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‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ Producer Brad Fuller Blogs On Making The Film

freddy-krueger-450x304‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ producer Brad Fuller wrapped principal photography this week on the highly anticipated remake from Platinum Dunes.

To shed some light on his experiences making the film, he has offered up a brand new blog over at Bloody-Disgusting.com.

Here are a few excerpts to wet your whistle:

On Jackie Earle Haley’s portrayal of Freddy Krueger…
“Proud that Jackie Earle Haley was uncompromising in his desire to create a Freddy that is uniquely his own creation. Proud of Andrew Clement for his desire to create a look that will shock and scare you. You will surely recognize Freddy, but he is distinctively different, more real, and more burned. Jackie and Clement spent four hours a day painstaking applying all the make-up, appliances, texture before coming to shoot. And when we were all done at the end of the day they had to stay for at least another hour to take it off.”

On director Sam Bayer and what he brought to the film…
“Sam Bayer suffered for this movie. He pushed himself so hard that I worried that he couldn’t maintain his pace, yet he did. No one had more sleepless nights than Sam – replaying the day’s events over and over in his head, questioning how to make it scarier, better. We would often have breakfast together before shooting and he was never content. If he was concerned that he could improve on a scare, he and our first ad, Myron, would figure out our schedule so we could shoot the scene until Sam felt it was as good as it could be. Sam has very high standards and he was unrelenting. He brought all his experience to those nightmares and they are outstanding – if you aren’t familiar with his work, check him out on YouTube, he is a great visual artist.”

You can check out the blog at this location:

Again, kudos to Bloody-Disgusting.com, Platinum Dunes and Brad Fuller for this blog.