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“Ice Loves Coco” Kicks Off Second Season With February 19th Premiere

Ice-T and Coco

As one of pop culture’s most beloved, yet unconventional couples, Ice T and Coco continue to defy stereotypes with their unique, outrageous, and surprisingly traditional 10 year marriage. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, “Ice Loves Coco” returns to show a more intimate side of this power couple, going behind the hype and headlines and giving viewers an exclusive glimpse into the ultra-stylish lives of rapper/actor/author/motivational speaker Ice T and his model/entrepreneur/Internet-sensation wife Coco. This season the fun couple take off to exotic locations, share a trailer when Coco makes an appearance on Ice’s hit show “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” and due to their demanding careers, face spending time apart for their first time in their marriage. Their love is undeniable, but life isn’t always easy as Coco receives some news about her health that puts the possibility of expanding their family in jeopardy. However, this fun-loving duo is ready to conquer any obstacle that life puts in their path, as long as they are doing it together. Be part of their journey when “Ice Loves Coco” premieres in its regular timeslot Sunday, February 19th at 10:30pm ET/PT, followed by another all-new episode airing on a special night on Monday, February 20th at 10:30pm ET/PT.

In the premiere episode, Coco’s maternal instincts kick in when changes in her body convince her that she must be pregnant. After a trip to her doctor Coco receives news that is not as joyous as she had hoped and instead learns she has genetically high blood pressure. The sudden diagnosis stuns the couple and if not treated seriously it could affect Coco’s ability to have a successful pregnancy, putting her life, as well as a baby’s, in danger. In a scared-straight moment of realization, Coco decides that there is nothing more important than family and vows to live a healthier lifestyle, change her diet, expand her fitness regime and not let her workload get out of control. She quickly learns that with the love and support of her devoted husband, these life changes are necessary and will greatly improve their chances of becoming parents.

Later in the season, the stress of Coco’s health issues and the couple’s constant work commitments begin to take a toll on Ice and Coco, so they decide to head off to Hawaii for some rest and relaxation. While they’re there, they visit the Army base where Ice was stationed and celebrate their eleventh wedding anniversary. The paparazzi follow Ice and Coco to their home in Miami where Coco is the proverbial fish out of water on a deep sea fishing expedition. Ice and Coco also retreat to Arizona to spend time with Coco’s sister and her ever-growing family. Ice’s kids and his grandson join them, which gets both sides of the family together for a rare and entertaining reunion. Ice’s second family, his “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” costars, also make appearances this season including Kelly Giddish and Richard Belzer. With all this talk of family, Ice and Coco realize that a penthouse in a high rise might not be the best place to raise a child and begin house-hunting for something more suitable, but they have dramatically different ideas of where they would like to live. In addition to discussing a child of her own, Coco is determined to find the perfect mate for their four-legged son Spartacus, an adorable English bulldog.