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Scream Factory To Bring Bela Lugosi’s ‘The Return of The Vampire’ To Blu-ray On February 19th!

Scream Factory To Bring Bela Lugosi’s ‘The Return of The Vampire’ To Blu-ray On February 19th!

On February 19, 2019, SCREAM FACTORY™ is proud to present Bela Lugosi’s cult classic THE RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE on Blu-ray. Directed by Lew Landers (The Raven), this blood-curdling horror classic stars Bela Lugosi (Dracula), Frieda Inescort (A Place in the Sun), Nina Foch (Spartacus), and Miles Manders (The Man in the Iron Mask).

In 1918, Armand Tesla (Bela Lugosi), a 200-year-old Hungarian Vampire, prowls the English countryside, feeding from the jugulars of the villagers. But Tesla’s reign of terror is interrupted when a pair of scientists, Lady Jane and Sir John Ainsley, drive a railroad spike through his heart. The “un-dead” Tesla remains safely entombed for two decades until the impact from a stray Nazi bomb accidentally releases him. Along with his werewolf servant Andreas Obry, the resurrected vampire now plots vengeance on the family that put a halt to his nocturnal feasting.

Special Features:

  • NEW Audio Commentary with film historian Troy Howarth
  • NEW Audio Commentary with author/film historian Gary Don Rhodes
  • NEW Audio Commentary with film historian Lee Gambin
  • Silent 8mm presentation
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Still Gallery

A must-have for movie collectors and loyal fans of Bela Lugosi, this definitive Blu-ray release contains new audio commentaries by film historians, special features and more! Pre-order is available now at ShoutFactory.com.

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Scream Factory To Release Twist-Filled Thriller “Valentine” As Collector’s Edition Blu-ray In February!

Scream Factory To Release Twist-Filled Thriller “Valentine” As Collector’s Edition Blu-ray In February!

Revenge is sweet, just like Valentine’s Day chocolates. At least, that is what a vengeful, Cupid-masked killer thinks in the teen slasher Valentine. Making its Blu-ray debut February 12th, 2019 from Scream Factory, this Collector’s Edition of Valentine also includes a plethora of new bonus features, including an audio commentary with director Jamie Blanks and filmmaker Don Coscarelli moderated by author Peter Bracke, new interviews with actresses Denise Richards, Marley Shelton, Jessica Cauffiel, an interview with co-writers Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts, over two hours of never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage from director Jamie Blanks’ personal archive, additional cast and crew interviews, and much more! Fans can order their copies now on ShoutFactory.com

Be my Valentine … or else. Broken hearts and other mortal wounds await a cast of contemporary young stars when they play dating-scene veterans dying for love in this humor-laced, twist-filled thriller cleverly directed by Jamie Blanks (Urban Legend) and starring David Boreanaz (Angel, Bones), Denise Richards (Starship Troopers), Marley Shelton (Scream 4, Planet Terror), Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy) and more. Cards, candy and flowers are nice. But for fans of stalker-shocker terror, there’s nothing like a Valentine.

Valentine Bonus Features:

  • NEW 2K scan of the original film elements supervised and approved by director Jamie Blanks and director of photography Rick Bota
  • NEW Audio Commentary with director Jamie Blanks and filmmaker Don Coscarelli, moderated by author Peter Bracke
  • NEW Thrill of the Drill – an interview with actress Denise Richards
  • NEW The Final Girl – an interview with actress Marley Shelton
  • NEW Shot Through the Heart – an interview with actress Jessica Cauffiel
  • NEW Writing Valentine – an interview with co-writers Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts
  • NEW Editing Valentine  – an interview with editor Steve Mirkovich
  • NEW Scoring Valentine – an interview with composer Don Davis
  • NEW Almost 2 hours of never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage from director Jamie Blanks’ personal archive
  • Audio Commentary with director Jamie Blanks
  • Vintage “Making of” featurette featuring cast and crew
  • Extended interviews and behind-the-scenes footage from the electronic press kit
  • Deleted Scenes including extended death scenes
  • Music Video
  • Teaser Trailer
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spots
  • Still Gallery
  • Hidden Easter Egg

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UNSTOPPABLE: Debbie Rochon On Her Career, Artistic Evolution and New Projects!

UNSTOPPABLE: Debbie Rochon On Her Career, Artistic Evolution and New Projects!

Debbie Rochon is the definition of the word survivor. While the deck has always been stacked against her, she continues to defy the odds and blaze a unique path as an artist. Through determination, she pulled herself from the depths of life on the streets as a homeless youth at 17 years old, to a promising new life as an actress in the ultra-competitive New York City scene.

Her journey began by cutting her teeth on numerous off-off Broadway theater companies, performing in more than 25 stage productions and taking on some of the most memorable exploitation films of the era. Her iconic appearances in cult films such as “Tromeo & Juliet,” “Terror Firmer” and “Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV,” solidified her as a fan favorite and elevated her to Scream Queen status. However, as die-hard fans of her work know, Debbie Rochon is much more than a pretty face (coupled with a killer rack!). While that might have been what got her in the door, what kept her in the room was an undying devotion to her craft. Her ever-evolving skill-set never fails to elevate the material of each project she takes on. Through the years, she continued to defy the odds, while challenging herself and her audiences with complicated characters and ambitious material. Her latest project, Jon Keeyes’s “Doom Room,” is no exception to that rule.

