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Check Our Rainn Wilson & Joshua Homnick’s ‘The Blitzen Trapper Massacre’ On SundanceNow!

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SundanceNow is pleased to announce that Rainn Wilson and Joshua Homnick’s short film The Blitzen Trapper Massacre is now live.  The film had its world theatrical debut last night at SXSW, and is now playing on SundanceNOW.com at this location for an exclusive, one-week run.
Everyone’s been obsessed with the music of a favorite band at one time or another, but in The Blitzen Trapper Massacre, writer/director Rainn Wilson takes hero worship to a comically frightening new level. One night, the actor shows up backstage to meet indie rock stars Blitzen Trapper before a big show. Initially excited to meet their most famous fan, the band grows concerned when Wilson produces his own guitar and invites himself to join their performance. The group quickly rebuffs his “kind” offer of backup, but this won’t be the last they’ve heard from the deranged Wilson. Will the band survive to play the show? If they don’t, there’s one fan waiting in the wings to take over. After all, the show must go on.
Rainn Wilson (NBC’s The Office) also stars in IFC Midnight’s SUPER, which will be released April 1st in select cities.
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