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New ‘All About Evil’ Poster Features Killer Twins

A new promotional poster for Joshua Grannell‘s (aka Peaches Christ) first feature film, All About Evil has ht the internet. The poster features Jade and Nikita Ramsey who play “Veda” and “Vera”. The pair are killer twins who were institutionalized after murdering their family at seven years of age.

There will be a total of seven posters released for the film, two being released so far, and the rest being released over the next five months. Grannell wrote the script and directed the dark comedy, which is set in San Francisco, California. Get all the info on the film below.


What’s It All About?

All About Evil centers around a mousy librarian, who has inherited her father’s beloved but failing old movie house. In order to save the family business she discovers her inner serial killer — and a legion of rabid gore fans — when she starts turning out a series of grisly shorts. What her fans don’t realize yet is that the murders in the movies are all too real.

Grannell is in his 12th year of producing and hosting MIDNIGHT MASS, a midnight movie film series/show/phenomenon sponsored by Landmark Theatres. Next to the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, it’s the country’s biggest and longest running midnight movie series. Joshua Grannell is best known by his drag queen alter-ego PEACHES CHRIST, a cult cinema icon best known in the world of underground cinema.

A motley crew of talent has been assembled to make All About Evil a cult classic like no other, including stars Natasha Lyonne (SLUMS OF BEVERLY HILLS, BUT I’M A CHEERLEADER, DIE MOMMIE DIE) and Thomas Dekker (TV’s HEROES, TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES), Cassandra “Elvira Mistress of the Dark” Peterson, Mink Stole (HAIRSPRAY, CRY BABY, SERIAL MOM), Noah Segan (BRICK, DEADGIRL), Jack Donner (STAR TREK, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER), Julie-Caitlin Brown (BABYLON 5, STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION) and Peaches Christ.

Also on board for All About Evil are producer Darren Stein (writer / director of JAWBREAKER), director of photography Tom Richmond (PALINDROMES, NICK AND NORAH’S INFINITE PLAYLIST, CHOPPING MALL, HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES), and costume designer Frank Helmer (BUT I’M A CHEERLEADER, DEBS, EPIC MOVIE). On the San Francisco front are producers Brian Benson (FULL GROWN MEN, HAIKU TUNNEL), and Debbie Brubaker (LA MISSION, DARWIN AWARDS, DOPAMINE).

Following in the footsteps of last year’s independent films MILK and LA MISSION, ALL ABOUT EVIL will be filmed entirely on location in the San Francisco Bay Area where fog and blood make for the perfect EVIL back-drop. You can find more information about the project at Joshua Grannell’s Official Website www.peacheschrist.com.

We will bring you ,ore on this interesting new film as it becomes available!