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‘Mad Max 4: Fury Road’ To Begin Shooting In Australia

madmax-mar29Exciting news for fans of the “Mad Max” franchise as the fourth installment in George Miller‘s franchise, “Fury Road,” is set to go into production in Sydney and outback New South Wales in 2010, reports The Hollywood Reporter. Miller, who also will produce the film through his production shingle Kennedy Miller, is quoted as saying that ” ‘Fury Road’ will put NSW back on the map as a filmmaking destination.

“Hollywood has cut its production in half. Big movies like ‘Fury Road’ and ‘Happy’ Feet are rare and competitively sought after in all the filmmaking regions of the world,” Miller told the Daily Telegraph newspaper. “The production agreements have been a long time in the making and (NSW) Premier Rees and his team have worked like Trojans to ensure this substantial investment comes into this country. Not only does it help fuel the local economy but it means many talented people get a chance to practice their craft and lift their skills.”

No studio is currently backing for “Fury Road” was announced for the film which reportedly has a $100 million budget. It has been 30 years since the post-apocalyptic thriller “Mad Max” was released, propelling Mel Gibson to stardom.

“The ‘Mad Max’ films are iconic,” Rees said. “In the hands of director George Miller, we will see one of the largest and most ambitious live-action films ever made in Australia. This is a clear vote of confidence in Australian expertise. This proves that Sydney is an international contender for major film production.”

George Miller recently appeared on ABC News in Australia, showing off the cars he is building for Mad Max 4 and discussing his plans for the movie. Check the video out below.