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Christopher Titus Unleashes ‘Get A Real Job, Numbnuts’ DVD Box Set

Since 2004 Christopher Titus has recorded four 90 minute comedy specials.  An output of comedy that follows is the tradition Titus’s great inspiration, the legendary George Carlin.

Christopher Titus

GET A REAL JOB, NUMBNUTS (Norman Rockwell is BleedingFifth Annual End of The World Tour, Love is Evol and finally Neverlution) is a four disc comedic journey through the center or a psyche damaged by so many issues that Titus should have a therapist on call. GET A REAL JOB, NUMBNUTS is available exclusively from CHRISTOPHERTITUS.COM.

Titus deals with everything from his psychotic family life to 911, his dad’s funeral, horrific divorce and finally the slide of a nation and how to bring it back from the edge. Titus has always pushed the subject matter and done it in an honest way, not to shock but to figure out why things are so far off. In a world where everything is “Extreme” cupcakes, pawn shops, Storage wars, blah, blah, blah… Titus actually is Extreme, from apologizing for every white atrocity through history to his piece on pedophile crucifixions to save the catholic churches reputation.

Fearless in what he will make funny TItus never pulls a punchline.  GET A REAL JOB, NUMBNUTS is jammed packed with six hours of hardcore laughter and showing us Titus is one of the best comedic minds working today.