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‘Batman: Gotham by Gaslight’ To Hit Home Video In February of 2018!

‘Batman: Gotham by Gaslight’ To Hit Home Video In February of 2018!

The first true Elseworlds tale from DC comes to animated life as a steampunk Batman hunts Jack the Ripper through the shadows of turn-of-the-century Gotham City in Batman: Gotham By Gaslight. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment, the all-new, feature-length animated film arrives from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on Digital starting January 23, 2018, and on Ultra HD Blu-ray Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD February 6, 2018.

Inspired by the landmark one-shot Elseworlds tale by Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola, Batman: Gotham By Gaslight will be available in several popular formats as only the second Ultra HD Blu-ray Combo Pack ($39.99 SRP) release of a DC UniverseMovie. The film will also be available as a Blu-ray Combo Pack ($24.98 SRP) and DVD ($19.98 SRP), and Digital ($19.99 HD, $14.99 SD). The Ultra HD Blu-ray Combo Pack features an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc in 4K with HDR and a Blu-ray disc featuring the film;the Blu-ray Combo Pack features the film in hi-definition; and the DVD features the movie in standard definition. The Ultra HD Blu-ray and Blu-ray Combo Pack include a digital version of the film.

Batman: Gotham By Gaslight takes place at the turn of the century as America’scontinued industrial revolution is to be showcased at a World’s Fair hosted by Gotham City. But while the world prepares to witness the glittery glory of Gotham’stechnological advances, there is a killer loose in the city’s darkest shadows. Preying on the city’s women, this killer is as precise as he is cruel. As Police Commissioner James Gordon tries to calm the fears of Gotham’s citizens regarding the butcher called Jack the Ripper, the masked vigilante Batman enacts his own detective work – with the help of confident, capable Selina Kyle – to stop the Ripper’s murderous spree. Witness a world in flames as the notorious serial killer’s controlled savagery meets the calculated stealth of the Dark Knight.

Acclaimed for his performance in Batman: Under The Red Hood, Bruce Greenwood (American Crime Story, Star Trek, iRobot) reprises his role as the voice of the Dark Knight in Batman: Gotham By Gaslight. Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter, Limitless) makes her DC Universe Movies debut as the voice of Selina Kyle. The voice cast also features Scott Patterson (Gilmore Girls, Justice League Unlimited) as James Gordon, Anthony Head (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Merlin) as Alfred Pennyworth, Yuri Lowenthal (Batman Unlimited, Young Justice) as Harvey Dent, John DiMaggio (Futurama, Adventure Time) as Chief Bullock, William Salyers (Batman vs. Two-Face) as Hugo Strange, and Grey Griffin (DC Super Hero Girls) as Sister Leslie. The cast also includes notable voice actors Tara Strong, Bob Joles, David Forseth, Chris Cox, Lincoln Melcher and Kari Wuhrer.

Producer Sam Liu (Batman and Harley Quinn, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract) also directs Batman: Gotham By Gaslight from a script by Jim Krieg (Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox). Alan Burnett is co-producer. Executive Producers are Sam Register and Bruce Timm (Batman: The Killing Joke). Benjamin Melniker and Michael Uslan are executive producers.

“We’re thrilled to bring this classic Elseworlds story to life,” said Mary Ellen Thomas, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Vice President, Family & Animation Marketing. “Gotham By Gaslight is the original Elseworlds tale from DC, and we know the fans have been anticipating this gritty adaptation. Fans will be transported to an alternate reality with this unexpected tale of the Dark Knight.”

Batman: Gotham By Gaslight Enhanced Content

 Ultra HD Blu-ray Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack and Digital

“Caped Fear: The First Elseworld” (Featurette) – Batman in the distant past of Gotham, at the crossroads of where the Gothic 19th century meets the modern age. Jack the Ripper, clashing with Gotham and its ruling elite. The documentary traces the influence of the comic book story, and why Gotham by Gaslight stands the test of time.

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight Audio CommentaryJoin Executive Producer Bruce Timm, Director Sam Liu and Writer Jim Krieg as they provide details about the scenes of Batman: Gotham by Gaslight and why this is a special project for each of them. Listen in for all things Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, and immerse once more into this dark and Gothic world.

A Sneak Peek at the next DC Universe Movie, Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay: A behind-the-scenes look at the next entry in the popular series of DC Universe Movies, featuring thoughts from the talented filmmakers.

From the DC Vault – “Showdown” episode from Batman: The Animated Series; “Trials of the Demon!” episode from Batman: The Brave and the Bold.


A Sneak Peek at the next DC Universe Movie, Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay: A behind-the-scenes look at the next entry in the popular series of DC Universe Movies, featuring thoughts from the talented filmmakers and voice cast.

About Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Inc.:

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) brings together Warner Bros. Entertainment’s home video, digital distribution and interactive entertainment businesses in order to maximize current and next-generation distribution scenarios. An industry leader since its inception, WBHE oversees the global distribution of content through packaged goods (Blu-ray Disc™ and DVD) and digital media in the form of electronic sell-through and video-on-demand via cable, satellite, online and mobile channels, and is a significant developer and publisher for console and online video game titles worldwide. WBHE distributes its product through third party retail partners and licensees.

