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EllisMania 8: Jason Ellis Knocks Out Former UFC Fighter Gabe Ruediger In The Main Event!

The event of the summer!

Sirius XM host Jason Ellis capped off an unbelievable EllisMania 8 by knocking out former UFC fighter and WEC lightweight champion Gabe Ruediger in the second round of the main event this past weekend. Fans packed The Joint in Las Vegas, NV to watch an insane evening of unique and entertaining fights that only EllisMania could deliver. The evening was hosted by Everlast, Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller, Dingo (Danny and the Dingo), Rude Jude from Shade 45 and featured Forrest Griffin as the MMA Sasquatch who punches everyone.

The results of the EllisMania 8 undercard matches are as follows:

• Belly Dancer defeated Ballerina via a split decision in the Musical Chair fight
• Dutch emerged victorious in the Blindfold Electric Dog Collar fight
• DanOD5 defeated Alicia as well as last minute substitute Tully
• Kevin Kraft (AKA Cumtard) earned the victory in the Pizza vs. Taco match
• Danny and Dingo were both declared winners in the One-Armed fight
• Ruby Renegade won a controversial unanimous decision against RawDog in the Battle of the Sexes
• Lauren Dengate won in the Humongous Bitch match

“Other than me getting my ass kicked by a former intern, ‘Shave My Friends Tonight’ was the biggest and best EllisMania yet,” said Ellis’ co-host/producer Michael Tully. “Congratulations to Ellismate on his devastating knockout, and to both the relentless warriors that made the Humongous Bitch fight an instant classic.”

“I bet you didn’t think I could do that, you fucking assholes,” added Jason Ellis.