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Two New Interactive Games For Matt Reeves’ ‘Let Me In’ Debut!

Overture Films has announced that two new interactive games are bringing the bone-chilling terror of “Let Me In,” the haunting and provocative thriller based on the best-selling Swedish novel Låt den Rätte Komma In (Let The Right One In), to life for iPhone and Facebook users before the movie comes to the big screen on October 1.  The games, which were developed for Overture Films by Jet Set Studios, use actual footage from the film to immerse players in the dark world of Abby, a 12-year old vampire responsible for a series of grisly murders in a wintry New Mexico town.

For as little as one friend a day, Facebook users can feed a little girl and help her live for another hundred years with the “Feed a Friend” game for Facebook. But when they sign into Facebook Connect and select one of their friends, their seemingly good deed quickly turns deadly and they are shown a series of newspaper stories featuring their friend’s face and chronicling their demise. In the “Let Me In” mobile game for iPhone/iPod, players are in a race against the clock as they solve a collection of word scrambler puzzles.  If time elapses before they correctly identify all of the words, they’re treated to a first-hand view of what it’s like to become one of Abby’s victims.  Footage from the film lends to a very realistic- and very creepy- atmosphere in both games.

The “Let Me In” mobile game is a free application available in the iTunes App Store (itms://itunes.apple.com/us/app/let-me-in/id390575930?mt=8), and is compatible with both the iPhone and iPod Touch.  The “Feed a Friend” Facebook game is available at http://www.letmein-movie.com/feedafriend