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A New Look At Daniel Radcliffe In ‘The Woman In Black’

Just in time for that other movie he has coming out on DVD this week, we’re excited to share a NEW still of Daniel Radcliffe in THE WOMAN IN BLACK! From the acclaimed novel by Susan Hill, this new thriller about a young lawyer (Radcliffe) contending with a vengeful spirit opens nationwide February 3rd, 2012!

Be sure to check out WhatDidTheySee.com! The NEW mysterious site invites users to take a look inside Eel Marsh House and discover the answer to “What did they see?” Visitors have only a partially obscured view, just enough to see through the doorway and into this young girl’s room. By using motion recognition with the computer’s webcam, visitors to the site can shift their perspective within the room by simply moving right & left in front of their own computer to see what lurks behind the door and in the shadows. No matter how scared you get, expect to receive your own customized photo, compliments of THE WOMAN IN BLACK!