Based on a horrifyingly true story, “Doom Room” centers around a woman who wakes up locked in a small room with no memory of how she arrived there. Unable to escape, and tormented by a series of paranormal entities, she must uncover the riddle of who she is and how she got here. Scripted by Keeyes and Carl Kirshner, the film also stars Nicholas Ball (“Red Dwarf”), Johanna Stanton, Hayden Tweedie (“The Harrowing”) and Matthew Tompkins (“Prison Break”). The riveting tale comes to digital January 15, 2019 from Wild Eye Releasing.

Jason Price of Icon Vs. Icon recently sat down for a chat with Debbie Rochon to discuss her amazing journey in the film industry. Along the way, her evolution as an artist, the making of Jon Keeyes’ “Doom Room,” her plans for a revealing autobiography and stepping behind the camera for her next directorial undertaking, “Torment Road.”

You’ve been a staple in genre films for decades. What intrigued you about acting and made you pursue your passion professionally? It’s not the easiest route to go when it comes to having a career.

No, it’s a hell of a slog! [laughs] You have to love it more than any other aspect of your life to really want to do it. Today, there is a much larger volume of projects being done and there is much more capacity for a person to spearhead their own starring role, if you will. All of that stuff is so much more accessible now and doable. Whether it’s good or bad is a whole other ballgame but it is a lot easier nowadays, in certain aspects. The drawback is that because it’s so accessible and so much of it, now you have to really stand out in the crowd which is comprised of a whole lot more people. It’s not as though, when I started, that there were any less people wanting to do it. What made me want to get into it was, simply, salvation. Really, it was salvation for me. I was a street kid and I worked for three months as an extra on a movie. It was a punk rock/rock ‘n’ roll movie with Diane Lane, Sex Pistols, The Clash and all these great people were in it, that I had no idea about at the time. Of course, Diane Lane wasn’t even famous then. This was 1980, so you had barely heard of some of these people at that point. Certainly, being a street kid, I definitely hadn’t heard about a lot of this stuff and I definitely wasn’t what was going on at the time because I was just worrying about surviving. I spent three months on that set and I really threw myself into it. No matter how minuscule the thing was that was asked of me, I did it 110%. I was totally into it and thought it was pretty amazing to have feedback. So many people were there who were like, “Eh, yeah, this is boring.” It was all this kind of crap. I thought, “OK. Whatever for you!” [laughs] Of course, I’m thinking it but barely spoke back then because that was just the way it was back then. You had to hold everything close to your vest back then to survive the streets. That was the first thing and it was really cool, important and meaningful. It gave me direction and whole lot of other things! It gave me a little bit of self-esteem and that blew my mind open to the art world, if you will. I said, “OK. I want to go study acting. I want to study it because it’s what I want to do, and I want to recreate this experience over and over again.” Of course, I didn’t know any better back then! [laughs] I just knew that I needed training, so I saved up, went to New York City and that’s what I did.

Tell us about those early years. What went into finding your creative voice and when did you come into your own as an actor?

These are great questions! Nowadays, we all know how people tend to just poo-poo things. A lot of people don’t realize that everyone’s journey and path is completely different. It’s apple and oranges. It’s whatever extreme examples you can give. That’s the difference between one person’s journey and someone else’s journey. Mine was, coming up when I came up, you had to do a lot of studying. You had to audition for everything, including extra work. Then you were given a word before a line. Then you were given a couple of words and then maybe a line. You would graduate from there. The early work, it’s interesting. I’ve been trying to get Media Blasters to release “Banned,” which is a movie I did with Roberta Findlay. We did it in 1988 in New York City. She gave the OK to Media Blasters to release it but, as a company, they didn’t go away completely but they did go dead silent. It was the first time since it was made in 1988 that she gave the OK. That was in the past few years. She finally said yes after decades! She just didn’t like it. I think it’s such a time capsule of a movie and it’s so much fun! I think it captures the punk/new wave era or feeling in New York City. Before that, besides her porn stuff, she was doing a lot of horror movies and they did fairly well. For some reason, she didn’t like this movie. It was probably because it was the only comedy that she made. It’s kind of a supernatural comedy, if you had to label it. I certainly wouldn’t say that it is any worse to put it that way than some of her other movies. It’s of my opinion that it’s far superior but it’s because it lands in my tastes. Anyway, that’s going back and slightly off-topic but hopefully that will get released soon. After all these years, it at least deserves that, right?! [laughs] It needs to be let go to the public but whatever will happen, we don’t know.

