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‘Before the End: Jim Morrison Comes of Age’ Documentary Now in Production

Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison

Z-Machine announced that production has begun on Before the End: Jim Morrison Comes of Age. With a focus on bringing the legend down to earth, the independent documentary feature follows the trajectory of Jim Morrison’s development, prior to his rock superstardom. Through interviews with family and friends, many of whom are speaking about Morrison for the first time, as well as never-before-seen home movies and photographs from his formative years, the viewer (or voyeur, as Morrison liked to say) will share in a clear-headed, open-minded exploration of James Douglas Morrison, human being, as opposed to Jim Morrison, rock god.

Known [in]famously as the lead singer of The Doors, Morrison accomplished much in his brief life beyond music, including three self-published books of poetry and an experimental film. He received numerous accolades on his way to achieving fabled status, but over the last four decades, persistent rumors and myths have distorted the truth. When Morrison passed on in July 1971, he left a controversial legacy riddled with unanswered questions and misinterpretations. Before the End: Jim Morrison Comes of Age will shed new light on the artist’s early life, and his mysterious death at age 27.

Before the End: Jim Morrison Comes of Age documents Morrison via those who experienced him as a person, not just a persona, including Jim’s brother Andy Morrison, Florida State University roommate Bryan Gates, Morrison’s UCLA film instructor Bill Adams, and Doors roadie Gareth Blyth, among many others. In addition, hours of off-the-record conversations with Jim’s sister, Anne Morrison-Chewning, his first serious girlfriends, Tandy Martin and Mary Werbelow, and good friend Alain Ronay helped put puzzle pieces in place.

Z-Machine is run by filmmakers Jeff and Jess Finn, whose previous work includes the independent documentary feature, Strange Septembers: The Hill Abduction & The Exeter Encounter.