have to be born and others don’t.

Tell us a bit about your films prior to ‘The Human Centipede’.

Sure. They are Dutch films with Dutch language. Two of them are black comedies and one is a children’s film. So something completely different than horror of course. I’ve always wanted to make horror films, but the Dutch market is not very for horror films. There’s not a big market. So when we made our first international film, we always knew it had to be a horror film. So this time we could make one.

Speaking of horror films, remaking classic movies is the current rage in Hollywood. As a writer and director what are your feelings on this latest trend?

Some films are iconic films, so it’s very hard to top them. They should only stay with the original. There are films with the techniques of today… It’s cool that they make them again for new audiences with all these new kinds of special effects. They can improve the classics. If it’s really a classic, as a director, it would be awful to make one if I had to. You always have to try to do it better than the classic, which sometimes is almost impossible I think.

For those who might not have had the chance to check out the trailer for ‘The Human Centipede’, how would you best describe the film?

I think it’s…. That’s a tricky one. I think it’s about a very sick surgeon that in his working life separated Siamese twins and now that he’s retired, he wants to create something. He wants to sew people together. So he wants to create one single digestive system and it’s just the way he wants to do it. So there’s nothing else that surgeon wants to do. That makes him the ultimate evil guy I think. There are no stories of his childhood or something. He’s just pure evil and that’s what I like.

How did you first come up with the idea for ‘The Human Centipede’?

It was a very simple idea. I always made this very sick joke to friends over watching television about a child molester on television or something. I said, “They should stitch his mouth to the ass of a very fat truck driver. That would be a very good punishment for him.” Everybody went, “Aw that’s a horrible idea.” I thought, “It is a horrible idea and it might be a great basic idea for a film.” That’s how it all started. It was a very simple joke.

Given the subject matter, how did you ever gather a cast for the film?

That was the difficult part. Especially the two actresses. We wanted to cast American actresses and a lot of them only want to be pretty in films. We asked women to sit on their hands and knees and be very ugly for most of the film. Of course the idea was very fresh. We did the casting in New York. I drew pictures of the human centipede and I showed them to every actress that was cast. A lot of them went, “You’re crazy!” They thought I was some maniac and they would never work with me on such a film. The smart ones stayed. They really wanted to know more about the story and I explained to them in detail what was going to happen. Then of course came the moment of truth when they had to sit on their hands and knees with their mouth very close to a butt in front of them. Not every actress could do that. They thought they could, but they couldn’t. In the end, the two girls that gave the best performance… They were actually the two lead actresses in the film.

What was the biggest challenge for you while working on the set of ‘The Human Centipede’?

I think working with the human centipede itself. Of course it has a lot of special makeup effects. It’s really strange as a director because your actresses are half naked and you have to say, “OK. We’ve got to shoot it now. Take your positions.” People sit on their hands and knees with their mouth very close to a butt and you’re standing there for ten hours a day looking at this strange thing. The crew had the same thing. It’s very absurd all the time. So there’s a lot of humor on the set of course. Bathroom humor, as you can imagine. At the same time it’s very stressful for the actresses because it’s very hard on your body to sit on your hands and knees for a long time next to a butt. Of course your naked, vulnerable, and you have this crazy German actor walking around you. So there were really a lot of strange emotions on the set.

There has been some talk that the film’s “villain” Dr. Heider may reach the status of other famous horror icons such as Jason and Freddy. What are your thoughts on that statement?

It’s an incredible compliment and honor. That has a lot to do with the brilliance of Dieter Laser, who’s really an acting dinosaur. He’s played in a lot of movies already, but he’s not very well known in the U.S. of course. This guy… His face is incredible. His charisma. His voice. The way he portrays this doctor makes it so very scary. I could never imagine anybody else playing that role. It was like he was born for this role.

Dieter Laser as "Dr. Heider"

How has the film been received?

It’s amazing. It has been an amazing ride. It has been shown at so many festivals all over the world. From Japan, to Stockholm, to South America, and the U.S. of course. Every time we went to a festival, there was a huge buzz going on around this film. As a filmmaker you feel really proud of course. It comes from the basic idea. Everybody talks about this idea and they think it’s pretty messed up of course. When you win awards and you get so much attention, it’s very cool as a filmmaker to experience. Now that it’s coming out in theaters in the U.S., it’s even better of course. It’s incredible.

The film opens nationwide in the U.S. on May 7th. When can we expect a DVD/Blu-Ray release in the U.S.?

I don’t know yet. Of course it’s coming out on DVD, but I have no idea when it will be released.

I saw that you are doing a second sequence to the film. Tell us a little about that.

I had a lot of ideas, which I couldn’t put in part one because the basic idea is so sick already. The first one is for the audience to get used to the idea. In ‘The Human Centipede Full Sequence’ I can use all of my ideas. There’s going to be a centipede of twelve people. I always say at festivals, “Part one will be My Little Pony compared to part two!” So I’m really going to create some horrible stuff in there and also use the black humor again. Hopefully, it works out.

Will the second sequence include more blood and gore?

Yeah! Yeah! Gorier than the first one!

Do you have any other future film projects that we should be on the look out for?

Yes. I’m working on more films. All in the horror, drama, thriller genre. I think that genre is the best and has very little limits. I’m going to shoot the sequel in October. Afterward I want to shoot a film in L.A. That will also be horror because I want to explore that genre much more. I always want to make something original, so I can’t tell what it’s about yet. It’s going to be something shocking again. Totally different than The Human Centipede, but something crazy again.

What is the best piece of advice that someone has given you along the way in your career?

I like all of these people who say, “Just do it! Just go for it! Whatever happens, just go through the process!” It’s very exhausting being a filmmaker because you give your little baby to the audience and they can say very ugly stuff. There are people that say, “Go on and go on.” That’s the spirit for me as well. Never stop.

That being said, do you have an advice for anyone who would like to get involved in the entertainment industry?

Yeah, definitely. I think if you are a writer or a director, create something original. People will talk about originality. So many people write stuff that has been done a thousand times. So many films and series are being made, so you really have to stand out to get attention. So that’s why I advise all young filmmakers to make something really original.

Do you have any last words?

No. I’ll stick to my advice for young filmmakers. I hope of course everybody wants to see my film. That’s the thing you hope as a filmmaker, that as many people as possible will see your film.

Good luck and maybe we can catch up with you in the future.

Great! Thanks so much!

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Andrew Bryniarski Joins The Cast of Bousman’s “Mother’s Day”

Andrew Bryniarski Joins The Cast of Bousman’s “Mother’s Day”

Bryniarski 2Horror icon Andrew Bryniarski is set to appear in the remake of the cult horror film “Mother’s Day,” which began filming September 8, 2009.

Bryniarski, best known for his role as Leatherface in “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (2003) and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning” (2004), has been designated for an undisclosed role in Mother’s Day.

“Given Andrew’s iconic status in the horror-thriller genre, we wanted to give him a special part that will intentionally be clouded in mystery until the film is released,” said Curtis Leopardo, executive producer of Mother’s Day and founder of LightTower Entertainment.

“We don’t want to spoil the surprise for avid Texas Chainsaw fans, but we’re thrilled to bring Andrew on board for what will certainly become a dark and mysterious role,” said Leopardo, who along with industry executive Cara Marie launched a talent management branch of LightTower Entertainment and are managing Andrew Bryaniarski.

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