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Denis Leary To Release ‘Suck On This Year: LYFAO @ 140 Characters or Less’ On December 2nd!

On December 2nd, Denis Leary, ?one of America?’s most original and biting comic satirists will turn his irreverent eye and scathing humor on everything you love and cherish with a hilarious, illustrated collection of Tweets. Like a quiver of arrows, SUCK ON THIS YEAR: LYFAO @ 140 Characters or Less will hit you where it hurts? and you?ll love it!

Leary’?s first reaction to the Twitter universe was to run the other direction. But then he realized that all of the jokes he was making casually to friends were going to waste unless he had a stand-up comedy tour coming up. The jokes just came and then disappeared. So he decided to give Twitter a try, and once he started, he could not stop.

Here?s a sampling of what’s inside the book!

? This just in: Vatican acquires Neverland Ranch.

? Arizona residents: ?We?re sick of being called racists.? That?s the thing about Arizona: it?s a dry hate.

? Lindsay Lohan to play Linda Lovelace in pornstar biopic. Exactly whose reputation is at stake here?

? Lettuce recalled in 23 states: Experts fear it could affect up to 5 Americans.

? New Jersey worried about oil residue on beaches. Not from Gulf spill. From cast of Jersey Shore.

A portion of the proceeds from this book will go towards Leary?s charity? The Leary Firefighters Foundation?, so not only are readers improving their own lives by reading this and laughing out loud, they?re also helping a firefighter somewhere in America gain some invaluable training. Plus, SUCK ON THIS YEAR will make the perfect gift book this holiday season, and let?s be honest, it?s a lot more fun than those winter socks or hand-knit sweater or most of your relatives.

Denis will be giving away copies of the book on twitter (@denisleary).   And to pre-order copies of the book or learn more about it, they can check out his website, www.denisleary.com.