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Danny Trejo and Erin Cummings Team Up For ‘Tarantula’

“Machete” star Danny Trejo and Erin Cummings are in negotiations to star in the indie biker thriller “Tarantula,” reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Oley Sassone, who directed the Roger Corman-produced version of “The Fantastic Four” and whose credits also include “She Spies,” “Xena: Warrior Princess” and “Hercules: The Legendary Journey,” will direct the film.

The story centers on a woman (Cummings) who breaks away from a tight-knit biker gang to start a new life but finds that escape is not so easy. Trejo plays the self-styled leader of the gang looking for the woman as well as revenge for his brother’s death. John Kersey wrote the script and is producing with his wife Jennifer through their Two of a Kind Productions.

Danny Trejo, with almost 200 acting credits to his name, is currently on screen in his first starring role with “Machete.” He is repped by Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier. Erin Cummings is currently in Detroit shooting ABC’s “Detroit 1-8-7.” She was a regular on Starz’s “Spartacus” and starred in “Bitch Slap.”