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Lionsgate Marketing Chief Brings the Women of ‘For Colored Girls’ to Life With Eight ‘Living Portraits’!

Tim Palen, Lionsgate Marketing Chief and an accomplished and award-winning Photographer, brings the women of FOR COLORED GIRLS to life with eight ‘Living Portraits’ – shot on 35mm film and conceived of and directed by Palen. This project marked Palen’s second time working with Janet Jackson, after directing the music video for her single “Nothing,” from Tyler Perry’s WHY DID I GET MARRIED TOO.


Palen’s ‘Living Portraits’ will be on display at the prestigious Lehman Maupin gallery on October 24th- 27th at the gallery’s 540 West 26th Street location in Manhattan. Janet Jackson will host the opening night event.

Lionsgate has created an unprecedented online gallery experience to showcase this art work:  http://forcoloredgirlsgallery.com/. From the website, fans of FOR COLORED GIRLS can grab and share these portraits online. Additionally, fans can text ‘COLORS’ to 30333 or scan the Outdoor Advertising across the country to bring the posters to life on their mobile phones.

You can find the exclusive debut on Yahoo! Movies today at this location >

FOR COLORED GIRLS opens in theaters everywhere November 5th.

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