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Korn’s Jonathan Davis Offers Up Sample of New Solo Tracks

KORN singer Jonathan Davis has uploaded three solo tracks — “Final Days”“Happiness” and “Medicate” — to his official Soundcloud account. Check out the tracks below and be sure to weigh in with your thoughts!

Davis has been working on his debut solo album for the past couple of years. He told The Pulse of Radio in a 2009 interview that he had high hopes for his first solo effort. “I want the record to be the most amazing record I could possibly put out,” he said. “I want all songs to be amazing and different. I want it to be really a very artistic, crazy album that no one’s ever heard before. ‘Cause it’s very world music-y and dark, heavy, PETER GABRIEL-esque type music and I want all the songs to be different, and nothing like KORN.”

Davis in September 2008 posted a new song called “Got Money” at his personal web site. The track will reportedly appear on his upcoming solo album and was a cover of the rap hit originally done by T-Pain and Lil WayneDavis‘ version featured guest appearances from SLIPKNOT guitarist Jim Root and KORN drummer Ray Luzier.

Final Days by JonathanDavisKorn

Happiness by JonathanDavisKorn

Medicate by JonathanDavisKorn