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DVD Review: TNA Wrestling: “Enigma: The Best of Jeff Hardy”

Enigma: The Best of Jeff Hardy Volume 2

As a huge fan of the high flying style of wrestling, I was stoked for this DVD release, and it does not disappoint!  “Enigma” gives a thorough review of Hardy’s recent exploits in TNA wrestling along with behind the scenes retrospectives on Jeff’s family, friends, and personal life.  Along with some interesting backstage interviews with Hardy’s peers, there are a number of awesome matches for viewers’ pleasure, many of which are “dream” matches.

The DVD set begins with an insightful retrospective about Jeff’s upbringing in North Carolina.  Here, we meet friends of Hardy who speak of his interesting personality but also his imagination and work ethic.  There is also a touching portion to the DVD where Jeff speaks of his relationship with his late mother and visits her grave.  This is an emotional scene; Jeff’s mother clearly still is a driving force and inspiration in his life today, both in and out of the ring. It would have been great to have learned more about Jeff’s life away from wrestling on this DVD, but I understand that more time cannot be spent on that aspect of his life as this is a WRESTLING DVD (and a might good one, at that.)

The wrestling “portion” of the set begins with some background of Jeff’s feud with “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles.  Beginning with background interviews with Jeff Jarrett (among others) and continuing into Hardy/Styles matches, this was an exciting portion.  Jeff’s and AJ’s wrestling styles mixed nicely and made for exciting wrestling; if I was a novice pro wrestler, I would watch and learn from this pair of wrestling “experts”.

Now, viewers see Jeff take on and even team with. Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Andersssssoooonnnnnn.  Can the mouthy Anderson have ring magic with the enigmatjc Hardy?  The answer is an emphatic YES!  Both individually and as a team, these men tell a great story in the ring and use their styles to flawlessly put on great matches.

“Enigma” moves from Anderson/Hardy to a more personal matchup for Jeff against his true childhood friend Shannon Moore (of Ink Inc.).  If it was possible to eclipse the profound chemistry of the Styles/Hardy matches, this one did it!  “Back and Forth excitement” describes this match perfectly; either man could have won several times, but Jeff ultimately pulled out a high flying victory.  When watching this match, look for the “Four Corners” spot…it will not disappoint.

The Charismatic Enigma

The TNA DVD production team deserves extra kudos for building the excitement of this DVD by following up Moore/Hardy with Hardy/Kurt Angle.  A mix of tough, technical wrestling by Angle and high flying resilience by Hardy make this series of matches special.  These men had a series of “Title vs Career” matches that have endless “re-watchability”…one never knows who is going to win either contest until it is over.  Wow!  What a great set of matches; Hardy and Angle really set the bar.  Enjoy

Next, Hardy moves on to feud with “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan.  Now, I will admit that I was a bit skeptical about this one; I wasn’t sure how the styles of these two superior wrestlers would gel, but gel they did as we are presented with a real treat of a set of matches here.  Once would look at Morgan and Hardy and think “Man, Hardy is going to get slaughtered”, but he and Morgan manage to have good chemistry and to tell a good story in the ring. I’d like to see these to go at it again, though….but in a cage!  That would be a unique contest, to be sure.

After being treated to Morgan/Hardy, “Enigma” viewers get to indulge in a very special reunion of the Hardy brothers: Jeff and Matt.  Both men are fantastic, top notch individual wrestlers, but are even more badass when working together.  Their “badass-ness” is shown clearly when they work to defeat Mr. Anderson and  Rob Van Dam.  This was a pretty good match as well; I would have liked to see it have gone a bit longer, but  that is just me being a selfish wrestling fan.

Next, Hardy has another tag match, but not with Matt.  He teams with Jeff Jarrett to take on AJ Styles and Kurt Angle (Hardy and Jarrett lose, but we are given a fun contest with unique teaming by Jarrett and Hardy…I’d like to see more of this pair!).

Jeff Hardy Takes Flight

Hardy follow up this contest with a ladder match for the TNA title vs Anderson.  I generally do not enjoy ladder matches and feel that they tend to be overdone, but I liked this contest A LOT!  I am actually (and genuinely) shocked that either man was able to walk away from this contest.  This was one of the most back and forth ladder contests that I have ever seen……it is truly an “edge of the seat match” that I will not spoil for you here.

Finally, “Enigma” viewers are given an epic showdown with Jeff facing “The Icon” Sting.  I love it when modern wrestlers get to face still relevant legends, and this pair did not disappoint!  Sting can still “get it done” as he and Hardy put on a great show and worked together very well.  What an exciting combination in the ring!

The set ends with a commentary about what the future holds for Jeff Hardy.  This shows more commentary by Hardy, as well as more wrestler interviews.  It is a nice way to wrap up Enigma.

Overall, this was a great, enjoyable DVD set.  The wrestler interviews and Jeff’s commentaries are a wonderful supplement to the matches, many of which were works of art; I didn’t want to spoil the matches too much by including “blow by blow” accounts….simply enjoy the action.  As wrestling fans, feel confident in choosing to watch “Enigma”! — Duke Love