About DC Entertainment

DC Entertainment, home to iconic brands DC (Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, The Flash, etc.), Vertigo (Sandman, Fables, etc.) and MAD, is the creative division charged with strategically integrating across Warner Bros. and Time Warner.  DC Entertainment works in concert with many key Warner Bros. divisions to unleash its stories and characters across all media, including but not limited to film, television, consumer products, home entertainment, and interactive games.  Publishing thousands of comic books, graphic novels and magazines each year, DC Entertainment is one of the largest English-language publishers of comics in the world.

BATMAN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics.  © 2017 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

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Legend In The Making: Eugene Brave Rock Talks ‘Wonder Woman’ and Giving Back!

Legend In The Making: Eugene Brave Rock Talks ‘Wonder Woman’ and Giving Back!

Eugene Brave Rock – Photo by Jeff Lorch

Eugene Brave Rock is not your conventional Hollywood star. Raised in Southern Alberta, Canada, Brave Rock has been chasing his dream of making it big in Hollywood since he was 17 years old. His career kicked off when he accompanied a friend to an audition. There he was chosen out of line of hundreds to be cast as an extra. Fearless and laser-focused, he soon found himself moving up the ladder in the business. He honed his skills as part of Disney’s “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show” where he began a stint singing, dancing and performing various stunts in the larger-than-life production. After establishing himself as a truly well-rounded stunt performer, Brave Rock found more doors opening for him around every turn. It wasn’t long before found himself working as a stuntman and actor major studio projects like the Academy Award film “The Revenant” and the Emmy nominated series “Hell on Wheels.” His hard work and dedication to his craft paid off in spades when he landed a pivotal role in the Patty Jenkins’ helmed summer blockbuster, “Wonder Woman.”

In the film, Brave Rock plays “Napi,” who joins Wonder Woman’s World War I squadron to fight the raging conflicts and evil of the outside world in a “war to end all wars.” Highly influenced by his culture, Eugene opens his first scene in the film by greeting Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) in his native Blackfoot language, playing an undercover superhuman character with an origin in the Blackfoot creation myths. This small but key detail broadens the mythological background of the Wonder Woman franchise, flirting with the possibility that there may be more god-like figures to come in the DC universe. The third-highest grossing film for Warner Bros. of all time, ‘Wonder Woman,’ slayed at the box office. With the breakout role, Brave Rock hopes to honor his elders and inspire the youth holding true to his values and let people know it’s OK to be proud of who you are and where you come from. Staying true to his Native American roots, Brave Rock returns to his home often to speak and encourage young people to get out and chase their goals, but to keep their culture close to their heart.

Jason Price of Icon Vs. Icon recently caught up with Eugene Brave Rock to discuss his journey as an actor/stuntman, the challenges he’s faced along the way and the experience of honoring his heritage with his captivating role as Napi in “Wonder Woman.”

How did you initially get involved with the entertainment industry?

Honestly, I just kind of walked into it. I was discovered by a casting agent, at the age of 17, who was casting for a theatrical project about suicide. She liked my look and my long hair. I fit the profile and that was my introduction into acting! It was a very educational experience. We started off with about 6 months of rehearsals, 5 days a week. It was pretty intense and that is how I got introduced to acting! From there, I just took the best steps I could and opportunities came my way. I grabbed them and ran with them! One thing led to another and one of my first movie productions was “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.” I actually brought a friend with me to do the casting call and I stood in line with him. I was picked from the back of the line and they hired me on as an extra. My first day on set, I was approached by a stunt coordinator and a horse wrangler. They asked me if I knew how to ride a horse. I said, “Sure!” That experience brought me up to a stuntman right away! From that project, I met somebody else who was involved with Disneyland Paris. They introduced me to the director over there and I did a small audience. I ended up being in “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show” at Disneyland Paris, which is the world’s largest live dinner theater! Those are just a few of the stepping stones in life that have been a big part of my career. I have so much gratitude for the footsteps I have taken!

When it comes to acting, who are some of the people who had a big impact on you?

You know what? When the “Dances with Wolves” came out, it was huge for me. There were so many Native American actors in the film! There were people like Graham Greene, August Schellenberg, Wes Studi and Eddie Spears. It’s great because so many of the people I looked up to, when I was younger, I have now had the opportunity to work with! It’s been such an amazing experience! I worked with Wes Studi on several projects now and the same with Eddie Spears. There are so many! There is even one local guy, local to me, who really stood out because he is from where I grew up. He is from the Blood Tribe and his name is Leon Goodstriker. When the “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show” started up again about 25 years ago, he played Sitting Bull at Disneyland Paris. When he came back home, he told me stories of “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show” in Paris. Being a young kid, it was a dream job! Who wouldn’t want to play cowboys and indians for a living! [laughs] Or riding horses or chasing buffalo! He was a huge influence on me as well!

Speaking to your work as a stunt professional, I’m sure you have certain expertise. What do you consider your specialties?

My expertise includes riding horses — riding and falling. Most of my training came from the work I did at “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.” I did the fighting, riding horses, shooting guns and the choreography of different fight scenes.

I know a lot of hard work goes into all those aspects of the job and it doesn’t happen overnight!