From there, I did a couple movies with Chuck Vincent, who much like Roberta Findlay, when he stopped making porn movies and transitioned into the T & A Cinemax movies. The last couple comedies he made for Cinemax, I was in them, before he passed away. Anyway, that was my start in the New York scene when there was this exploitation stuff going on. If you were working really hard, auditioning for a lot of stuff and not being cast in some of the really, really bland but very well-paying type of regular stuff and you were offbeat like I was then you would get work in the underground. It turns out that those are the films I like best anyway as a viewer, so there are certainly no complaints. I went through the ‘90s and tried to find my footing. Once in a while I would and then I wouldn’t but then I would. By 2000, that’s when I truly found my footing. You can sort of split it from “American Nightmare” forward. It was at that point that I understood, even with all the training and working hard on all the films, that people either have the talent or luck to click very soon after they begin, and some people have to study or work for a long time. You have to be really dedicated and then something will click for them. I think it’s a combination of all of those things coupled with being resistant to certain emotions because I had to be cut off when I was a kid to protect myself. Again, my journey or process was just so different. In 2000, when I made “American Nightmare,” I think that is the separation movie and date for me.

What lessons did you learn early on that impacted the course of your career?

There were many lessons! As savvy as I was on one hand, I was very naive on the other. By that I mean, I had this weird notion in my mind, due to this amazing world that I first experienced through the movie Paramount Pictures made and I was an extra on, of how films worked. I didn’t realize that [on these smaller films] you weren’t necessarily going to get paid, that it was going to be a safe set or that you wouldn’t be manhandled when you shouldn’t have been during a certain scene. That was my naivety. I thought all I had to get into this world that I really wanted to be in for the rest of my life, and everything would be OK. Whatever that means! [laughs] It was just a dream or fantasy. That was my naivety. These are the things that I learned. Even being savvy, you encounter all of these things from sexual harassment to getting blackballed because you wouldn’t do blankety blank with so and so and all of these other things that you don’t see coming. That’s the interesting difference about coming from the world of a street kid and working in an industry. Being a street kid, at least you knew straight-up what everyone was about. Being in the film industry, you don’t always know the truth of what people are about. That is the lesson that I personally learned.

No one can deny your longevity in the entertainment business. What does it take to keep a career like yours growing but still creatively satisfying to you as an artist?

It takes quite a bit! I think you really have to understand that there are going to be waxes and wanes or ebbs and flows. You go with those ebbs and flows, and you have to understand that you can do really well for a stretch of time, although it may not be on the tippy-top of the echelon. People can fatigue, and I’ve experienced this, and you will go through a period of time where it’s fashionable to be bashed. You just have to understand that this is just kind of how it works and that there will be another cycle of people digging the work and everything being great.

I think the best example I can give is someone like Lloyd Kaufman from Troma. When I started working with him, it was more sort of on the low swing. It was just prior to when we made “Tromeo & Juliet.” We were on an upswing through “Terror Firmer” and probably “Citizen Toxie 4.” Then there was a little bit of a downswing again. It’s hard to describe. It’s about how people talk from “These guys are great … “ or “These guys are garbage. Rip those titles off your resume because they will do nothing but destroy your career … “ to Lloyd as an icon and legend. Being in the business so long, he’s just gotten to the point where he is just legendary. He’s really not going to go through one of those major, decades long ebbs and flows again because he’s just at that point. He may very well direct another movie. He did say, this past summer, when we made “Shakespeare Shitstorm” that it could be the last movie he would be directing.

That’s a really good example to give where you don’t have the titles or the career that men have. Sometimes that’s an easier example because I can point to it quicker. Take for example someone like Bruce Campbell. He’s been idolized by both men and women since day zero! Not even day one! [laughs] Since day zero! It’s well-deserved! But when you’ve sort of broken in by way of exploitation, you’ll always have those people who want to have a certain opinion or think they can say a certain thing about you, which is just not true. Times change and so do people’s choices in what they do. While I can’t stop them [from saying things] … I mean, hey, I made “Broadcast Bombshells.” Who gives a shit! [laughs] To some people, that disqualifies me from ever being a serious artist. If that’s how narrow minded they are, I just can’t help that. That’s their problem, not mine! [laughs]

What I’m saying in such a long, blown out way is that I love to mix things up. I love to write. I love to write articles. I love to write about things. I love to create projects. I like to do roles that are very different — roles that are evolving with my age. That’s something a lot of people don’t like to do or are uncomfortable doing but I like doing that! The rest is just, “Thank God there’s an interest!” Longevity is just being able to go through the ebbs and flows and realizing nothing comes easy. You have to work for everything! You have to work! It’s not just going to magically happen if you don’t put the work in. If you just keep working, you’re not as obsessed, if you will, with what’s going on within pop culture. Just keep your head down and keep working!

How do you view your evolution as an artist with so many different creative outlets?

Debbie Rochon

It’s pretty massive! Pretty massive, I would say! [laughs] It’s pretty incredible! I can honestly say that I’ve done everything from exploitation-sleaze to some really cool, artistic, damn challenging, fucking hard roles! Now, I’m about to direct my second feature and I know I’m trying to say and touch on with this work. It’s like, “Thank God I’ve gone through all of that!” While everything I did may not be popular with everyone, I’m so glad that I did it! I have to tell you, I came up in a world that was not super-PC. I’m saying that’s a good thing, but I experienced that. Coming into the world that we are in today, the difference is that there is so much to draw from. There are certain parts where I might think, “God, I wish it was like this … “ With other parts, I might say, “Oh, I’m so happy it’s like this now.” It’s sort of mix-and-match. That all kind of funnels into your art — what you want to do versus what you can do. There are a lot of hands tied today, right in this moment. Again, it’s like a pendulum. It swings so far back! It has to go to extremes. Even back in the day with Women’s Lib, it had to be really obnoxious and extreme to catch on before it eventually balanced out. That’s how I look at the times we are in now. We are on a swing and it will eventually balance out. As far as artistic stuff, that’s only the stuff I’m interested in now. I mean, when I started out, I just wanted to get work. It was study, audition, study, audition. It was decades of doing that relentlessly. Once I had enough work, I could say, “OK, that was cool. I totally enjoyed that stuff but now I’m really at the point where I have something to say!” That’s kind of where I am now!

