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POPwater: New Beverage With Music & Pop Culture DNA Presale Launches Today


POPwater is shaking up the beverage industry with the launch of the “FIRST TASTE 4-pack” today.  The company was started by a group of strange but endearing individuals from the POP culture community who wanted a healthier beverage that tasted great and wasn’t filled with artificial ingredients.  So that’s exactly what they did.

Pre-Order Now Available!
Pre-Order Now Available!

TeamPOPwater, which includes Troy Carter (Atom Factory CEO and manager to artists including Lady Gaga & John Legend), Terry Richardson (world famous fashion/music/photographer), Atom Factory artists, mad scientists and more, is ready to debut the fruit flavored sparkling beverage with only 30 calories, 7 grams of sugar and just the right amount of POP.

“After working closely with our friends at Coca Cola and Pepsi on various music related initiatives over the years, we were inspired to create a beverage that had music and pop culture in its DNA.  Terry Richardson and our creative team are bringing this vision to life and we’re excited to have them tell this story,” said Troy Carter, founder and CEO of Atom Factory.

Starting today, you can preorder a limited edition 4-pack of POPwater’s signature flavors (orange, pineapple, apple and grape) plus a POPwater t-shirt and a bonus first taste download – including free shipping to any US address.  Watch POPwater Creative Director Terry Richardson try his first taste in this new video and stay tuned for the official POPwater release on April 16th.  Product will be hitting shelves in Los Angeles this month as well, with a national rollout to follow.