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Comedian Kyle Cease To Release “I Highly Recommend This” On September 4th!

Kyle Cease

COMEDY CENTRAL Records recommends the new Kyle Cease CD and digital album, “I Highly Recommend This,” released on Tuesday, September 4, featuring a bonus DVD.

Absurdist comedian Cease is back with a new album of fantastic material. Following his hugely successful debut CD, “One Dimple,” “I Highly Recommend This” is more long-form storytelling and bizarre ideas – including rap-style joke-telling over another sampled comedian. Cease explores topics including ways to make your death fun, why the media is planning to kill you and how to be creative with your negativity. The bonus DVD includes Kyle’s “COMEDY CENTRAL Presents” half hour special, as well as 12 of his video shorts.

Cease approaches comedy and life in general like a child on a playground, and has been obsessed with the process of working on his act and constantly changing it up. He was voted the number one comedian in COMEDY CENTRAL’s “Stand-Up Showdown” in 2009 and his credits include film roles in ”10 Things I Hate About You” and “Not Another Teen Movie.” His short films including “The Melgician,” “Where Are My Trousers” and “Cervix” have scored millions of views. Cease starred in the highly-rated COMEDY CENTRAL one-hour special “Kyle Cease: Weirder, Blacker, Dimpler” and his own “COMEDY CENTRAL Presents” special. He was also co-host on “Loveline with Dr. Drew” and has appeared on “Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and the “Bob and Tom” radio show, and has toured extensively with over 700 college performances.

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