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U2 Offer Up Double-Disc Live CD Set ‘U22’ Exclusively At!

Available Now!

For any fan of U2, the new double-disc live album U22, from the record-breaking U2360° tour, is something really special. This exclusive U2 Fan Club release features 22 live tracks that were voted on by fans, all recorded during the two year, 110 show tour. What’s really unusual with this release is that the tracks selected are not just the classic U2 hits you might expect but fan favorites like ‘Bad’, ‘Ultra Violet’, ‘Moment of Surrender’ and ‘Zooropa.’

Another innovation with the release of U22 is the beautiful packaging. The 2-disc set comes in an LP-sized book of breathtaking photos from the tour, which as you probably know featured a unique looking ‘Claw’ stage set-up for 360° viewing. The book also comes with liner notes talking through the tracks written by bassist, Adam Clayton.

An exclusive limited-edition release for subscribers and with a track list chosen by the fans, U22 really captures the sense of community within the U2 Fan Club. A subscription will also get you access to 11 downloads from the 22 tracks on the discs, and a 12th bonus download ‘Unknown Caller – as well as a range of other special online content and benefits.

Fans interested in learning more about taking out a subscription and getting a copy of this awesome package can head to