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Tyler Mane Develops New Film Production Company

Tyler Mane

The man behind the mask of Michael Myers from box office horror films Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN (2007) and H2 (2009), as well as other block buster hits such as X-MEN and TROY, is taking matters into his own hands. Tyler Mane has announced the formation of his new production company, Mane Entertainment, LLC and plans for their first film, a horror-thriller titled PENANCE LANE.

“Indie films are taking a beating”, states Mane. “I firmly believe that some of the best, most creative films are done on a smaller budget. If you’re absolutely committed to getting a high quality project, it forces you to think outside the box and make the best use of your resources.”

Mane also cites the current economy as one of his motivating factors. “The bottom line is ultimately the bottom line, and no matter what the numbers at the box office say, they’re only relevant based on how much was put into the film. You can have a #1 movie that makes millions of dollars, but if you haven’t made your investors’ money back, on some level it’s still a failure. Right now you have to go smaller to get bigger. I think we as filmmakers need to be more responsible in this rough economic period and mitigate the financial risk. ”

In PENANCE LANE a career criminal fresh out of the joint is given an opportunity to leave behind his criminal ways– but it comes with a catch. He must first take a walk down Penance Lane to find a fortune from a heist gone wrong. But the horrors he finds in the dilapidated house he must search are far more than he could have ever imagined.

Mane Entertainment is currently in the financing process for PENANCE LANE and looking for other production companies and financers to collaborate on this project. For information please contact Mane Entertainment at contact@maneentertainment.com.