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Jackass Star Ryan Dunn Remembered In Touching Tribute Video

A moving tribute that was played at Ryan Dunn‘s memorial service for his family, friends and loved ones who gathered at a memorial held at Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles has been released. The very moving video tribute was played to honor Dunn, the second half of which was cut together by “Jackass” co-star Rick Kosick, and includes a song for Dunn by Roger Alan Wade, “The Light Outlives the Star.”

“Ryan was really crazy about my cousin Roger,” Johnny Knoxville said in a statement to MTV News. “He loved his music and really looked up to him. Rog’ was equally as crazy about Ryan and, like everyone else, was shook by his passing. Rest in peace, brother. We love you.”

Ryan Dunn was fatally injured by a car accident in the state of Pennsylvania almost two weeks ago. According to the police, Dunn’s alcohol level was twice the legal limit when his car jumped a guardrail, flew into a wooden ravine, and then burst into flames. He died along with his passenger, Zachary Hartwell. Dunn was 34.

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