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Balthazar Getty’s Solardrive Releases “No Drama” On Purplehaus Records


Renaissance man and creative mastermind Balthazar Getty is embarking on his newest endeavor with the advent of Solardrive. Balthazar Getty has been making music in various capacities for the past 25 years including producing the highly acclaimed Ringside project as well as various hip hop and electronic albums. “It was extremely liberating,” says Getty, describing a manic three weeks in which he holed up in his pool house-cum-home studio, self-producing an album using a Pro Tools rig that his wife and close friend Joaquin Phoenix together bought him, roped in a slew of his talented musician friends for impromptu recording sessions, and walked away three weeks later with an organically created debut album under the moniker of his new project, Solardrive. At the helm of Solardrive is Getty, the driving creative force, beat maker and producer on the record. Joining him are guests ranging from Ozomatli vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Asdri Sierra, Mother Tongue bassist David Gould and Rain Phoenix (Joaquin’s sister), among others.

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Getty describes the album as “capturing a moment in time,” due to the unscripted nature of the recording sessions. The album also pays homage to the music that Getty credits with shaping his adolescent years, including Massive Attack, Tricky, The Wu Tang Clan and Portishead.

The album’s tight aesthetic lends itself to Getty’s ability to exercise restraint. Even when tempted to add, subtract or alter the 9 tracks that make up Solardrive, he felt it best to leave them in their organic form. The album was “Almost like a painting,” to Getty,. “I didn’t want to go back and start adding new colors and different shapes on top of something that I feel really encapsulated that time and those three weeks. I just left it alone as a testament to the space we were in then.”

The self-titled Solardrive album comes out on April 23rd on Getty’s new PURPLEHAUS Records. Named for his favorite color “purple” and his favorite band “Bauhaus,” PURPLEHAUS was formed with the dream to bring all types of creative angles together under one roof.  The Solardrive release is only the beginning for PURPLEHAUS. Stay tuned for more from PURPLEHAUS artists throughout the year.