Yeah! It was a process! To be honest, that process lasted me that whole year. It was something we did on a daily basis. You have to work your way up. Chasing live buffalo isn’t very easy! [laughs] It’s very unfortunate that a Native American would have to go to Europe to learn how to chase buffalo but it’s something I am very thankful I had the opportunity to do.

You are now instantly recognizable from your role in one of 2017 biggest films. How did you get involved with the DC Universe and land such an awesome role in “Wonder Woman”?

I had an invitation to come in an audition for a part in LA. I was on hiatus from working on “The Revenant” and I was coming down to California to visit and have a little vacation. I took a little detour through LA and did the audition. At the time, I had no idea it was for “Wonder Woman.” Honestly, my audition was horrible. I had driven down and it took about a day and a half. I had memorized my lines but once I got to the studio, I went blank! I’m used to auditioning in a small theater in Calgary, Alberta. This was my first time to LA, so there was a lot of anxiety and I forgot my lines! They offered me the chance to read it right from the script with a little bit of direction from Laura Kennedy, the casting director. On the spot, she said, “Oh my God! You got it! You nailed it!” I didn’t take it literally because I’ve been in hundreds of auditions and they’ve said the same thing! I never got a call back, so just took it for what it was. At the time, I just brushed it off and moved forward, which is hard when you feel you could’ve done better. I just thought, “Well, at least I got to come to LA and have a tour of Warner Brothers Studios.” I just took the good out of the experience. A few months later, I got a call! It was then when they revealed to me that they wanted to cast me for a role in “Wonder Woman.” It was amazing and I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it! [laughs]

Your Native American heritage plays a huge role in your life. Did you have any reservations about taking on this role or how the character would be handled on screen?

That was the first conversation I had about the project with director Patty Jenkins. She came forward and asked me what I thought the negative stereotypes were about Native Americans portrayed in Hollywood. I mentioned that we aren’t all medicine men and certain things about the wardrobe. Patty was very respectful! One of the biggest reservations I had was that I didn’t want to be called “Chief.” That was something she brought up and out of respect for me and my people, she said, “You don’t ever have to call yourself, Chief.” That was something they couldn’t change based on how the character’s name had appeared in the comic book and stuff like that. She also gave me the opportunity to introduce myself in my own language, which is Blackfoot. That is where the creation part of Napi came from. I brought that forward, it went through the chain of people and it was approved! I was very honored! Napi, in my culture, is a demigod and a hero. He is a storyteller and an educator. It’s kind of ironic because every time I go into an audition or even go on set for a big scene, culturally, I pray, give thanks and gratitude. I put down some tobacco to Napi and ask him to walk in my shoes to help me portray this character the best way I could. It’s nice to share my culture and language with the world!

Eugene Brave Rock and Gal Gadot on the set of ‘Wonder Woman.’

That’s awesome! How did your people, family and friends react to seeing you on the scene as this character?

You know what? When I went home and after everyone had seen the movie, it was a hero’s welcome! It was such a great experience to be able to honor our elders and inspire our youth! It’s given me a platform to speak to our youth and to tell them that dreams do come true and never stop believing in yourself. A lot of it has to do with my cultural values and I think many of these cultural values are pushed to the side these days, and many people feel we don’t need them or should not use them anymore. I don’t feel that way. For me, I need them! It’s a lifestyle. To be able to share those cultural values of speaking my language, riding horses, having long hair, singing and dancing traditionally, with our youth is an amazing opportunity. It’s those values that have brought me to where I am today! That is something I keep close to my heart and something I want to share with my people, my tribe, and the rest of Native America as well! There aren’t too many times you see a Native American brought to life as a hero figure, so I’m very thankful!

We are seeing more and more about the push for more diversity in Hollywood. As an actor and stunt performer, you are on the front lines of the entertainment industry. Are you seeing a difference as you move forward in your career?

Yes, definitely! As a Native American, I think a lot more of our stories are being told from our perspective. There are so many great stories out there and it’s exciting to see that a lot of them are being told! So, yes, I do see things changing.

You mentioned bringing your native language to the character. What else went into fleshing out Napi and bringing him from script to screen?

I had a little bit of say when it came to my wardrobe and armor, along with Lindy Hemming, the costume designer. They let me add little embellishments to my wardrobe that made it a little more unique, a little more Blackfoot and a little more Napi-style, you could say. I had been researching World War I and Native Americans at that time when I saw an old picture of a Native American holding a rifle. On that rifle, he had some brass studs. Usually, those would indicate certain accomplishments in battle or deeds that he has done. I kept that in mind and showed the picture to the armorer, John Baker. I came up with the design of a medicine wheel, which represents the 4 seasons, the 4 elements and all the races in the world. It represents so much in our culture — the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of someone. I got to put that on the stock of my gun, which was awesome! There were also little embellishments, like the Blackfoot designs I was able to put on my gun belt and stuff like that! It was really amazing!

You’ve been a part of a lot of large scale productions in your career. How did “Wonder Woman” compare to the films from your past?

