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Two Can’t Miss Books For ‘Terminator Salvation’ Fans

Terminator Salvation has exploded on screens worldwide and left fans of the iconic franchise hungry for more. Luckily for them, Titan Books is giving fans the opportunity to delve deeper into the film and get a taste of the incredible amount of work that went into creating this post-apocalyptic action film with two new fantastic books.

Terminator Salvation: The Official Movie Companion

Terminator Salvation: The Official Movie Companion
 by Tara Bennett

The Official Companion to the latest installment of the Terminator saga serves as the complete guide to the making of the epic film. The book is written by Tara Bennett, author of other such companions as 300: The Art of the Film and several companions for Fox’s 24. This particular book takes the reader behind-the-scenes with exclusive looks at production and costume design, the construction of the Terminators, the jaw-dropping stunts and cutting-edge cinematography and visual effects.

One of the strongest features of the book is the amount of detail that is revealed about the development of the Terminators themselves. Photos, artist renderings and tidbits from the special effects artists at Stan Winston Studios shed light on how the Terminator: T-1, T-600, T-700, Marcus Wright and Hydrobots evolved from paper to the finished products that fill the incredible landscape of the film.

The first hand look art these futurist killing machines is given a run for it’s money by the look at the human stars of the film. The companion gives us insight into the world of John Connor, Marcus Wright, Kyle Reese, Kate Connor, Blair Williams, Barnes and Dr. Serena Kogan from the actors who played them. For me, this is where the book really shines. It is in these interview and quotes that we learn about the special touches that each actor lent to the characters to bring them to life. The best example of this is Moon Bloodgood’s take on her character’s backstory and how important it was to portray a strong woman without treading on the legacy of that Linda Hamilton created in her role as Sarah Connor. The book also gives some insight into just who newcomer Sam Worthington is, and what he has to offer. Worthington, who will surely become one of Hollywood’s most sought after leading men, talks in-depth about working alongside Christian Bale, what he hoped to bring to the franchise and the unique place from where he drew his inspiration.

The film’s director, McG, certainly had his hands full in giving Terminator Salvation such a unique look and feel. Much like the actors from the film, McG and director of photography Shane Hurlbut reveal details of the lengths and techniques employed to deliver such elaborate and gorgeously detailed finished product. If you are a fan of the franchise or movie making in general you should definitely get your hands on this book. It doesn’t reveal key plot points from the film, so there are no major spoilers to avoid. Terminator Salvation: The Official Movie Companion is available in both hardback and paperback.

The Art of Terminator Salvation

The Art of  Terminator Salvation
by Tara Bennett

For those looking to delve even deeper into Terminator Salvation, look no further then The Art of Terminator Salvation. Also penned by Tara Bennett, this lushly produced book gives an incredible look at the post-apocalyptic landscape dreamed up by the artists working on the film. The world of Terminator springs to life with breathtaking drawings and digital imagery. Both Terminator fans and art fans alike will really appreciate the works which range from the various landscapes of the film, the renderings of many of the futurist killing machines and the process of fleshing out this dark future.

This 240-page hardcover features hundreds of breathtaking color illustrations, captivating storyboard art, and intricately designed production art created for the film. Many of the concept paintings are done by production designer Martin Laing while the Terminator designs and storyboards were the work of Jason Sweers, Victor Martinez and David Lowery, who are clearly masters at their craft. Visually astounding from cover to cover, The Art of Terminator Salvation captures the essence of what makes Terminator Salvation so cinematically stunning and puts it into book form. It is simply a must for fans of concept art and the men and women who make these larger the life films possible.

Also available from Titan Books are the Official Movie Novelization of the film and a prequel to the movie, that bridges the gap from Terminator 3 to Terminator Salvation, entitled From The Ashes.

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