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Danny Trejo Launches “Vengeance Army” To Give Away New Film To Fans

The Legendary Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo is one our generation’s ultimate movie badasses. With roles in films ranging from Con Air, Heat, Anchorman, From Dusk Till Dawn, and Desperado (just to name a few), he has truly made his mark on the pop culture landscape. Now, Trejo is giving back to his fans is doing something that’s never been done before in the movie business. He’s making history by giving all movie fans his new movie ‘Vengeance’.

“The economy is not the greatest right now and I don’t feel good about charging movie fans $20.00 dollars for a DVD that they just don’t have. I want the fans to forget bout their problems for a couple of hours and enjoy a good movie. I’ll give them the movie and they get the popcorn.”

ITN Flix and Danny Trejo came up with a way to get the word out by putting together the “Vengeance Army”. You can join at this incredible movement at www.Vengeancearmy.com.

Those who give away the most DVDs — which are free, with $5.99 for shipping and handling – will be given substantial speaking roles in the sequel. “They’ll get a good speaking role — one they can put on a reel. They won’t get a SAG card, but sometimes being in one movie gets you to the next. If they want to be a director, they can co-direct a scene.” he continued.

About 40,000 people have responded and the movement has already netted an impressive 74,000 orders.

“Gil and I scraped together the funding, finished the movie and took it to AFM, where we saw my face on eight other movies being sold there, some I’d forgotten I’d even made,” Trejo told Variety.

One month before the “Vengeance” fall 2009 release ITN Flix hopes to go into the states hit hardest by the economy and work with theater owners on a free week long showing of “Vengeance”.

Trejo said his motivation is to give something back. An ex-convict who turned his life around as a drug counselor who still gives several speeches a week to troubled kids in juvenile halls, Trejo said: “Every good thing that has ever happened to me came from trying to help someone else.”

The cast of ‘Vengeance’ includes:

  • Donal Logue (Max Payne, Ghost Rider, Blade)
  • Jason Mewes (Zac & Miri Make A Porno, Clerks, Jay & Silent Bob)
  • Robert John Burke (Robocop, Gossip Girl, Rescue Me)
  • Tech N9NE (Platinum Selling Rapper)
  • Noel G (Training Day, Street Kings, Crank)
  • Diamond Dallas Page (Devils Rejects, WWE)
  • Babybash (RCA Records Latin Rap Artist)
  • Antonio Fargas (Huggy Bear, Everybody Hates Chris)

Check out the trailer for ‘Vengeance’ below…