The magnitude was 10-fold! It was huge! The whole production was unbelievable. One day I was testing my guns in the middle of an open field in Leavesden Studios and a week later there was a town built on that same spot for the production! It was amazing! I felt like I was back in 1918! It was ridiculous! [laughs] The magnitude of the film was something I hadn’t expected and something I had never experienced before! It was amazing! Being on set every day was a blessing. There wasn’t much tension on set when we were shooting and it flowed very well. The hardest part for me was being away from my family. At the time, I had a pregnant wife back at home and I actually missed the birth of my child by about a week. For me, that was the hardest part. Living in London was crazy! I was in central London with millions of people all around me and there was so much energy happening there! It was hard for me being in London but it has made me appreciate where I live now and being on the little farm where we live. It was hard living in London but it is an experience for which I am truly grateful.

Eugene Brave Rock – Photo by Jeff Lorch

You are building a truly unique resume. Are there any specific types of projects you are anxious to tackle in the future?

You know what? I’m just very content in taking the next steps and making the most of the opportunities that come my way. Again, in the spirit of Napi, I just want to be able to tell a story and educate at the same time! I think that’s where my heart is and I hope to continue to honor my elders and inspire the Native American youth.

Where will we be seeing you next on the silver screen?

The next project I have coming out is called “Hard Powder” with Liam Neeson. I have some other projects that I am working on right now but, due to disclosure reasons, I can’t divulge any information. I’m really excited for “Hard Powder” to come out. Liam Neeson was amazing!

What is the best lesson we can take from your journey as an artist?

Again, I think it comes down to taking advantage of all the opportunities that come your way. That’s what I’ve done. It’s scary to get offered a position or role on the other side of the world, away from your people and your family. However, it’s important to get out there and explore the world and take each opportunity which presents itself and make the best of it!

Are there any causes close to your heart which we could help shine a light on?

For me, water is life. Every morning I get up, take a drink of water and I give thanks for this fresh water. That is a huge thing for me. There is a lot of pollution going on in the world right now and I think we all need to take a step back, take a look at our lives and realize what is really important. Water is the blood of Mother Earth. It’s a gift and it helps us survive, so we need to pay respect to that. There is also an organization, The CANA Foundation, which I support. They’re an organization focusing on saving wild horses from slaughter and reconnecting them to wild. You can visit their website at www.canafoundation.org/projects/horses or learn more via Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/canafoundation) and Twitter (http://twitter.com/canafoundation).

Thanks for your time today, Eugene! I really appreciate it and I wish you continued success!

Thank you, Jason! Take care!

Follow the continuing adventures of Eugene Brave Rock on social media via Twitter, Facebook and IMDB.

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Adam West’s ‘Batman vs. Two-Face’ To Be Released This October

Adam West’s ‘Batman vs. Two-Face’ To Be Released This October

Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment bring together two of pop culture’s all-time heroes – TV’s original Batman and Captain Kirk, Adam West and William Shatner, respectively – to voice the title characters in the full-length, animated feature film, Batman vs. Two-Face. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will make the all-new movie available October 10, 2017 on Digital and October 17, 2017 on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack ($24.98 SRP) and DVD ($19.98 SRP).

As the sequel to the 2016 hit animated film Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, the all-new Batman vs. Two-Face finds Batman and Robin back in classic 1960s action, protecting Gotham City from some of the most nefarious villains in comics history. But when the mutilated master of multiplicity, Two-Face, begins staging a daring crime wave across Gotham, the Caped Crusaders must work double-time to discover his mysterious secret identity before they can halt his evil-doing – all the while combating the likes of Catwoman, Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Bookworm, Hugo Strange and King Tut!

The late Adam West leads the star-studded cast in his final performance as Batman. The beloved actor delivers an inspired turn opposite fellow pop culture icon William Shatner (Star Trek) as the criminally conflicted Harvey Dent/Two-Face. This is only the second production of any kind to feature the two titans of the fanboy realm together. West and Shatner first teamed in the 1963 “Alexander The Great” television series that never made it past the pilot.

The cast also boasts two more pop culture icons of the 1960s. Burt Ward is back for more “holy” fun as the Boy Wonder himself, Robin, and Tony Award winner Julie Newmar reprises her role as the fiendish feline, Catwoman.

The voice cast includes Jeff Bergman (Joker, Bookworm, Desmond Dumas), Sirena Irwin (Dr. Quinzel), Thomas Lennon (Chief O’Hara), Lee Meriwether (Lucilee Diamond), William Salyers (Penguin), Lynne Marie Stewart (Aunt Harriet), Jim Ward (Hugo Strange, Commissioner Gordon), Steven Weber (Alfred, Two-Face henchmen) and Wally Wingert (Riddler, King Tut).

The core Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders filmmaking team reprises their roles for Batman vs. Two-Face.  Rick Morales (LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes – Justice League: Cosmic Clash) directs from a script by Michael Jelenic (Teen Titans Go!) and James Tucker (Teen Titans: The Judas Contract). Tucker and Jelenic and also Supervising Producer and Producer, respectively. Sam Register is Executive Producer. Benjamin Melniker and Michael Uslan are Executive Producers.

Special Features for Batman vs. Two-Face include:

  • “The Wonderful World of Burt Ward” (featurette) – Spotlighting Burt Ward’s life away from acting – particularly his many benevolent activities, and his lifelong devotion to the health and welfare of dogs.
  • Adam West Tribute Panel/2017 Comic-Con International 2017 – At the 2017 Comic-Con International in San Diego, a panel celebrated the life and times of the late Adam West, the legendary “Bright Knight.” Fans laughed, cried and cheered as actress Lee Meriwether (Catwoman from the 1966 Batman movie), director/writer/actor Kevin Smith, actor/radio personality Ralph Garman, producer James Tucker and moderator Gary Miereanu captivated the audience with anecdotes and tales about Adam West.
  • Actors Burt Ward and Julie Newmar discussing various aspects of their lives, ambitions and inspirations.

