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MTV’s Reinvention of ‘Teen Wolf’ Begins Casting

teen_wolfThe first castings for MTV’s re-imagining of the 1985 classic, Teen Wolf, have been announced. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Crystal Reed, and Dylan O’Brien have been cast in the pilot presentation which was written by “Criminal Minds” creator Jeff Davis.

MTV’s take on the film, which starred Michael J. Fox as a high-school student who discovers he is a werewolf, is a dramatic thriller with a buddy-comedy element at the center and a romantic plot line.

The story will revolve around Scott McCall (Posey), a dorky high-school student who gets a rush of new powers, including the ability to attract girls, after a wolf attack. Dylan O’Brien will play Scott’s best friend who is initially dismissive of Scott’s theory that he was bitten by a wolf but then begins research on human-werewolf transformation. Crystal Reed (MTV’s “Hard Times”) will play a sweet new girl at school who is immediately smitten with Scott.