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Ring In The Fall With Amazing New Flavors From Three Olives Vodka

Halloween is upon us and the witching hour is drawing near! What better way to celebrate the season than with a top shelf adult beverage! Three Olives Vodka has shaken things up in the world of flavored vodkas with the release of two amazing new flavors, Three-O Rangtang and Three-O Purple. Rangtang combines the delicious tastes of orange and tangerine while Purple captures the spirit of the color perfectly with a mouthwatering grape flavor! Over the years, we have tried an incredible range of flavored vodkas but many of them tend to fall flat as the flavors come off plasticky or the vodka itself comes across as harsh when paired with underwhelming flavors. That is certainly not the case with the Three Olives line! From the moment you open the bottle, the essence of the flavors are unleashed and balance perfectly with the crisp English vodka.

Perfect for shots and shooters, half the fun of Three Olives flavors is developing the perfect concoction to keep your friends and party guests on their toes. For the uninitiated, the current taste palette from Three Olives includes Cherry, Grape, Root Beer, Bubble, Naked, Pomegranate, Chocolate, Orange, Berry, Vanilla, Citrus, Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Watermelon, Mango, Tomato and Triple Shot Espresso.

We got right to work on mixing up cocktails using Three-O Rangtang and Three-O Purple  with the recipes below to serve to guests at our annual Halloween gathering. The verdict became instantly clear, both flavors were a smash hit with the partygoers! The fun didn’t stop there as the dedicated mixologists at Icon Vs. Icon got right to work on developing a signature cocktail for the event. It didn’t take long until a star was born, a drink to honor the iconic film ‘Purple Rain’ and “The Purple One” himself — we call it ‘Purple Rain’. Check out that recipe and all the others we put to the test below, you won’t be disappointed! With the holidays right around the corner, be sure to add Three Olives to your wish list! Three Olives Vodka is priced at $19.99 for a 750 ml bottle, and is available nationwide.

For locations in your area, please visit www.ThreeOlives.com or become a fan on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ThreeOlives.

Three-O Halloween Cocktails:

3 oz. Three Olives Rangtang Vodka
¾ oz. orange juice
¾ oz. lime juice

Shake with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with an orange twist.

Rangtang Zombie-Tini
2 oz. Three Olives Rangtang Vodka
1 oz. lime sours
1.5 oz POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice

Shake with ice and strain into a martini glass, garnish with a lime twist.

Gummy Worm Martini
1 ½ oz. Three Olives Purple Vodka
½ oz. Blue Curacao
1 oz. lemon-lime soda

Pour over ice into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a cherry.

Purple People Eater
1 oz. Three Olives Purple Vodka
1 oz. Peach schnapps
4 oz. Cranberry juice

Pour vodka and schnapps into a martini glass filled with ice and top with cranberry juice. Garnish with a few blueberries.

Purple Rain
2 oz. Three Olives Purple Vodka
2 0z. Sierra Mist

Pour vodka and schnapps into a martini glass filled with ice and garnish with a lime wedge.