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The Epic Action of ‘Wonder Woman’ Will Hit Blu-ray On September 19th!

The Epic Action of ‘Wonder Woman’ Will Hit Blu-ray On September 19th!

Celebrate the wonder when “Wonder Woman” arrives onto Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital. Gal Gadot returns as the DC Super Hero in the epic action adventure from director Patty Jenkins (“Monster,” AMC’s “The Killing”).

The Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack, and Blu-ray Combo Pack will include an all-new bonus scene never before seen in theaters.

Wonder Woman” will be available on Ultra HD Blu-ray for $44.95, Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack for $44.95, Blu-ray Combo Pack for $35.99 and DVD for $28.98. The Ultra HD Blu-ray features an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc with the theatrical version in 4K with HDR and a Blu-ray disc also featuring the theatrical version. The Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack features the theatrical version of the film in 3D hi-definition and hi-definition; the Blu-ray Combo Pack features the theatrical version of the film in hi-definition on Blu-ray; and the DVD features the theatrical version in standard definition. The Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack and Blu-ray Combo Pack will include a digital version of the movie with UltraViolet.  Fans can also own “Wonder Woman” via purchase from digital retailers beginning August 29.

Additionally, all of the special features, including an all-new bonus scene, interviews with filmmakers, featurettes, and extended scenes, can be experienced in an entirely new, dynamic and immersive manner on tablets and mobile phones using the Warner Bros. Movies All Access App, available for both iOS and Android devices. When purchased digitally and redeemed on UltraViolet, the Warner Bros. Movies All Access App allows users to watch the movie and simultaneously experience synchronized content related to any scene, simply by rotating their device. Synchronized content is presented on the same screen while the movie is playing, thus enabling users to quickly learn more about any scene, such as actor biographies, scene locations, fun trivia, or image galleries. Also, users can share movie clips with friends on social media and experience other immersive content. The Movies All Access app is available for download on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

The Blu-ray discs of “Wonder Woman” will feature a Dolby Atmos® soundtrack remixed specifically for the home theater environment to place and move audio anywhere in the room, including overhead. To experience Dolby Atmos at home, a Dolby Atmos enabled AV receiver and additional speakers are required, or a Dolby Atmos enabled sound bar; however, Dolby Atmos soundtracks are also fully backward compatible with traditional audio configurations and legacy home entertainment equipment.

Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior.  Raised on a sheltered island paradise, when an American pilot crashes on their shores and tells of a massive conflict raging in the outside world, Diana leaves her home, convinced she can stop the threat. Fighting alongside man in a war to end all wars, Diana will discover her full powers…and her true destiny.

Joining Gadot in the international cast are Chris Pine (the “Star Trek” films), Robin Wright (“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” Netflix’s “House of Cards”), Danny Huston (“Clash of the Titans,” “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”), David Thewlis (the “Harry Potter” films, “The Theory of Everything”), Connie Nielsen (Fox’s “The Following,” “Gladiator”), Elena Anaya (“The Skin I Live In”), Ewen Bremner (“Exodus: Gods and Kings,” “Snowpiercer”), Lucy Davis (“Shaun of the Dead,” FX’s “Better Things”), Lisa Loven Kongsli (upcoming “Ashes in the Snow”), Eugene Brave Rock (AMC’s “Hell on Wheels”) and Saïd Taghmaoui (“American Hustle”).

The film was produced by Charles Roven, Deborah Snyder, Zack Snyder and Richard Suckle, with Stephen Jones, Geoff Johns, Jon Berg, Wesley Coller and Rebecca Steel Roven serving as executive producers.

Warner Bros. Pictures presents, in association with Tencent Pictures and Wanda Pictures, an Atlas Entertainment/Cruel and Unusual production, “Wonder Woman.”  The film is rated PG-13 for sequences of violence and action, and some suggestive content.


“Wonder Woman” Ultra HD Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray and Blu-ray Combo Pack contain the following special features:

  • Epilogue: Etta’s Mission – Etta Candy gets the boys back together for a secret mission that could impact humanity’s future.
  • Crafting the Wonder – Wonder Woman finally comes to life in her first, breathtaking solo film. Explore the journey to create an adventure worthy of DC’s greatest warrior.
  • A Director’s Vision: Themyscira: The Hidden Island
  • A Director’s Vision: Beach Battle
  • A Director’s Vision: A Photograph Through Time
  • A Director’s Vision: Diana in the Modern World
  • A Director’s Vision: Wonder Woman at War

o   Join director Patty Jenkins as she takes you on an exclusive journey through “Wonder Woman’s” most pivotal and exciting moments

