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MTV Set To Premiere ‘Jackass 3.5’ On June 10th!

MTV is set to continue its insane relationship with the zany cast of the wildly successful series “Jackass”, with the television premiere of the all-new movie Jackass 3.5 on Thursday, June 9 at 10PM ET/PT. The film will encore on MTV2 on June 10 at 10PM ET/PT. Jackass 3.5 features the entire crew – including Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Ryan Dunn, Jason “Wee Man” Acuna, Ehren McGhehey, Dave England and Preston Lacy – reuniting to perform never-before-seen stunts, outrageous pranks and other side-splitting antics.

“We shot so much incredible stuff when we were making Jackass 3D that we literally had enough footage for another whole movie,” said Johnny Knoxville. “This film is balls deep in more awesome stupid stunts and pranks, our fans are going to be psyched.”

“Ten years ago ‘Jackass’ saw its television debut on MTV, and fans have been treated to some of the most creatively induced bodily functions that you can find anywhere,” said Van Toffler, President, MTVN Music/Logo/Films Group. “Today, we’re taking the gang back to their roots with the TV premiere of their latest movie; easily one of the grossest and most entertaining films I’ve seen in a long time.”

Jackass 3.5 includes gut-busting segments such as Steve-O’s up-close and personal encounter with a snapping turtle, Chris Pontius’ wood pecker and stun gun limbo with the whole gang. Fans can also get a look at the paranoid life on set, watch the madness unfold as they plan out new stunts that ultimately go awry, and laugh to tears at the successful prank finally pulled on Johnny Knoxville.

Fans can own the completely uncensored film when JACKASS 3.5 THE UNRATED MOVIE debuts on June 14, 2011 on DVD (nationwide) and on Blu-ray (exclusively at Best Buy) from Paramount Home Entertainment and MTV Films. The film will also be available On Demand and for digital download. The Blu-ray and DVD boast over an hour of bonus content including over 30 minutes of exclusive, never-before-seen footage. Bonus features include outrageous outtakes and deleted scenes, footage of the Jackass European tour and more.