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Fresh ‘Cougar Town’ Webisode Now Online At ABC.com

From Penny Can to Movie Mash-up, Cougar Town’s “cul de sac crew” knows how to keep things interesting.  This week’s installment of “Andy’s Dreams” brings Movie Mash-up to life during Andy’s mid-day siesta.  In his newest dream, Andy finds himself as a central character in The Night of the Living Dead Poets Society.  What role does he play and how could these two movies possibly be combined into one? Find out in this week’s brand new webisode!

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Each week, Andy’s dreams place him in new, odd, and hilarious situations.  In “Movie Mash-up,” “dream” Andy is an energetic, devoted English teacher at an all-Zombie school (a product of the Zombie apocalypse, of course), desperately trying to inspire his students.  Will Andy succeed and make a difference in these young Zombies’ lives or will Travis (Dan Byrd) and the other students’ thirst for blood win out over their thirst for literature?  Will The Night of the Living Dead Poets Society be the next coming-of-age classic or the next classic horror?  There’s only one way to find out!

“Cougar Town” stars Courteney Cox as Jules, Christa Miller as Ellie, Busy Philipps as Laurie, Dan Byrd as Travis, Josh Hopkins as Grayson, Ian Gomez as Andy and Brian Van Holt as Bobby.