With that said, it has to be an exciting time for you as an artist. What can you tell us about your second feature as a director?

“Torment Road” is very different from “Mortal Hunger” in so many ways. However, the basic ways it differs is that it’s a lot more paired down. It’s not simpler as far as saying something or story. It’s simpler in the sense that “Mortal Hunger” was very ambitious. I’m so proud of it but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think it has flaws, but I am very proud of it. Going into “Torment Road,” I came up with the idea and then contacted James Morgart because I love his writing. I said, “I really, really, really want to do a road movie!” I love road movies and it doesn’t matter if they are horror, noir, comedy or whatever! I also love the indie ones! I love “U-Turn” as well, which was a big budget road movie, but I just love them all! I said, “Style-wise, let’s go road movie and layer on the story from there.” Although you are dealing with weather and all these other elements that weren’t as much of a factor with the first film, this is a little more fluid. We’re also going to be doing it in a lot less time because the budget is going to be smaller. That is going to give us the ability to do and say what we want to say because it is funded by many people and there is no one person or company that is worried about if it’s going to get play or not. That is very freeing, yet very difficult. When you have a small budget, it’s not a bad thing, but it’s always a challenge! While I have a smaller budget, I have the most amazing crew! It’s incredible and it’s going to be a really special movie. The basic story is that a woman gets out of jail and she’s in search of her child that was taken up by nefarious, drug dealer/pimp type of guys. It’s about all of the different situations, people and insanity that she has to go through to find out what happened to her kid. There are a lot of horror elements in it. That’s coming up in the spring!

We know you aren’t one to shy away from a challenge! It’s sounds like it’s bringing the best out in you!

Yes, it is! Luckily, I know other people who love a challenge too! It takes a village to make a movie — a really amazing village! I’m blessed to have one so I’m very happy about what’s on the horizon!

Your latest role is in a film called “Doom Room.” What spoke to you about the project and made it one you wanted to pursue?

Well, it was directed by Jon Keeyes, so no matter what, the answer was going to be “Yes!” That’s even before you read the script! As you know, we had done “American Nightmare” together in 2000. I know this film was going to be something really special. When I read the script, I was like, “Oh my god! This is nuts! This is absolutely fucked up!” It’s based on the true story of a women here in America, even though we shot in Manchester in the UK. The film features an almost exclusively English cast, except for Matthew Tompkins and I, who play the husband and wife. It was based on the story of a woman who was kidnapped by a couple and was put in a box under their bed for seven years. She was only let out for an hour a day! It’s a really horrible story but luckily, in real-life, the woman got away and was able to reclaim her life. She’s a stable as one could ever be after something like that occurs. That’s the basis and jumping off point of this film. It’s the way the story is told, how it’s told and from what perspective that makes it so unique. It’s such a head-trip! I’ve never done a movie like this before and I’m so excited for people to see it! I really mean that! I cannot wait for people to experience this movie and talk about it. It’s horror because it has to be. It’s not like it’s blood from beginning to end but it’s horrific. It’s absolutely horrific yet artistically trippy. Everybody, in front of and behind the camera, was great. It was another joy! A special joy for me was working with the makeup and hair department on this film. This is a pretty rare thing in indie filmmaking, but they understood the importance of developing the look of the character and development of the look as the story progresses. Since this is such a trippy movie, they understood that the look can alter as things progress to reflect how insane things are getting. This happens without explanation as the film takes a lot of artistic liberties, let’s say. It was just a joy to be a part of. I’m so proud of Jon for making such a kickass movie! I think people are really going to love it!

Debbie Rochon in Jon Keeyes’ terrifying new film, ‘Doom Room.’

What does director Jon Keeyes bring out in you creatively?

First of all, he’s just flat out great. He contacted me after seeing “Hellblock 13.” I play a serial killer in that movie. When he was making his first movie, he wanted me to play the serial killer in “American Nightmare.” At the time, I was at a point where the synapses were firing and the angst in my life was just perfect. The timing was perfect, the collaboration was perfect, and Jon was the type of guy who really trusted me. There was a scene where I just have a shovel and someone is supposed to be buried alive many, many feet below. He said, “Tonight, we are shooting the scene with you and the shovel. We’re going to light it. There will be lots of dirt. Improvise!” [laughs] This is the type of stuff I had studied to do for so long but also the stuff that I am so into and love to do! I was in the perfect headspace where I could just go. I didn’t even need words. Words are great but the life of the character is so much more than the words. He trusted me and just let me go on the scenes where he could. There were a few of them. He would just say, “OK, go!” It was great because it was his first time doing it, so he was enjoying it and understanding that you could bring the right people on to do really cool things with your characters if you are willing to let them go because they know what they’re doing and are fully committed. The nice thing about doing “Doom Room” was really the same thing. It was very scripted because the lines are very important in a movie like that where it’s all over the place. The dialogue must tie everything together. With that said, there was still a lot of improvisation! A lot of these characters are very expressive physically, mine included, and that was very important. He would just say, “Go!” I love that because, like I said, I’d trained so long to do that kind of thing but it’s so rare when you get that! I love that about him. He enjoys that process! You both agree on where the starting point is, but he wants to see what happens if he lets you go. You don’t get that opportunity all that often, so that is one of the many reasons I love working with Jon.

