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Mane Entertainment Announces Completion Of ‘247°F’ Project

Mane Entertainment announces the completion of filming for their first movie project titled 247°F.  Scout Taylor-Compton and Tyler Mane reunite for the suspense-thriller; this is the first time since the Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN films that the pair have worked together on screen. Also appearing in 247°F is Travis Van Winkle (FRIDAY THE 13th), Christina Ulloa and Michael Copon.  The production was completed in Tiblisi, Georgia in partnership with Sarke Studios, a European production company. Sarke Studios, best known for their edgy commercial endeavors, have recently expanded their slate to include full length feature films.

In 247°F, best friends Jenna (Compton) and Renee (Ulloa) set out for a weekend of fun but bring with them the heavy burden of a past tragedy and a friendship strained to the breaking point. Along with Renee’s reckless boyfriend, Michael (Copon),and his friend, Ian (Van Winkle), they plan on spending the weekend partying at a lakeside cabin provided by Ian’s uncle, Wade (Mane). Just when it seems that the weekend might be better than what the girls had hoped for, circumstances conspire to trap them in Wade’s sauna. With the temperature rising and time running out, Jenna must find a way to overcome her deepest fears and save herself and her friends.

Mane Entertainment’s follow up project is currently in preproduction. COMPOUND FRACTURE is set to begin filming this September, also in Georgia. “I am excited to be working with (Sarke’s) David  Patarkalishvili again,” states Mane. “We are planning a long partnership.”

247°F is expected to be a late 2011 release. For more information please got to www.maneentertainment.com.