  • Warriors of Wonder Woman – Witness the creation of the Amazon army as the women of “Wonder Woman” transform emotionally and physically into the world’s most powerful and heroic warriors.
  • The Trinity – Filmmakers and comic book creators explore the legend of Wonder Woman and how she stands shoulder to shoulder with Superman and Batman to create the pillars of the DC Universe.
  • The Wonder Behind the Camera – Meet the women behind the wonder as they welcome a group of aspiring filmmakers on set for an exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Finding the Wonder Woman Within – Feel the power of Wonder Woman as award-winning poets and inspiring public figures reveal the impact and importance of DC’s greatest heroine.
  • Extended Scenes
  • Blooper Reel

Wonder WomanStandard Definition DVD contains the following special features:

  • Crafting the Wonder
  • A Director’s Vision: Themyscira: The Hidden Island
  • A Director’s Vision: Beach Battle
  • A Director’s Vision: A Photograph Through Time
  • A Director’s Vision: Diana in the Modern World
  • A Director’s Vision: Wonder Woman at War
  • Warriors of Wonder Woman –
  • The Trinity
  • The Wonder Behind the Camera
  • Finding the Wonder Woman Within
  • Extended Scenes
  • Blooper Reel

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‘Wonder Woman’ Online Store Springs Into Action!

‘Wonder Woman’ Online Store Springs Into Action!

There is no doubt that Warner Bros. Pictures’ action-adventure film WONDER WOMAN is a runaway hit! The flick features the most empowered and unstoppable heroine of the DC Universe and is resonating with audiences around the nation!

Now you can bring the Amazonian magic home! Packed with a treasure trove of Wonder Woman gear, the officially licensed shop of Warner Bros. Consumer Products is stocked with collectibles, clothing and accessories for every hero in your life. Lasso yourself some wonderful art, iPhone covers, blankets, drinkware, jackets, handbags and much, much more — this store is the first stop for all your Amazonian accessories!

Visit http://www.WonderWomanShop.com today!

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Blu-Ray Review: Another Look At Warner Bros. ‘Suicide Squad’ Extended Cut

Blu-Ray Review: Another Look At Warner Bros. ‘Suicide Squad’ Extended Cut

So let’s start this one out with a disclaimer. I was a big fan of Dawn of Justice: Batman V Superman. As I’ve stated multiple times in the past, I’m a youngin’, my Superman was the gritty 90’s Supes and Batman killed multiple times in the past. DOJ, especially the extended cut, hit every point I wanted it to and truly got me excited for the DC cinematic universe. Even with everyone complaining I was curious where they would go from here.

I’ve been following Suicide Squad from the beginning. For all the love I showed DOJ I was genuinely more excited for Squad than anything else last year. Finally, I was going to see all of these beloved DC characters together on the big screen. We would finally have a cinematic portrayal of Killer Croc, Deadshot, and, one of the more famous characters in pop culture, Harley Quinn. What was there not to be excited about?! The excitement continued to build as we were given looks at all of the actors in character and even a near perfect trailer. I could not have been more stoked when I went to the theatre in August. Upon first viewing I was stoked after the film. They portrayed every character correctly and created a hybrid between their original instances and the “New 52” versions. It wasn’t until a month later that reality began to set in. Someone who hadn’t seen the film said to me, “I haven’t seen it yet, what was it about?”.

I was at a loss. I couldn’t remember. Aside from a few humorous moments and enjoying the characters I couldn’t remember a damn thing about the movie. Err, it was a pretty good cast. Leto knocked it out of the park but other than that, I don’t remember much about the plot. I had been completely blinded by the comic book reader in me; I had no real opinion towards the film whatsoever. When I was sent the film to look at I put it off as long as I could. This film came out a month ago and I’m just now looking at it again. I didn’t want to view it in a negative light because I knew it wasn’t as good of a film as I remember after first watch. Guess what? I was right.

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I sat down and popped the disc in. After months of David Ayer, and others stated that there wouldn’t be an extended version released I was pressing the play button on the 2 hour and 14 minute extended edition of the film. As the film begins we go right into the description of each “villain” by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis). I didn’t skip passed any opening credits or scenes, we literally go from a neon Warner Bros. sign into Waller describing each character of the film. That being said, I can honestly say that each of the character’s backgrounds are more interesting than anything that actually takes place during the film. We see Deadshot’s (Will Smith) life as both a father and an assassin. His conflicting emotions and lifestyles are compelling. We see Harley Quinn’s (Margot Robbie) life with the Joker (Jared Leto) and how they came to be a unit. Don’t count on fleshed out back stories on the other characters, they get about a minute here or there.

I’m quickly reminded why I didn’t remember the plot of this film — there isn’t one. There are 20 minute amusing segments that the editors pulled together to create one long film. I don’t hate these segments, as a matter of fact most of them are pretty awesome and really make you feel like you’re watching a Suicide Squad comic book come to life. There’s very little substance. The “Escape from New York” style midpoint is completely nonsensical and ultimately feels forced to make this film longer. I don’t want to go too far into the plot because there are a couple of very minor twists and I don’t want to spoil too much but you won’t really be missing much either way.

As stated, while the film itself is pretty generic with its “Expendables” style plot, the characters/actors is where this film shines. I commend the cast as they really didn’t have much to work with in the script department. I remember most critics and audience members complaining about the lack of Joker in the film. The counter argument was always “well this is a Suicide Squad film, he’s not a member of the Suicide Squad”. This is a great point, however, the entire film’s marketing was built around Leto’s gangster Joker and it didn’t help that his plotline was the most interesting thing in the film. We did get a bit more Harley/Joker in the extended edition but not enough to do much.