What can you tell us about your process for getting into the headspace of any given character? Has it changed much through the years?

Debbie Rochon

It has stayed the same to a certain degree. I have come to understand a lot more of the intricacies that I’ve always worked on but may not have mastered. The preparation itself has been the same over the past decade. I’m not a super social person when I’m working on a movie. I’m always thinking, preparing, going through my process and waiting for the word “action.” Something you will never see me do ever is talk about the weather, to use an example of something benign, or make jokes right up until the word “action.” I know a lot of great actors can do that but that’s not me. Like I have found with everything I do, I really have to put in the work and when I do it pays off. When I don’t, it’s like you have one foot in and one foot out. What’s the point in that!? There is no sense to it. When I’m making a movie, I’m somewhat anti-social in that at night I’m in the room preparing for the next day or in between scenes I’m preparing. This is something that happens to me all the time; people might say, “Yeah, she was just very quiet. She went to her room. She didn’t talk a lot on set.” Once the movie is cut together, they will be like, “Oh, this is what she was doing!” [laugh] Then they might see me at a screening, convention or whatever and will be very talkative with me because now they understand me a bit more. That’s more important to me than making new best friends. I’m not being glib about that because I know it’s all about making friendships, making connections and networking. I’m not the guy you get to make everyone laugh for two minutes. I’m the guy you get when you want someone to keep their head down, focus and work, as opposed to making everybody laugh for two minutes. If that’s what you want, I’m the guy for you!

What’s the best lesson we can take from your journey?

Oh boy! Well! [laughs] I think the best lesson someone could take from my journey is something I mentioned already — ebbs and flows. Really! Just let it happen, keep working, don’t let up and things will change. Things may seem thinner at a point, but they will come back again. Everything goes in cycles. Just keep the faith and keep working because the hard work will pay off. I had a good friend of mine, who is a young actor, message me recently saying, “I thought things were going so well but then they dried up. Is this normal? Should I quit?” I said, “Quitting is up to you but realize that if you’re a lifer, like me, there are ebbs and flows. You have to understand that it’s never going to stay the same.” That is the nature of life and it’s the nature of art, even more so. Just hang in there. If you know what you’re doing, then just let everyone else find out and catch up!

We are just scratching the surface of your career with this interview today. Do you have any desire to tell your life story in book form at some point?

Yeah, I definitely have the content! [laughs] It is something I really want to do. The funny thing is that I’ve had that same answer for quite a long time now, but the challenge has been dealing with all of the stuff that I’m writing about. It’s not like it’s an easy sit down and write session but it’s an important one. It’s that early stuff that’s so important to understand people or if someone wants to understand me. It’s about the human experience. That’s what it’s really all about. This is even before the film stuff! That turns it into “Alice In Wonderland” insanity once you introduce that into the story! [laughs] I think it’s so important to do it but also not to rush! It’s a scary but amazing experience. You have to go into it and not fake it. I’ve read some biographies, and I’m not going to name names, that were so weak or limp-wristed, meaning that I didn’t believe it. They were making statements that I didn’t believe to try and protect their brand name. Good for them if they sold some copies and I’m very happy for them but it was just weak! I want something that’s as biting as one of these rock ‘n’ roll, been to hell, died, been resuscitated and brought back tales! That’s the reality I want. One of my favorite books is “Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk.” It’s amazingly good and you can’t get more truthful and honest than that! That’s where I really want to go with this because, otherwise, why bother?

The unstoppable Debbie Rochon.

I know it will be one hell of a read, so I’m definitely rooting for you!

[laughs] Thank you!

We’re about to embark on a new year as 2019 is ushered in. What does the future hold for you?

2019 is going to be all about “Torment Road.” I don’t mean the whole year but that’s the biggest thing that is going on. There are two or three other projects that have been in the works for quite a while and are very exciting. They should be flying on in 2019 but ya never want to jinx it! [laughs] Whether they happen in 2019 or 2020, whatever! They are really cool projects with people I have worked with before. Speaking of Jon Keeyes, we are doing a 20th Anniversary Special Edition Blu-ray release of “American Nightmare.” We are doing some extras for the crowd that likes that movie. That will probably be coming out around Halloween of 2019, which seems to be the appropriate time. There will also be a lot of writing for all kinds of stuff. I have a column in a brand-new magazine called “Asylum,” which is out of Italy. I’m very proud of it and it’s inching forward with every issue, where every article is in both English and Italian. Anybody who wants to support physical media, please buy an issue or subscribe! That would be great. You can go to any one of my social media sites to see how. It’s a beautiful magazine out of Italy and, as you can imagine, it’s gorgeous. I’m really proud of it. And finally, the book! The book venture is on my radar. Maybe you can be my editor! [laughs]

Thank you so much for your time today, Debbie! I’m looking forward to catching up with you next year to hear all about the making of “Torment Road.” Until then, I wish you all the best!

