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Gorillaz Unleash New Video For “Melancholy Hill”

Check out what Murdoc, 2D, Cyborg, Russel and Noodle (yes she is alive!) are up to exclusively on iTunes, watch the trailer and buy it on iTunes here >

The video for ‘On Melancholy Hill’ was directed by Jamie Hewlett and is a super blend of 2D and 3D animation and features cameos of De La, Snoop, Lou Reed and more.

The single is out in full on July 26 with an amazing itunes single LP which includes: “Melancholy Hill” video and animatic, Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach live show video featuring Snoop, “Melancholy Hill” remixes plus the “Stylo” remix by Labrinth and Tinie Tempah!

Plastic Beach on iTunes >