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Valora Release Second Chapter of Action Packed Graphic Novel

The tale of VALORA is unfolding in a 5-chapter graphic novel and today fans can learn a little more about our kick-ass heroine armed with a rebellious streak and a keen sense of justice.  The rock band Valora and Shockhound.com have just released the second motion graphic video, featuring Chapter 2 of the graphic novel, set to a new song called “Extreme” to tell the story.  The video finds Valora in the Crusades of the Middle Ages where she encounters a group of Medieval soldiers coming to collect the mysterious and powerful orb last seen in the first chapter set in Ancient Egypt.

In Chapter 1, Valora and the son of Egypt’s high priest are bound together in an eternal effort to keep the orb from anyone who tries to use it for evil. In Chapter 2, medieval knights come into possession of the orb but are challenged by Valora, who in this life is a master archer. Watch the video for “Extreme” to find out if Valora is successful in recovering the orb and be on the lookout for more of the story coming soon.

Shockhound is offering “Extreme” as a free download so make sure to grab the song after checking out the video. To learn more about Valora’s adventures, read the digital comic of Chapter 1 & 2 at Valora’s Official Page and look for Chapter 3 coming soon!