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AFI Offer Fans Free Download Of ‘Medicate’ Video From iTunes!

afi-crashlove-goldThe Bay Area quartet AFI, who recently released their eighth studio album Crash Love, has just made the video for their single “Medicate” available for free on iTunes. The performance heavy video was directed by Paul Minor who shot in the video in color and changed it to black and white in post production. Once all color was removed, gold was pumped into the video shot by shot creating a glossy, post modern vibe. Fans can download the video for free for one week only on iTunes by visiting http://bit.ly/medicate_video.

“Medicate” was also included on the new Guitar Hero 5 game as well as on the iPhone application Tap Tap Revenge. Crash Love is in stores and on iTunes now. For all the latest news from AFI visit www.afireinside.net.