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Review: Fun For All Ages Abounds With ‘Monopoly Streets’ For Nintendo Wii

Monopoly quickly became a fixture on the pop culture landscape following its initial release all the way back in thee early 1900s. Decades later, the Monopoly experience is headed to Wii as ‘Monopoly Streets’ from Electronic Arts. The designers behind the game bring an all new dimensional experience to yet another generation of fans. You see, in this version of the classic board game, the board has literally come to life and the player walks the iconic streets of the classic game! That’s right, it’s all there from the flea-bag motels of Baltic Avenue to the glitz and glamour of the high rollers on Boardwalk!

The game mirrors Monopoly’s basic premise where players roll the dice, work their piece around a board while buying properties along the way to create monopolies and dominate the board and other players. In short, it is a classic case of “last man standing wins.” Monopoly Streets not only provides gamers (and Monopoly fans) the standard game but it also provides plenty of options for exciting game play. These options include modified versions of the game such as Bull Market (which has a set duration of 20 rounds), Speed Die (which adds an extra die) and Jackpot (which drastically alters the way in which properties can built upon). They say variety is the spice of life and that is even more evident when gamers customize their own games with your their own rule-sets! While you can play solo against the game and it’s multiple levels of AI and there is even a standard “board” mode for those looking for a console version of the game.

‘Monopoly Streets’ shines brightest when it comes to multiplayer. We put it to the test by gathering a group of friends and unleashing them it the virtual streets of the classic franchise. We started off with some of the basic game pieces, such as the terrier and the wheelbarrow but were able to quickly unlock more after we earned some cold hard cash and worked our way through the game. This certainly added to the replay value of the game. One of the biggest hits with the crowd was the Mii characters that you have created along your gaming exploits roam the landscape of ‘Monopoly Streets’. There were plenty of laughs as we saw friends and family mingling with the likes of Darth Vader, The Scream Mask Guy, Jackie Chan, Bullwinkle, Whoopi Goldberg, Mr. T, Dog The Bounter Hunter and the murderous Jason Voorhees — What can I say, we have unique palettes! Serving as a terrific party game, our afternoon of gaming was far from disappointing! The verdict was unanimous — ‘Monopoly Streets’ is highly addictive and quickly set the stage for some VERY heated competition! The only drawbacks were that the game was limited to 4 players and offered no online play. The animation and gameplay in the game make for an interesting twist on an classic game. Being both kid friendly, family family and a whole load of fun, we hope that we will see more takes on classic board games in the future from the folks at EA, as they hit a homerun with this outing.

Check out the official website for Monopoly Streets at www.EA.com/Monopoly-Streets.