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Fox Digital Entertainment Premieres New Comedy Web Series ‘Wolfpack of Reseda’

Fox Digital just launched WOLFPACK OF RESEDA, a new original, scripted web series produced in partnership with Kia Motors.  Office Space meets True Blood – WOLFPACK mixes elements of workplace comedy with the conventions of horror offering a unique take on office life, the supernatural, and “winning.”  The series sees Ben March’s mundane, 20-something life transform when he becomes convinced he’s been bitten by a werewolf in the suburban-Los Angeles sprawl of Reseda.  After forming his own “wolfpack” and becoming the alpha dog of Reseda, Ben’s moon is on the rise, but will it turn him irreversibly into the beast that will raise Hell in the Valley?

WOLFPACK exemplifies the kind of storytelling and distribution that is ideal for the current digital media landscape,” said Matt Glotzer, senior vice president, Fox Digital Entertainment. “We are very excited to be working closely with Kia and Myspace to bring this original and darkly hilarious story to a broad audience on a wide variety of platforms.”

WOLFPACK’s first season of eight episodes will debut weekly on Myspace starting today, and the series will also be available through a variety of digital stores. The cast features actors who have had recurring roles on The Big Bang Theory, Eastbound & Down, Lie To Me, Funny or Die Presents, and more.

Watch episode 1 and follow Ben’s journey from office drone to top dog: http://mysp.ac/z6sglf