Looking further on the disc this thing is jam packed with behind the scenes featurettes that discuss the original comic, the stunts, the relationship behind Harley and Joker, and the creation of the world itself. Also included is a gag reel, tv spots, etc. Along with the extended edition the Blu-ray also includes the theatrical release, and besides the extra Harley/Joker scenes not much is changed.

VERDICT: I think you could tell throughout this writing that I don’t find this to be a very good film. That being said, it was fun. Suicide Squad is not a coherent film with an in depth plotline. You may say, well it’s a comic book movie, duh! This excuse would mean something in the Sam Raimi Spider-man films era but that excuse just doesn’t cut it anymore. Honestly, I would probably consider it the Michael Bay, or dare I say Rob Zombie of comic book movies. It’s a fun film, not necessarily a good film. It’s not a movie I would watch over and over again but I still enjoyed it and will revisit sometime in the future. If you’re interested in these characters or have ever picked up a comic book involving any of them I think you should at least give this film a chance. It’s a fun watch on a rainy, or snowy, afternoon.

For a much different look at the ‘Suicide Squad’ Extended Cut Blu-ray, read Jeremy Morrison’s take on the release from December. Click here for the review > 

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Dylan Lyles Staff Writer
The Phenomenal Dylan Lyles is an obsessive fan of cinema, pro wrestling, horror, vinyl, and comic books. Bursting from the womb in 1992, Dylan’s surrounded himself with all things geek culture. Earliest memories include Wrestlemania 11, ‘The Death of Superman,’ and Jason popping out of the water. You may see him sharing his opinion on just about everything on the internet or maybe even working the MonsterMania Con on the east coast. You love him and he loves you!
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SKWAD GOALS: Warner Bros. ‘Suicide Squad’ Extended Cut Is Fully Loaded!

SKWAD GOALS: Warner Bros. ‘Suicide Squad’ Extended Cut Is Fully Loaded!

Today I’m going to take a look at the Suicide Squad: Extended Cut and perhaps help you decide why the most popular movie on IMDb this year is worth your physical copy purchase.

I’d like to start off by saying that I did really enjoy the Theatrical Cut of the film when I saw it in theaters. I enjoyed it even more when I saw it a second time in theaters. But a few months have passed and I wondered how the Extended Cut would hold up against the built up theatrical Cut in my head. Would it be a different tone and ultimately better experience like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, or would it be a quick cash grab for the studio promising more Joker. There seems to be more at stake than when Zack Snyder cast Ben Affleck as Batman. Don’t dare go into a comment section after dark if you’re a fan of this movie. It’s more dangerous than crime alley and will surely leave you feeling the need for a safe space at your nearest college campus. The hate for this movie is so strong amongst fanboys and critics. I just don’t get it. I assume these are the same people that kept Ghost Whisperer on the air for so long. Just horrible taste.

So how about that Extended Cut experience. Well, where to begin. The Extended Cut boasts 15 extra minutes to the film in total. The overall tone of the film is left alone. Unlike BvS, the Suicide Squad cut just feels longer. But that is not a bad thing for me. The majority of the footage that has been restored is indeed Joker related, but there are a few scenes, one featuring Harley Quinn mocking the Squad specifically, that are either new or much longer as it features moments cut from theatrical to make fighting weight.

So why cut the Joker stuff to begin with? Well, it’s a Suicide Squad movie, ya jerk. I thought Leto was great as Cholo Joker, but it was never his movie. I’m sorry he got all method and gave so much to his b-storyline, only to maybe be hurt by the end product, but he’s not the main villain and he’s not in the Squad. One might think he went through all the work to steal the movie, which next to Ms. Robbie, I think he did. Personally I was hoping for a little more Ike Barinholtz in this cut, and I’m pretty sure I got it. I haven’t went back to the theatrical since my two trips in theater, but I’ve watch the Extended Cut three times now and Barinholtz is a scene stealer for sure.

So why put out this Extended Cut, Warner Bros.? Cash grab or fan service? Probably a little of both. But you know what, I’m stoked it’s out. 15 minutes isn’t a stretch when you’re already talking about a genre where anything under 2 hours and 20 minutes is technically classified as a short fan film on YouTube. Do the extended Joke scenes grind the film to a halt? Not really. Maybe on first viewing I found myself craving more, but now I’m used to the pace of the Extended Cut and have no problem with the flow of he film.

As far as the special features, holy crap. This disc is jam packed with insightful BTS and really brings to mind the type of releases we were getting back when DVD first started hitting the shelves. Detroit Rock City comes to mind. Now that was a disc you could watch the supplemental materials for hours and keep yourself as entertained as if you were watching the film itself. Suicide Squad is no different, folks. And apologies to those wanting to read a little bit more about the VR features on the digital copy of the film, but I am tech illiterate at times and the whole experience was pretty overwhelming to me. However, the few features I did check out on VR were pretty amazing. But for the same reason I can’t really watch 3D flicks, I had to bail out on it sooner than I’d hoped.

