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Slayer Announces Official Mobile App For iPhone, iPod and Android


Following the success of their uber-hot “Pinball Rocks” music game app, Slayer has just launched its official Slayer Mobile App for iPhone, iPod, and Android.

The Slayer App, identified on your screen by Slayer’s iconic Eagle logo, is free and offers fans access to exclusive content, the latest band news, photos you can’t get anywhere else, the band’s social media feeds, music and music videos, a merch store, a fan wall, tour dates, and much more.

Additionally, the menu functionality of the Slayer App will be available in multiple languages – French, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Dutch, Turkish, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), and Korean.

The Slayer App is now available in the iTunes store – – and for Android – – so log on and get totally connected to Slayer.