Thank you, Jason! I appreciate your time. Thank you so much!

Visit Debbie Rochon’s official website at www.debbierochon.com. Follow her continuing adventures through social media via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. ‘Doom Room’ will be released on January 15, 2019 from Wild Eye Releasing.

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New Trailer and Poster Unveiled For Ron Carlson’s Horror-Comedy ‘Dead Ant’

New Trailer and Poster Unveiled For Ron Carlson’s Horror-Comedy ‘Dead Ant’

Check out a brand new poster and trailer for Ron Carlson’s ‘Dead Ant.’ Written and directed by Ron Carlson (Unnatural), the flick features an all-star cast featuring Tom Arnold (True Lies), Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings), Sydney Sweeney (“Sharp Objects,” “The Handmaid’s Tale”), Jake Busey (The Predator), Leisha Hailey (The L-Word) and Rhys Coiro (Entourage).

This hilarious horror comedy is slated for to hit theaters, On Demand & Digital HD on January 25, 2019.

Synopsis: ’80s hair-metal band Sonic Grave finds themselves living off a power ballad they released nearly 30 years ago. Eager to become relevant again in the modern day, they embark on a road trip to Coachella, where their manager has set them up to reinvent themselves. All they need is a hit song, and what better way to come up with one than to take peyote in Joshua Tree and let the music gods work their magic? But the plan quickly falls apart when the group finds themselves under attack by killer ants…that keep getting bigger!

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Scream Factory To Unleash ‘Howling III’ On Blu-Ray In January!

Scream Factory To Unleash ‘Howling III’ On Blu-Ray In January!

The terror is now everywhere! Scream Factory proudly presents Howling III on Blu-ray for the first time on January 15, 2019. This release of the third entry in the popular werewolf horror franchise features an all-new digital transfer and new bonus features including interviews and audio commentary with director Phillippe Mora.
The race is on as a colony of marsupial werewolves attempts to outwit and outlast their human counterparts in the offbeat horror film Howling III.

Long ago, the now-extinct marsupial wolf (a.k.a. Tasmanian Tiger) roamed the Australian Outback. Today, a werewolf colony that has descended from these marsupials has taken over the land. This race of human-like creatures roams the outback, feeding its need. The race for survival is on as the humans struggle to contain these out of control creatures.
Special Features:
  • NEW Digital Transfer sponsored by the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia
  • NEW Audio Commentary with writer/director Philippe Mora, moderated by filmmaker Jamie Blanks
  • NEW A Conversation with Philippe Mora – an interview with the writer/director
  • Vintage interviews from the documentary Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation! by director Mark Hartley
  • Theatrical Trailer
About Shout! Factory
Shout! Factory, LLC is a diversified multi-platform media company devoted to producing, uncovering, preserving and revitalizing the very best of pop culture. Founders Richard Foos, Bob Emmer and Garson Foos have spent their entire careers sharing their music, television and film favorites with discerning consumers the world over. Shout! Factory’s entertainment offerings serve up feature films, classic and contemporary TV series, animation, live music and comedy specials. In addition, Shout! Factory maintains a vast entertainment distribution network which delivers culturally relevant programming, movie and audio content to all the leading digital service providers in North America and across multiple platforms. Shout! Factory owns and operates Shout! Studios, Scream Factory, Shout! Factory Kids, Shout! Factory Films, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Timeless Media Group and Shout! Factory TV. These riches are the result of a creative acquisition mandate that has established the company as a hotbed of cultural preservation and commercial reinvention. Shout! Factory is based in Los Angeles, California. For more on Shout! Factory, visit shoutfactory.com.

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Cinedigm Acquires North American Rights To ‘The Final Wish’ Starring Lyn Shaye

Cinedigm Acquires North American Rights To ‘The Final Wish’ Starring Lyn Shaye

Lin Shaye in ‘The Last Wish’

Cinedigm has announced that it has acquired all North American Distribution rights to Status Media & Entertainment’s THE FINAL WISH, a horror film starring Lin Shaye (Insidious, Ouija)Michael Welch (Twilight Franchise, All The Boys Love Mandy Lane), Spencer Locke (Insidious: The Last Key, Resident Evil: Extinction), Melissa Bolona (The Hurricane Heist)and Tony Todd (Candyman, Final Destination).  The film is set to be released by Cinedigm in early 2019.

Directed by Timothy Woodward Jr., and written by Jeffrey Reddick, the creator of the horror franchise Final DestinationTHE FINAL WISH follows a young man (Michael Welch), struggling in his life and career, who returns home to his devastated mother (Lin Shaye) following the passing of his father, an antiques collector.  Once home, he encounters a run of good luck, including winning the lottery and re-connecting with an old flame, but he can’t shake the feeling that there is something sinister at work, and these events may be tied to a mysterious antiquity that, legend has it, grants wishes but kills and steals souls in return.

