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William Peter Blatty Prepping ‘The Exorcist’ TV Miniseries

the-exorcistOne of horror’s all-time classics, The Exorcist, looks to possess a new audience by way of a TV miniseries. The Exorcist tells the tale of a young girl who is possessed by a demon, was directed by William Friedkin and based on William Peter Blatty’s book of the same name.

Blatty recently revealed that news to Cemetery Dance when asked if there was anything he would have changed about the original film. Here is what he had to say:

“Yes and no. I would love to have been able to include the subplot involving Karl and his daughter Elvira which I did in my first draft, but that script ran to 172 pages, much, much too long. But I might have it my way in the near future, inasmuch as I’ve written an Exorcist miniseries script that not only faithfully includes all the main elements of the novel, but also some rather spooky new material and scenes, as well as a totally new (and perhaps much more satisfying) ending. I’ve also updated it. Billy Friedkin has agreed to direct.”

The Exorcist film landed 10 Oscar nominations when it was released, winning Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Sound.