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NatGeo’s ‘Locked Up Abroad’ Season Six Premieres On April 25th!

One of our favorite series is returning! LOCKED UP ABROAD is back for its sixth season on the National Geographic Channel this Wednesday, April 25th at 10pm.

Likes seasons before, LOCKED UP ABROAD takes viewers inside firsthand accounts of capture, imprisonment and pure terror far from home.  However, the premiere episode “From Hollywood to Hell” marks a LOCKED UP ABROAD first as Hollywood actor Erik Aude re-enacts his own story.  After playing in a supporting role in “Dude, Where My Car?” Aude is arrested in Pakistan when police discover opium in the lining of his suitcase, leading to a nearly three-year nightmare, which few would have survived.  Now, he tells his story, from innocently traveling in a new country to his initial detainment and endless brutal beatings.

In anticipation of the premiere, a digital hub has been launched to allow fans to share their own #ToHellAndBack stories. From medical nightmares to terrible airline experiences. Check it out at this location —  http://natgeotv.com/hell

Remember to mark your calendar! LOCKED UP ABROAD premieres Wednesday,  April 25th at 10pm on Nat Geo TV!