THE FINAL WISH premiered this past October at the 2018 Screamfest Horror Film Festival, where horror icon Lin Shaye served as the Festival Ambassador.

“Anchored by amazing lead performances from Lin and Michael, THE FINAL WISH is a suspenseful horror film with emotionally-complex characters and themes that remain with viewers long after the credits roll,” said Yolanda Macias, Executive Vice-President of Acquisitions for Cinedigm. “Timothy and his team further elevate the picture with rich production design and beautiful cinematography and, of course, ample scares that will not fail to satisfy genre fans.”

“Finding a partner like Cinedigm has been a ‘wish’ come true,” said Woodward.  “They have been so supportive of this project, and we are all thrilled to finally be sharing it with everyone.”

THE FINAL WISH was produced by Timothy Woodward Jr., Lauren de Normandie, Johnny Cleveland, Jeffrey Reddick and Thommy Huston. Executive Producers include Matthew Helderman, Luke Taylor, Joe Listhaus, Patrick DePeters, Arthur Wylie, Dale Godboldo.

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‘Dracula Prince of Darkness’ Collector’s Edition Blu-ray To Rise From The Grave This December!

‘Dracula Prince of Darkness’ Collector’s Edition Blu-ray To Rise From The Grave This December!

Christopher Lee’s second outing as the eponymous Dracula pushes the cinematic boundaries of graphic gore and terror in this 1966 Hammer Films classic. Available as a Collector’s Edition Blu-ray December 18th from Scream Factory, this ghoulish tale from Hammer’s golden era includes both the UK and US version of the film and a new 4K scan of the US version of the interpositive from the 20th Century Fox vaults, as well as brand-new bonus features including a  new audio commentary with author Troy Howarth, a new audio commentary with filmmaker Constantine Nasr and writer/producer Steve Haberman, and much more! Fans can pre-order their copies now by visiting ShoutFactory.com

Four English tourists find themselves stranded in the mysterious village of Karlsbad, a sinister and remote place with a deadly, dark legend. Their journey leads them to an abandoned castle where a nightmarish destiny awaits them: an evil in need of resurrection, a blood-craving beast known only as Count Dracula, Prince of Darkness (Christopher Lee, The Lord Of The Rings films, Wicker Man).

Dracula Prince of Darkness Bonus Features:

  • Two Versions! The UK version and the U.S. version
  • NEW 4K scan of US version of the interpositive from the 20th Century Fox vaults
  • NEW audio commentary with author Troy Howarth
  • NEW audio commentary with filmmaker Constantine Nasr and writer/producer Steve Haberman
  • Audio commentary with cast members Christopher Lee, Suzan Farmer, Francis Matthews, Barbara Shelley
  • World of Hammer episode “Dracula and the Undead”
  • Back to Black – The Making of Dracula -Prince of Darkness
  • Super 8mm Behind-the-Scenes footage
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • Still Gallery

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Tobe Hooper’s White-Knuckle Chiller “The Mangler” Hits Blu-ray This December!

Tobe Hooper’s White-Knuckle Chiller “The Mangler” Hits Blu-ray This December!

The masters of horror Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Robert Englund (A Nightmare On Elm Street Franchise) and Stephen King (Creepshow, Misery) join to bring you a shocking tale of terror. Available December 11th, 2018 from Scream Factory, The Mangler features a new 4K print of the original camera negative from the uncut version. The release also contains several new bonus features, including a new audio commentary with co-writer Stephen David Brooks, a new interview with actor Robert Englund, rare behind-the-scenes footage, and more! Fans can pre-order their copies now by visiting ShoutFactory.com

Based on King’s short story, this white-knuckle chiller follows a cop (Ted Levine, The Silence Of The Lambs, The Hills Have Eyes) as he investigates a series of grisly accidents … and uncovers a deadly town secret that has been hidden for years – a terrifying entity that threatens to destroy everything in its path. With time running out and a young girl’s life in the balance, he races to destroy the beast before it’s too late!

The Mangler Bonus Features
· NEW 4K of the original camera negative for the uncut version
· NEW Audio Commentary with co-writer Stephen David Brooks
· NEW Hell’s Bells – an interview with actor Robert Englund
· Rare behind-the-scenes footage
· Theatrical Trailer
· TV Spot

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William Lustig’s ‘Maniac’ 3-Disc Limited Edition 4k Restoration To Be Unleashed In December!

William Lustig’s ‘Maniac’ 3-Disc Limited Edition 4k Restoration To Be Unleashed In December!

Frank Zito (a career performance by writer/executive producer Joe Spinell of ROCKY and THE GODFATHER fame) is a deeply disturbed man, haunted by the traumas of unspeakable childhood abuse. And when these horrific memories begin to scream inside his mind, Frank prowls the seedy streets of N ew York City to stalk and slaughter innocent young women. Now Frank has begun a relationship with a beautiful photographer (Caroline Munro of THE SPY WHO LOVED ME), yet his vile compulsions remain. These are the atrocities of a human monster. This is the story of a MANIAC.

