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DVD Review: Impact Wrestling’s ‘TNA Lockdown 2011’

I must admit that I had my reservations about this DVD event.  I mean, every match in a cage?  Everyone likes a good cage match, but every damn match? C’mon!  However, after watching the DVD of Lock Down 2011, I was hooked on the concept, and by the end of the DVD, my reservations were gone completely.

The first match was an eight man X-division match.  My thoughts at the start of this match ranged from “What a confusing mess this is going to be” to “Man, Brian Kendrick is a weird ass dude”.  As this match went on, though, I became enthralled not only by Kendrick, but by the athleticism of TNA superstars such as Jeremy and Max Buck, Jay Lethal, and my personal favorite “Robbie E” among others.  These high flying superstars worked their tails off and put on one heck of an entertaining match that easily could have been a confusing mess.  Great start to the show!

Another match worth mentioning was The Pope versus Samoa Joe.  These two men with their contrasting styles put on a fine show with a decent back and forth match.  Both men showed fine athleticism and technical wrestling ability, which was nice to see.  A lot of wrestling nowadays is either high flying or about power moves, so a nice WRESTLING match was nice to see.  Joe ultimately submitted Pope for the win.

A couple matches, I feel, could have improved.  The TNA Knockouts match was a short one, less than a minute.  Both Mickie James and Madison Rayne are true talents, and it would have been cool to see a bit more of their abilities.  Also in my “needs to be improved” category was the fatal four way tag team #1 contender’s match with Shannon Moore/Jesse Neal, Scott Steiner/Crimson, Eric Young/Orlando Jordan, and Doug Williams/Brutus Magnus.  After a nice start, this match broke apart pretty quickly with most of the TNA superstars hitting their big moves and a big confusing mass of wrestlers in the ring all at once.  Moore and Neal ultimately won. Don’t get me wrong: I am not a wrestler and am the last person who should be criticizing these guys; I enjoyed these matches, just not as much as the others on the card. Same thing with Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez: good match, not great.  Watch it and judge for yourself.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle was phenomenal.  I am not sure if I can find the right words to describe this match’s high points, so I am not even going to try.  Let me just say that this is a match between two master wrestlers and storytellers that you WILL enjoy.  I won’t even spoil the result here. Just watch and enjoy the match.

I also enjoyed the match between RVD, the Stinger, and Mrrrrrr. Andersonnnnnnnnn for the TNA strap.  While it was short, especially for a world title match, it was as good as a match that short could be.  These men are all seasoned pros who put together an excellent match.  Just wait until you see some of the unique variations these men put onto their finishers….you will NOT be disappointed.

Finally, we arrive at the Lethal LockDown match, starring Daniels/Kazarian/Beer Money against Ric “Wooooooooo” Flair, Bully Ray, Abyss, and Matt Hardy.  I enjoyed this awesome match for the wrestling, the storytelling, the athleticism, and the concept.  It held my attention throughout. I kept wondering “Who is coming out next?” and “How will one man deal with fighting off two?”.  There was also a big surprise return that made this match special. I will also not spoil this match for you……..as a long time wrestling fan, I simply would like for you to enjoy it. Have fun!

Overall, this was a nice event that made me more of a TNA fan.  I look forward to next year’s Lock Down, and more TNA events in the future!! Enjoy! — Duke Foster