THE VERDICT: So what’s the verdict. Should you stuff your stockings with some Suicide Squad? I think so. It’s a fun release for a fun film, I really think Warner Bros. went above their usual high bar standard for this package. If you were one of those sour grapes that hated the film in theaters, I don’t know what to tell you. We’re just not gonna see eye-to-eye on this issue. But maybe give a digital purchase a chance and if your opinion is left unchanged so what. You’re out a couple of bucks but don’t have to worry about that physical media taking up space on your shelf.

Jeremy Morrison – Staff Writer
Co-creator/host of the Acid Pop Cult Podcast, film reviewer, screenwriter, Jeremy has more than eight years experience in television and film production. His childhood fascination with the naked breasts featured in the “Friday the 13th” franchise prepared him for absolutely nothing in life. J-Mo lives by one motto: #wecantallbezacksnyder
Twitter: @acidpopcult
IG: @almostgothim

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‘Suicide Squad’ Extended Cut Gets A Trailer, To Hit Blu-ray On December 13th!

‘Suicide Squad’ Extended Cut Gets A Trailer, To Hit Blu-ray On December 13th!

suicide-squad-blu-2016-1Bring the Squad home when Suicide Squad arrives onto Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital HD. From director David Ayer (“Fury,” “End of Watch”) comes “Suicide Squad,” starring Oscar® nominee Will Smith (Best Actor, 2002, “Ali,” Best Actor, 2007 “The Pursuit of Happyness,”), Oscar ® winner Jared Leto (Best Supporting Actor, “Dallas Buyers Club,” 2013), Margot Robbie (“The Wolf of Wall Street,” “Focus”), Joel Kinnaman (Netflix’s “House of Cards”) and Oscar nominee Viola Davis (“The Help,” “Doubt”).

Written and directed by Ayer based on the characters from DC, the film also stars Jai Courtney (“Insurgent”), Jay Hernandez (“Takers”), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (“Thor: The Dark World”), Ike Barinholtz (“Neighbors”), Scott Eastwood (“Fury”), Cara Delevingne (“Paper Towns”), Adam Beach (“Cowboys & Aliens”), and Karen Fukuhara in her feature film debut. It is produced by Charles Roven and Richard Suckle, with Zack Snyder, Deborah Snyder, Colin Wilson and Geoff Johns serving as executive producers.

“Suicide Squad: Extended Cut” features more action and more Squad with 13 more minutes of footage not previously seen in theaters. The Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack and Blu-ray Combo Pack will include the extended version of the film on the Blu-ray disc. The extended version will also be available to own on Digital HD.

Suicide Squad” will be available on Ultra HD Blu-ray for $44.95, Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack for $44.95, Blu-ray Combo Pack for $35.99 and 2-disc DVD Special Edition for $28.98. The Ultra HD Blu-ray features an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc with the theatrical version in 4K with HDR and a Blu-ray disc with the extended version. The Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack features the theatrical version of the film in 3D hi-definition and hi-definition, as well as the extended version in hi-definition; the Blu-ray Combo Pack features the extended version and theatrical version of the film in hi-definition on Blu-ray; and the DVD features the theatrical version in standard definition.All Blu-ray products include a digital version of both the extended and theatrical versions of the movie in Digital HD with UltraViolet.* Fans can also own “Suicide Squad” via purchase from digital retailers.

The Blu-ray discs of “Suicide Squad” will feature a Dolby Atmos® soundtrack remixed specifically for the home theater environment to place and move audio anywhere in the room, including overhead. To experience Dolby Atmos at home, a Dolby Atmos enabled AV receiver and additional speakers are required, or a Dolby Atmos enabled sound bar; however, Dolby Atmos soundtracks are also fully backward compatible with traditional audio configurations and legacy home entertainment equipment.

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ICON VS. ICON PRESENTS: Acid Pop Cult Podcast – Episode 220: Must-See TV

ICON VS. ICON PRESENTS: Acid Pop Cult Podcast – Episode 220: Must-See TV


On the latest episode of the Acid Pop Cult Podcast, Jason and Jeremy welcome back Hank from his recent hiatus. What’s he been up to? He has been burning through television shows at a fever pitch! The trio discuss everything from South Park to the latest offerings from Marvel and DC and everything in between. Jeremy offers a short and sweet update to his 366 Movie Challenge and Jason discusses some of his latest interviews for Icon Vs. Icon. They round out another fast-paced show with some picks of the week ranging from podcasts to a highly addictive new iPhone app which has taken over all of Jeremy’s free time!

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ICON VS. ICON PRESENTS: Acid Pop Cult Podcast – Episode 214: Suicide Squeeze

ICON VS. ICON PRESENTS: Acid Pop Cult Podcast – Episode 214: Suicide Squeeze


This week on the Acid Pop Cult Podcast, the boys dive into a the latest movie craze sweeping the land — Suicide Squad. J-Mo, Hank and Jason offer up three different perspectives on the film and duke it out for podcast supremacy. As the smoke clears, Hank gives us a look inside the world of gaming with talk of ’No Man’s Sky’ and ‘Batman: The Telltale Series.’ As always, J-Mo give us an update on some of his latest entries in his 366 movie challenge and breaks down some new movie news you can use! Spread the word, leave a review and be sure to subscribe to the show on iTunes for our continuing adventures!

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