Directed by William Lustig (MANIAC COP 2, VIGILANTE) and featuring landmark gore effects by Tom Savini (DAWN OF THE DEAD, FRIDAY THE 13th), this relentlessly shocking and disturbing film was originally banned or censored all over the world due to its graphic violence. Now Blue Underground is thrilled to present MANIAC in a brand-new 4K Restoration from its recently discovered 16mm original camera negative, overflowing with hours of new and archival extras! A complete list is below…


Disc 1 (Blu-ray) Feature Film + Extras:

  • Audio Commentary #1 with Producer/Director William Lustig and Producer Andrew W. Garroni
  • Audio Commentary #2 with Producer/Director William Lustig, Special Make-Up Effects Artist Tom Savini, Editor Lorenzo Marinelli, and Joe Spinell’s Assistant Luke Walter
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • TV Spots
  • Radio Spots
Disc 2 (Blu-ray) Extras:
  • NEW! MANIAC Outtakes
  • NEW! Returning to the Scene of the Crime with William Lustig
  • Anna and the Killer – Interview with Star Caroline Munro
  • The Death Dealer – Interview with Special Make-Up Effects Artist Tom Savini
  • Dark Notes – Interview with Composer Jay Chattaway
  • Maniac Men – Interview with Songwriters Michael Sembello and Dennis Matkosky
  • The Joe Spinell Story
  • Mr. Robbie: Maniac 2 Promo Reel
  • MANIAC Publicity
  • MANIAC Controversy
BONUS! MANIAC Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD by Jay Chattaway
BONUS! Collectable Booklet with new essay by Michael Gingold
MANIAC (30th Anniversary Edition) Blu-ray Reviews:
  • “The new transfer is visually striking, especially on Blu-ray, consistently enhancing the film’s grain and grime. Fans with a casual interest, hardcore devotees and collectors alike would all do dreadfully well to pick up the new edition of MANIAC!” Four Skulls (out of 4) – Fangoria
  • “Blue Underground has done a tremendous job with their double-disc Blu-ray edition of MANIAC. The gorgeous 2K high-def transfer looks fabulously detailed at every turn; this is how every catalog film should look in high-def!” – Film Score Monthly
  • “Blue Underground has once again delivered a high quality Blu-ray release… the lossless soundtrack is fantastic and two discs worth of wonderful extras make this a package that’s easily recommended!” – Blu-ray.com
  • “Extras are as stacked as I think I’ve ever seen. One can’t help but applaud the work of Blue Underground – these guys are coming across as top producers of the Blu-ray format – along with Criterion!” – DVD Beaver
  • “Blue Underground certainly knows how to put a special edition Blu-ray together. Not only is this a great movie that looks killer in high-def, but there are tons of special features on the release. If you haven’t seen MANIAC before I can’t recommend the movie enough!” – Gutmunchers
  • “MANIAC’s morose desperation and Spinell’s full-tilt sicko-performance mark the movie as an all-time exploitation classic, and one that should be on every collector’s shelf. You blood-spatter fanciers out there can consider this one Highly Recommended!” – DVD Talk
  • “Blue Underground’s MANIAC is a model for how to handle a catalog Blu-ray release!” – Twitch Film
  • “Blue Underground continue to outdo themselves with their Blu-ray releases. MANIAC is easily the most comprehensive and thoroughly entertaining set the company has produced. I’m absolutely floored by the enormous attention to detail that went into putting this 30th Anniversary edition of MANIAC together. Needless to say, this one gets my absolute highest possible recommendation!” Five Skulls (out of 5) – Horrorview

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‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation’ Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray To Be Unleashed On December 11th!

‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation’ Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray To Be Unleashed On December 11th!

If looks could kill, he wouldn’t need a chainsaw. “Leatherface” is BACK! Scream Factory proudly presents the fourth installment of the terrifying franchise Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation makes its Blu-ray debut in North America on December 11, 2018.

The film is presented here in an ultimate collector’s edition featuring both the theatrical and director’s cuts, with loads of new extras including new audio commentary and interviews with cast and crew.

When a helpful family invites two lost couples in for a good ol’ down-home massacre, the prom night teens find themselves all dressed up … with no place to escape. To their dismay, the old farmhouse is home to Leatherface and his insane family of cannibalistic psychopaths. Featuring fast-paced fun, standout stars and a horrific helping of the franchise’s own brand of gore, the “fourth Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie takes a comedic turn even more pronounced than the previous two combined!” (The Terror Trap)

Special Features:

· Two Cuts of the Film – the theatrical cut (87 minutes – HD) and the director’s cut (93 minutes – HD with standard definition inserts)

· NEW Audio Commentary with writer/director Kim Henkel (on Director’s Cut)

· NEW The Buzz is Back – an interview with Director of Photography Levie Isaacks

· NEW Marked for Death – an interview with actor Tyler Shea Cone

· NEW If Looks Could Kill: The Return of a “Chainsaw Massacre” – an interview with special makeup effects artist J.M. Logan and production designer Deborah Pastor

· Still Gallery

· Theatrical Trailer

Rated R for demented mayhem and torture, and for strong language.

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