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Viral Video: Courtney Love Cuts Promo For NJOY Kings Web Series


Singer-songwriter, actress, and style icon, Courtney Love stars in the first webisode of  NJOY New Media’s NJOY Kings web series. Courtney’s letting every non-smoker know to just  “effing relax”. This playful parody webisode is inspired by a real-life experience of Courtney’s, ultimately showing that smokers now have a choice to take a “puff” indoors.

NJOY ecigs, the most popular electronic cigarette brand in America, launches its edgy new media campaign with a bleep! The first digital short episode of an upcoming web series further demonstrates how NJOY is like no other company when it comes to being creative, inventive and confident. NJOY Kings look, taste, and feel like traditional cigarettes, making them easy to mistake for the real thing.