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Help Bring Chef Phillip Lee’s ‘Cook’ To The Big Screen!

LA-based chef Phillip Lee is cookin’ up something very special these days. Who is Phillip Lee? He’s the exec Chef and Owner of Wolf Cuisine, and before founding the high end multi-course delivery service, he worked as a Sous Chef at both Hatfield’s and Stefan Richter’s L.A. Farm as well as the Exec Sous at Park Grill at Millenium Park in Chicago.

This multi-faceted professional recently wrote a script called COOK which has been picked up for a theatrical release.  The film portrays a gritty look at a young chef’s experience in the fine dining kitchens of the culinary world and what it takes to make it in the industry. Phillip already has a distribution deal, cast & crew for the project but he now he’s working on securing the total funding for the production via a Kickstarter campaign.

So far, they have raised over $20k in one week and have about $40k more until they reach their goal with a deadline of Jan 31st.  To help fund this unique project, check out the Kickstarter page and consider making a contribution!  There are some great donation perks that range from getting your name in the credits to being an extra in the film to a private chef’s table at your home!

Be sure to check out the official synopsis and teaser trailer for the film below! You can also check out the official site for the project at www.cookthemovie.com!

Synopsis: Bill, a 20 year old San Fernando Valley Native and oldest of 5, was always in the kitchen as a young teen due to a broken home where he naturally found a love for cooking. The early stages of his life lead him to take a position as a dishwasher at a local restaurant.  After meeting Jake; a 21 year old line cook at the restaurant, Bill decides he want to take the next step in pursuing his dreams and considers culinary school.

On a night out with Jake, Bill meets Paige; a beautiful tall brunette, Dave; an outgoing mixologist, and James the chef of a high end restaurant/ nightclub, and falls in love with the lifestyle fine dining breeds. Bill  quickly moves up from dishwasher and joins the line.  Not long after his promotion,  Bill and Jake jump ship to go and work for James along with Dave and Paige.  It is there that Bill meets Bernie; a corporate chef in his mid 40’s, and gets a very nice job offer in Chicago. 

Leaving his family, friends, and girlfriend Paige behind, he moves to Chicago and rooms with Scott; a mid 20’s cook from the south.  Waiting on Paige’s lease to end back in LA, Bill falls in love with the city of Chicago but when she never shows up and becomes more and more distant to phone calls and texts, Bill begins to question himself, the choices he’s made, and turns to drinking, fighting and promiscuity all the while still maintaing his desire and passion to cook.  When Paige ultimately arrives in Chicago, Bill is forced to make the hardest decision he’s ever had to face.


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